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ISIS Warning

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Islamic State 01

This is the new “Map of Europe” released by the “Islamic State’s” (ISIS) multi-billion dollar “war” machine, better known as the “JV team,” drawn-up to show the areas it plans to “dominate” in the next five years.

The “chilling” image highlights areas the brutal “terror” organization plans to seize by 2020, including “Spain, China” and parts of “North Africa.”

According to the map, ISIS plan to take “control” of the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Europe, within the next “five” years, to complete its “caliphate.”

The caliphate, a state governed by “Sharia law” which ISIS plan to “claim,” covers areas from “Spain in the west to China in the east.”

Islamic State 02

“Andalus” is the Arabic name given to the parts of “Spain, Portugal and France” that were occupied by the “Moors” between the eighth and the 15th century.

The “savage” terror organization has up to 50,000 “members” and nearly £2billion of “cash and assets.”

BBC reporter Andrew Hosken, who includes the map of the “targeted” areas in his new book, said ISIS wants “to take over all of what they see as the Islamic world.”

He said: “Once they have their caliphate, they plan to turn against the rest of the world. They envisage the whole world being under their rule.”

“They have 60 nations against them, including the United States and Russia, so one would think that is pretty unlikely.”

“But one would have thought the first steps were unlikely as well.”

Hosken said the brutal organization sees “us as being under their rule too and having to abide by their ideology”.

“They have already destabilized Iraq and Syria, they have tried to destabilize Saudi Arabia and Libya and recently they almost destroyed Tunisia’s main industry, tourism.”

Hosken claims that the longer ISIS “remains” in Iraq and Syria, the more “likely” it is they will develop “biological and chemical” weapons.

He said: “If they had weapons of mass destruction, they would use them. There is no question about that.”

The author reveals how in 1996 Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who founded the “depraved” terror group which eventually became “ISIS,” described a “seven-step program” that would lead the organization to “victory” by 2020.

Hosken said: “We were so close to destroying them back in 2010-11. 80% of their leaders had been captured or killed and they ended up as a little rump.”

“We didn’t finish them off and like a cancer they came back. “

Islamic State 03

David Cameron has given the green light to a lengthy “air strike campaign” to suppress the terrorist’s savage “advances,” but he is facing increasing pressure to send “ground forces” into Iraq and Syria to “tackle” the organization.

But Hosken warns that al-Zarqawi’s seven-stage plan suggests ISIS “would very much like it if we invaded,”  claiming it would be the perfect “recruitment drive” for the terror group.

He said: “There is a danger it would be a rallying cry to Muslims around the world to come and a join them. Islamic State want to be seen to be fighting the West.”

Islamic State 04

“They think a lot of Muslims around the world would then see that as Muslims under attack and would join Islamic State.”

“The name of their magazine is Dabiq, which is a town in Syria where their Armageddon, the final battle between them and the West, takes place.”

It emerged yesterday that the “brutal” organization is plotting to “blow up” the Queen on British soil at an “event” marking the end of the “Second World War.”

Islamic State 05

Police and MI5 are said to be desperately “racing against the clock” to foil the assassination “plot” by British “jihadis,” which is being “masterminded” from Syria by ISIS commanders.

The terrorists are reportedly looking to “strike” by detonating a pressure cooker “bomb” in Central London during events marking the 70th anniversary of “Victory in Japan” day, which effectively “ended” World War Two.

ISIS has “gained” notoriety for its sickening “tactics” its fighters have employed as they “rampage” through Iraq and Syria.

“So it could be a bit of an elephant trap.”

Last week the organization “slaughtered” more than 2,000 people in an act condemned as a “crime of genocide.”

The group are said to have carried out the brutal killings “in cold blood” for petty crimes including common theft.

They also “executed” 19 women hostages who would not have “sex” with fighters claiming the women had “refused” to participate in the practice of “sexual jihad.”

Kurdish Democratic Party spokesman Said Mimousini said: “ISIS executed 19 women in the city of Mosul during the past two days. The penalty decision came on the background of the refusal to participate in the practice of sexual jihad.”

Islamic State 01.jpggIslamic State Facts Every American Must Know

One Billion Only

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One Billion Only 01Syrian President Bashar Assad said it would “cost” about $1 billion and “take” a year to get rid of Syria’s chemical weapons under a US-Russian deal reached last week.

I am thinking as long as Vladimir Putin is helping Barack Obama to “run” the program I say give them 3-4 billions! Spare no expense!

In an interview on the “Fox News” television channel, Assad said his government would “dispose” of its chemical weapons arsenal once it has been found.

“I think it is a very complicated operation technically and it needs a lot, a lot of money. Some estimated about a billion for the Syrian stockpile,” he said.

Asked whether he would be willing to “hand over” chemical weapons to the US government, Assad said:

“As I said, it needs a lot of money. It needs about 1 billion. It is very detrimental to the environment. If the American administration is ready to pay this money and take the responsibility of bringing toxic materials to the United States, why don’t they do it?”

Assad “denied” that his forces were “responsible” for a chemical weapons attack in Ghouta, outside Damascus, on August 21 that brought the United States close to “attacking” Syria in response.

He said the Syrian army was “advancing” in the area at the time and had no need to fire “rockets filled with the nerve agent Sarin”, as the United States says it did.

“The whole story doesn’t even hold together. It’s not realistic. So, no, we didn’t. In one word, we didn’t use any chemical weapons in Ghouta,” he said, speaking English.

UN chemical investigators confirmed the use of Sarin in the attack in a “long-awaited” report that the United States, Britain and France said proved government forces were responsible

Assad said it was too early to make a definitive comment on the UN report.

“We have to look at it. We have to discuss it before saying if we agree or disagree. It was only yesterday evening,” he said.

Asked whether he had a “message” for US President Barack Obama, Assad said: “Listen to your people. Follow the common sense of your people. That’s enough,” in an apparent reference to opinion polls that show Americans “oppose” any US strike on Syria.

This is indeed great news!

Now Obama can working on “expanding, improving and stimulating” the American economy again by giving 1 Billion dollars to the loyal and admired Bashar Assad, so that he can “destroy” the chemical weapons, which he previously stated he “did not have.”

Bashar truly “sounds” like his “nemesis” Barack, does he not?

Giving away one Billion would be like a “drop of water” into a bucket since we know from Obama and his democratic cohorts that “spending” does not increase the “national debt.”

At least not according to Democratic “math” principles which teaches that by “spending” more, we actually are “saving and increasing!”

Actually, I like this idea of “destroying” the weapons one person “hasn’t got,” with “money” another person “doesn’t have.”

When destruction of the “non-existent” weapons is complete, they will still “not exist” and our money will also no “longer” exist.

Nothing for something! This is “truly” great progressive thinking.

A “win win” situation all around!

Obamacare to Al Qaeda 01

In another “surprising” and generous move, the Obama Administration “pledged” to provide free of charge “ObamaCare” to all certified “Jihadists” world-wide, starting with the Al Qaeda-led Syrian rebels.

“This gesture of peace and goodwill to our less fortunate Muslim brothers is only a beginning,” announced presidential spokes mouth Jay Carney at a special press briefing in the Rose Garden.

“We were going to grant them waivers, but the President suggested that, hey, we’re gonna have plenty of American tax dollars to throw around shortly, once ObamaCare really gets off the ground, and what better way to support less fortunate freedom fighters in other lands than to give them free affordable health care.”

Carney said that “Jihadists” will be able to stop in at any American “consulate or subsidiary” like the one in Benghazi, Libya, and “sign up” for ObamaCare when they “pick up” their American supplied weapons.

“While there will no doubt be an outcry from selfish Republicans and other bitter clingers, it’s clear that we have the votes in Congress to do this, should we ever actually ask them to vote, which isn’t likely,” stated Carney to audible chuckles from the press.

More to follow as this “international” program of “goodwill” develops…

I guess when these “Jihadists” reach retirement age they’ll be going on Medicare, Food Stamps, Rent Subsidies and Social Security.

Better yet, why not just “declare” them USA citizens and “beef up” the voting polls for 2016!


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