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Cenk Uygur’s Anti-Semitic Views

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“Young Turks” host Cenk Uygur, eager to “distract” from the furor over the “anti-Semitic” comments of Ilhan Omar, posited that the “real anti-Semites” Jews should be worried about, were “Evangelical Christians.”

He tweeted “You know what’s REAL anti-Semitism? Right-wing Evangelical Christians supporting Israel because they think it will bring about the End Times where all of the Jews die. Worst anti-Semitism in the world!” — Cenk Uygur (@cenkuygur) March 7, 2019

One might ask:

How many times has the world witnessed Evangelical Christians running a theocratic state sworn to destroy the state of Israel?
How many times have Evangelical Christians murdered Jews sleeping in their beds in Israel?
How many Evangelical Christian suicide bombers have targeted innocent Jews over the decades?
How many times have Evangelical Christians launched rockets from the east, north, or south of Israel intended to slaughter Jews in Israel?
How many times have Evangelical Christians built camps of death all over a continent and gassed and murdered millions of Jews, including one million children?
How many Evangelical Christians have had Russian Jews shot or sent to Siberia?

As Uygur would say, “you can Google it.”

The truth of the matter is that the Jewish people have no better “friends” than the Evangelical community; there is no stronger “ally” of the State of Israel outside the Jewish community than the Evangelical Christian community. A 2013 poll from the Pew Research Center found that 82% of white evangelicals believed that Israel was given to the Jews by God, which is a central “tenet” of the Jewish faith.

As Darrell Bock, a Bible scholar and professor at the Dallas Theological Seminary, stated, Evangelical support for Israel comes from the belief that God fulfills his promises. He said, “It looks back to the idea that God has made certain commitments to his people, to the people through whom the gospel originally came, and he’s not abandoning them, ultimately. And so there’s a hope that drives this belief that Israel deserves to be supported.”

Richard Land, president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary in North Carolina, believes, “God gave the land of Israel to the Jews, forever. And that God blesses those who bless the Jews, and God curses those who curse the Jews. And if we want God to bless us and God wants us to bless America, we’ve got to bless the Jews.”

Christian Broadcasting network chairman Pat Robertson once stated:

“You must realize that the God who spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai is our God. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are our spiritual Patriarchs. Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel are our prophets. King David, a man after God’s own heart, is our hero. The Holy City of Jerusalem is our spiritual capital. And the continuation of Jewish sovereignty over the Holy Land is a further bulwark to us that the God of the Bible exists and that His Word is true. And we should clearly take note that evangelical Christians serve a Jew that we believe was the divine Messiah of Israel, spoken of by the ancient prophets, to whom He entrusted the worldwide dissemination of His message to 12 Jewish apostles.”

 But wait, there’s more. Cenk Uygur, who refers to himself as a “secular Muslim” rather than the Muslim “extremist” he actually is, is also an “Armenian Genocide” denier who would like to take a “bulldozer to Jerusalem” and destroy it.

“Cenk Uygur in 2006 ‘Jerusalem is a pain in the whole world’s ass. My god gave it to me. No my god gave it to me. First of all, you all sound like total morons….Second of all, all it has done is cause wars. Bulldozer is my plan for Jerusalem. Bulldoze the whole damn thing.” #CA25 — M. Mendoza Ferrer (@m_mendozaferrer) December 15, 2019

Here is a video “telling” the subtle and not so subtle “anti-Semitism” of sperm whale “Cenk Uygur” and his network “The Young Turk” laying bare his “double” standards.

Reaction to Uygur’s “anti-Semitism” tweets was swift and fierce:

“I remember when @keder said to me ‘He’s a loon’ when I asked like 7 years ago who Cenk was. Kevin was right.” — Jay Caruso (@JayCaruso) March 8, 2019

“And there ya go…. I was waiting to see who the first hateful moron was gonna be to make this argument. We have a winner.” — Larry O’Connor (@LarryOConnor) March 8, 2019

“Gosh, you are awful.” — Samantha Sullivan (@SamElizabethan) March 8, 2019

Cenk Uygur’s 31 Sex Rules for Women
Cenk Uygur’s Sex Rules with Animals

Cenk Uygur’s Sex Rules with Animals

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Turkish “Muslim” Cenk Uygur, who wants to “run” for Congress denies the “Armenian Genocide” but wants you to know “Sex with Animals” is just fine with him.

Cenk Uygur, a former MSNBC commentator and founder of “The Young Turks”, a far left activism website, announced his candidacy for the 2020 special election in California’s 25th Congressional district to succeed “lesbian” Katie Hill, who resigned in “disgrace for sexual harassment of her staff.”

Not only does Uygur deny the “Armenian Genocide” in which more than one million Christians were “slaughtered” by the Turkish “Muslim Ottomans”, also known as “The Young Turks”, he also described women as “genetically flawed” because they don’t want to have “sex with him as frequently as he considers desirable.”

Cenk Uygur is a “sick” Muslim and needs to be “exposed” to what he really is.

How in the world do we get such “bestiality” loving Muslim candidates running for United States Congress?

Here is a photo of Cenk Uygur pleasuring his horse mentioned in the above video.

He is likely to be worse than “throupler” Katie Hill who resigned from office. It is too bad that people do not use their “heads” and think about the people they are trying to “vote” into office.

Cenk Uygur is just another filthy, disgusting Turkish “evil” scum who thinks “bestiality” is okay with the “consent” of the animal. He is basically a “communist” backed by “Act Blue”, a Soros-Brock organization.

Uygur has a long history of “sexism, racism and anti-Semitic views.” If people vote for him they can’t be called conservatives. This man is the “spawn of hell.”

Even “Socialist” Bernie Sanders wants to have “nothing to do” with Cenk Uygur and “retracted” his earlier endorsement.

Cenk Uygur Sexists Rules
Armenian Genocide
Armenian Genocide
Bernie Sanders Retracts Endorsement of Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur

Cenk Uygur’s 31 Sex Rules for Women

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“I’m running for Congress to represent CA-25. If we fight together for this seat, it will be the People’s seat. Fight with me by donating now #cenk2020 — Cenk Uygur (@cenkuygur) November 15, 2019

Muslim Cenk Uygur who is “thinking” about running for Congress posted his “sexists rules” for women.

Here are Cenk’s “hard and fast rules of dating” and other “sexist” quotes:

Rule 1: “There must be some serious making out by the third date. If I haven’t felt your tits by then, things are not about to last much longer. In fact, if you don’t get back on track by the fourth date, you’re done.”

Rule 2: “There must be orgasm by the fifth date. No, and’s, ifs, or buts. If I haven’t unloaded by this time, things are intolerably slow. There will be no sixth date to give you a second chance. If you haven’t delivered by now, you’re done.”

Rule 3: “There must be sex by the second month of dating. There are a lot of allowable exceptions to this rule, but they all involve orgasms. I’ll let you slide if for unseen circumstances we haven’t gotten to see each other much, and you have been providing me with some excellent orgasms in the meanwhile.”

Rule 4: There are no foreseeable reasons why anyone would slip into the fourth month of dating without sex. But since you do provide a certain level of sexual satisfaction, I will give a requisite talking to you to see what’s wrong. If you don’t give it up the date after the talk, you’re done.”

Rule 5: “I might seem like an asshole for pointing this stuff out, but there is no reason to hate the messenger. These rules are out there whether you like it or not, so it’s better that you know. I’m trying to help. Love the messenger.”

Rule 6: “I had one of the best nights of my life at Mardi Gras. I kissed over 23 different women, saw and felt countless breasts, and was in a wonderful drunken stupor.”

Rule 7: “Women of Miami are outrageously hot. It seems like there is a sea of tits here, and I am drinking in tiny droplets. I want to dive into the whole god damn ocean but obviously, the genes are flawed. They are poorly designed creatures who do not want to have sex nearly as often as needed for the human race to get along peaceably and fruitfully.”

Rule 8: “I hook up a decent amount. At least make out with a new girl every six to eight weeks and have sex with a steady girl at least once a week.”

Rule 9: “The improbable breasts in Miami are only matched by the improbable butts. This place makes Los Angeles look real.

Rule 10: “Just when I think Miami is all done, it pulls me back in. The women on this island are outrageously, almost unacceptably, hot.”

Rule 11: “I live in Miami now. There are an incredible amount of outrageously hot women here. In fact, there are more beautiful women here than any other city I have ever seen. The only problem is that after seeing these girls every day and not being able to have sex with them, after awhile, you begin to lose your mind.”

Rule 12: “I’m not telling girls to be sluts, but there are bounds of reason. I have no intention of going out with someone in the long run, without a reasonable amount of sex. Ignore them at your peril.

Rule 13: “If you don’t give in within a normal period of time, you will be eliminated. If you’re excellent in bed, you can extend your stay. In the end, it’s always your personality. But I don’t want any girls to be left with the impression that they are going to trick us men into taking them more seriously or getting attached to them more because they refuse to have sex for a long time. If a guy does react that way, he is an idiot, and you’re an idiot if you go out with him. If he’s a reasonable guy like me, not having sex within the right time period can only hurt you.” 

Rule 14: “Some guys are assholes, and won’t go out with a girl if she gives it up too easy. I have no such inane and antiquated hang-ups. I’d much rather go out with a slut than a prude. A girl can add to her shelf-life with early and good sex.”

Rule 15: “If I would commit suicide, I’d buy the best sex money could buy which I’m sure would be damn good. Two girls at once, Asians, blacks, a Venezuelan on top of a Texan prom queen, a secretary on top of a baby-sitter, twins and their mama. I’d dress ‘em up; I’d dress ‘em down. I’d do things to women I hadn’t even imagined before, though I can’t imagine what that would be.”

Rule 16: “Karen, give me a thank you. Everything is going great, but you’re not being reasonable, you’re being ridiculous, give me a thank you. Give me a thank you for feminists for giving you the right to vote, otherwise stop voting and go make me a ham sandwich.” 

Rule 17: “In other places in the US, when I tell girls that I quit law to become a talk show host, they get excited, because it indicates I might actually be an interesting person that has done something unusual, and hence cool, thing with his life. In Miami, it is seen as a clear decrease in earning potential, and is heavily frowned upon. I have never seen girls get so turned off as when I tell a Miami girl I no longer practice law. This reaction is sickening, in its depraved, whorish blatantness.” 

Rule 18: “There’s something about a girl you can’t stand. I liked her before I hated her, but now that I hate her, I like her twice as much. Unfortunately, since she has lost another 35 pounds, leaving her weighing 17 lbs. I am sad to report that due to this development my attraction to her has waned considerably, leaving behind only my annoyance.” 

Rule 19: “I dislike women who are too thin and I hate fat women, boasting of rating women on a five-tier scale. Tier one is a do it or date, tier two, just do. Tier three in a social vacuum, Tier four, fat chance. Tier five, well I guess you’re kind of ugly and you look a little chubby and I wouldn’t let touch me if you were the last person on earth.”                       

Rule 20: “I started telling people how I pick up chicks and how I rate women when I first see them based purely on how hot they are, and what I think of current events and all the other crazy things going on in the world. Then, I became a phenomenon. I became the Turk.” 

Rule 21: “Yeah, I use my position of power, don’t we all, in some way. I tell girls all the time about my cool job at a TV station in hopes that will trick them into sleeping with me.” 

Rule 22: “These Redskins show up everywhere there’s a buck to be made these days. By the way, I actually think Redskin is a rare ethnic term that actually is offensive, I’m only using it now because they’ve made me angry. Now, you’re going to try to convince me that these Indian kids would not have smoked if it weren’t for the big bad tobacco corporations. Bullshit. They saw the peace pipe buried up your ass long before they ever saw a cigarette ad.”  

Rule 23: “Overweight women should go seek out Egyptian men to get laid before they die. I have two words for you, gigolo and Egyptian men. It’s much harder to find a male prostitute than a female, but believe me they’re out there. And for the right amount of cash from your friendly credit card company of course, you’ll find one that’s gorgeous. But let’s say, you’re insistent on not paying for it, then go to Egypt. I have heard stories of dozens of men chasing after the nastiest things in creation there, fat, ugly, mutant-like, they don’t give a damn. You’ll think you’re goddamn Cleopatra by the time they get through with you.” 

Rule 24: “The same is true in Japan for American men. Every American is John Wayne to a Japanese girl who needs a new purse, a grammar lesson in English and a decent sized penis for a change.”  


Rule 25: “The main post office in Memphis is in the black part of town, and this was one motherfucking cool part of town. I mean these Negros were the real deal. I’m not saying the town was a horrible ghetto. It was, but we’ve all seen worse. I mean these poor black people just hanging out in the heat, this you don’t see quite like this in the northeast. We went to the Civil Rights Museum, which was made in the motel where MLK was assassinated. As soon as we got out of the car I launched a bottle rocket in the parking lot.”

Rule 26: In one small Pennsylvania town we stopped for gas, and while Cenk filled up I went to talk to these three girls who were walking down the road nearby. Turns out they were three teenage girls, whores in training, literally looking for boys to pick them up. Cenk soon joined me and we discovered these three little spoiled brat bitch young American girls on their way to becoming abused porn actresses or dispensable property in a New York City prostitution ring. The girls live in a small town nearby, and were in this town visiting the grandma of one of them. They were around 14-16 and in a few more years will be pretty damn good looking, but not great. I asked if these girls had ever had sex. By their reactions, I was pretty sure two of them did, and the youngest of the three maybe not. These girls were nothing but trouble waiting to happen. American parents in the big city dream of raising kids in the safe tranquility of small town America, but these places are just as treacherous because there is nothing to do but get drunk and have irresponsible sex at a young age.” 

Rule 27: “We missed a turn that we needed, so we had to go back onto a commercial road, and at the first place of business we saw with an Asian name, Cenk turned in, assuming it was a restaurant. Except it wasn’t, it was the other type of Asian establishment, and I don’t mean dry cleaners. I mean massage parlor. We couldn’t believe it. Of course we went in. We didn’t see the girls, and the price was high and we didn’t have time so we didn’t patronize, but I did squeeze the Madam’s ass on our way out. Driving through Navajo country to Monument Valley, where the John Wayne films were shot was a cool fucking place. We hit on these two cute French teenagers while their parents were standing right next to them.” 

Rule 28: While discussing a story in which a man was drugged and anally raped by his ex girlfriend, Uygur declared that he loves this story and that the arrested woman should be exonerated since the man had slept with her in the past. Ok, here’s the parts that I like, she did something to his ass. She might have put a pinky in his ass. One, I’m super amused by this, two now let’s show you who that is so you get a better sense; this is her mug shot. He also asserts that the rapist simply overstepped her bounds by a little bit but that police should let her go. And that the rape victim should man up after being drugged and assaulted and live with it.”

Rule 29: “Uygur discussed a 29-year-old teacher caught having sex with her 15 year old student and says her behavior should be excused because she is hot. I’m going to get in trouble here. I denounce and reject myself for all of that, but she looks so young. She looks 24 at most in all her pictures. Back in the day, a 15-year-old would be considered an adult. If the student was his son or daughter and the teacher was attractive, he would not want them to go to jail. At 16 you’re perfectly capable. My internal rule is that 16 year olds are adults.”

Rule 30: “Discussing a teacher who was charged with rape for having sex with a 13-year-old student in 2009, Uygur asserted that he would need to see if the teacher was hot before he could decide if he agreed with the charges or not. The cop’s not bad either, how you doing Nadine? I’ve been a bad boy, Uygur creepily states as the news footage discussing the case rolls on. The teacher is totally hot and that it is relevant. He’s so young… but she’s so hot. For 99% of human history, if a woman of that attractiveness came to a 13-year-old boy who had gone past puberty and offered sexual relations to him, that would have been considered what they called back in the day for the win. But now, in this 1% of history we view that as horrific, and I get why, and I get that it’s illegal and that 13 is too young in the context of our times, but do you see how I’m torn a little bit on that?” 


Rule 31: “I get really turned on by the thought of an older woman and a younger woman hooking up. The thought of the older woman educing the young girl is a great thought. I just wish women would realize how cool bisexuality is for women for the sake of us all.”  

These “sexist” blog posts were published by Cenk on a site called “” which now redirects to “The Young Turks.”

What else did you “expect” from Cenk Uygur? He is, after all, a Muslim “pig” who treats women as “stupid and sexual by products” on a daily basis.

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