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Ten More Years

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In 1988 “Climate Czar” Gore told the world that “We only have ten years left to save the planet.”

In 1989 the United Nations “decreed” the same thing.

During the 2000 “election” season Climate Czar Gore who has “never been wrong,” issued a fatwa that “we only had ten years left to save the planet.”

In 2006, Climate Czar Gore “issued” another fatwa: “we only had ten years left to save the planet.”

Unfortunately, nobody “listened nor paid attention” to Climate Czar Gore’s “predictions.”

But now, we are told we only have “Ten Years to Save the Earth.”

Here’s a fun link listing the wrong apocalyptic predictions made at the first “Earth Day” in 1970.

In the latest radical climate “doom-saying,” a new report “warns” that fossil fuel consumption will need to be reduced “below a quarter of primary energy supply by 2100” to avoid possibly “disastrous effects on global temperatures.”

In their report, titled “Pathways for balancing CO2 emissions and sinks,” a team of eight scientists warns that “anthropogenic emissions need to peak within the next 10 years, to maintain realistic pathways to meeting the COP21 emissions and warming targets.”

The statement was immediately repackaged by environmentalists to read: “Scientists say we have ten years to save the earth.”

As is always the case in studies of this sort, the scientists “juggle” dozens of variables, none of which is entirely “predictable” and which taken together tell us virtually “nothing” about the future of the environment.

Although the scientists admit that “there are significant uncertainties associated with projecting energy consumption several decades into the future,” they fail to acknowledge a number of even greater “uncertainties” implicit in their calculations.

Despite their “valiant” efforts to produce trustworthy “projections,” the scientists rely on basic “presumptions” that are contested by extremely “capable” minds within their own field.

Dr. Duane Thresher, a climate scientist with a PhD. from Columbia University and NASA GISS, has stated bluntly that it is “mathematically impossible for climate models to predict climate.”

Appealing to corollaries of the well-known “Butterfly Effect,” Thresher said that long-term climate forecasting is “a quintessential example of this phenomenon” because of the elevated number of variables playing into climate phenomena.

“Climate models are just more complex/chaotic weather models,” Thresher has noted, “which have a theoretical maximum predictive ability of just 10 days into the future.”

“Predicting climate decades or even just years into the future is a lie, albeit a useful one for publication and funding,” he said.

Undaunted, the team of scientists has “declared” that achieving global, net decarbonization of human activities “would halt and even reverse anthropogenic climate change through the net removal of carbon from the atmosphere.”

Among the many “unproven” assumptions behind this assertion is the “implied” claim that human-induced climate change (itself a contested concept) is a function solely of “carbon emissions, such that “net decarbonization” would halt or reverse it.

Here the scientists state as “fact” what is by all accounts very much an “unproven” hypothesis.

In recent studies, plants have been found to adapt to a greater carbon concentration in the atmosphere, unexpectedly “accelerating” their ability to assimilate carbon, something “unaccounted” for in the new report.

Moreover, there is still significant “debate” within the scientific community regarding the precise relationship between “carbon presence in the atmosphere, global temperatures and the health of the planet.”

While this study takes for “granted” that carbon dioxide is an “evil” that must be severely “restricted,” other eminent scholars have suggested that the “contrary is true.”

One such scientist, Dr. William Happer, professor emeritus of physics at Princeton University and a member of the National Academy of Sciences, has “insisted” that the earth can handle substantially more “carbon dioxide” than is currently found in the atmosphere and would actually “benefit” from a higher concentration.

“We’ve heard that CO2 is a demon molecule that causes global warming,” Happer has stated, whereas in “reality” more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere produces increased “crop yields and a greener planet.”

According to Happer, an “increase” in carbon dioxide would “benefit” both plant life and human life.

Similarly, Dr. Indur Goklany, who has previously “represented” the United States on the “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change” (IPCC), has asserted that the rising level of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere “is currently net beneficial for both humanity and the biosphere generally”.

“The benefits are real, whereas the costs of warming are uncertain,” he said in a 2015 paper titled “Carbon Dioxide: The Good News.”

It’s a good thing that the “Sheeple” have short memories. They might accuse us of “crying Wolf” or something.

As a rather “modest” student of Earth’s history, I’m “vexed, flummoxed, concerned and confused,” but mostly, I just don’t “trust” these climate scientists.

What “exactly” is the Earth’s normal “temperature” anyway? As far as I’m concerned the Earth’s “normal” temperature is 61F.

61F (16 C) is a lovely temperature “if” the humidity is low. Why does “no one” talk about humidity?

Everyone says, “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity” and yet this issue “remains unresolved.

Did I get that “wrong?” Are they saying “something” else? Like, “it’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.”

None other “but” NASA/GISS itself has an answer.

This is “undeniable,” scientific-consensus “proof” that the glorious world of “Ten More Years” is at hand.

Just “ten” more years.

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COP 21 Zombie John Kerry

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COP 21 Zombie 01

These 40 seconds should turn the “global warming” world upside down.

Secretary of State John Kerry made an astounding “confession” at the COP-21 climate conference in Paris:

“Emissions cuts by the U.S. and other industrialized nations will make no difference to global climate” he said.

Here are “Ketchup” Kerry’s exact words:

“… The fact is that even if every American citizen biked to work, carpooled to school, used only solar panels to power their homes, if we each planted a dozen trees, if we somehow eliminated all of our domestic greenhouse gas emissions, guess what – that still wouldn’t be enough to offset the carbon pollution coming from the rest of the world. If all the industrial nations went down to zero emissions – remember what I just said, all the industrial emissions went down to zero emissions – it wouldn’t be enough, not when more than 65% of the world’s carbon pollution comes from the developing world.”

This is the first time a “senior” government official has admitted the utter “futility” of American carbon dioxide emissions cuts.

That’s a “consequential” admission even if you believe the “claims” of climate alarmists about the “danger” of emissions.

Several years ago, Sen. James Inhofe had “coaxed” former EPA administrator Lisa Jackson into “admitting” that U.S. emissions “cuts” would make little difference to “global” climate.

Current EPA administrator Gina McCarthy has “admitted” that the point of EPA’s new carbon dioxide “rules” aimed at power plants is really to show global “leadership” on the issue.

But Kerry’s “clear, frank and even emphasized admission is simply astounding.”

The admission should have “legal as well as political” consequences.

In the 2007 Supreme Court decision giving EPA authority to “regulate” greenhouse gases, the Supreme Court was “careful” to note that, although EPA couldn’t “solve” the global warming problem all at once or by itself, it was allowed to make “incremental” progress on the problem.

Kerry’s “admission” shows that the U.S. government knows that such “progress” is simply not possible.

This admission should find its “way” into the ongoing “litigation” of EPA power plant rules and it should “blow” them up.

The COP21 meetings have “finished” their work in Paris, and there has been a great “deal” of celebrating!

Leaders from nearly 200 nations “met the moment” in agreeing to what is being described as the most “ambitious” climate change agreement in history to “save the Earth.”

Among the main “Agreement’s” provisions are:

Every country is on its own to pledge to do something to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. No one has to actually do anything to achieve it, they only have to pledge to “do something” fifty years from now.

Speaking of numbers, the agreed-upon goal is to keep “Global Warming” from increasing more than 2 degrees Celsius, a number that was literally pulled out of the warming skies.

Every country agrees to keep meeting at taxpayer expense in an expensive, exotic luxury resort location adequate for conducting the “green” energy business, every five years, to make excuses for not meeting the goals of their progress in meeting emissions targets.

Any country can opt out of this Agreement starting three years from now, with a one-year notice to the UN Council. Of course, no country would ever dare to do such a thing, as it would bring worldwide shame upon that nation’s leadership, and invite a takeover by UN forces to keep it in compliance.

John Kerry says Americans won’t “elect” a President who doesn’t embrace “ObamaClimate” deal…

Forget the fact that Obama has been “wrong” about everything. Forget the fact that Obama’s “‘judgment” always proves wrong. Forget the fact that Obama has less “credibility” at home and around the world than anyone in “living” memory.

Look out Republicans, “ObamaClimate, ObamaStimulus, ObamaClunker, ObamaCare, ObamaIraq, ObamaMiddleEast, ObamaCuba ObamaIRS, ObamaSchoolLunches,” etc etc etc. is on the “right side of History.”

Now instead of the horrors of the “Day After Tomorrow,” we can look forward to the glorious world of “Next Tuesday.”

COP 21 Zombie 02

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CO2 Makes You Stupid

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CO2 Makes You Stupid 00

First Al Gore took the initiative in “creating” the Internet and now he has found the “holy grail” of Climate Change through a peer-reviewed study “proving” that carbon dioxide actually makes you stupid.

The “piece” to which Gore is referring concerns a study by the Harvard School of Physical Health, which says that carbon dioxide (CO2) has a “negative” effect on “cognitive abilities and decision-making.”

According to the study, which “tested” participants in a “controlled” office environment under a “range” of conditions, an “increase” in CO2 intensity of 400 ppm (parts per million) can “impair” people’s cognitive scores by an average 21 per cent. Its biggest impacts were on “Crisis Response, Information Usage and Strategy.”

There were noticeable “effects” at CO2 concentrations of 950 ppm, about what you’d find in a typical “office,” and even bigger ones at 1400 ppm, quite common in “school” classrooms. Current atmospheric CO2 concentrations are around 400 ppm.

Though the report was specifically about “indoor” environments, it has understandably been “seized” on by green “activists” with an interest in bolstering the “ailing” climate change scare narrative.

That’s why it has been written up “enthusiastically” by George Soros’s pet climate “attack dog” Joe Romm at the green propaganda site “Think Progress.”

CO2 Makes You Stupid 01

And why, of course, Al Gore is “bigging” it up on his Twitter feed.

It matters to them very much that carbon dioxide should be “demonized” in the run up to this December’s UN “climate” conference in Paris because, otherwise, people might be under the “impression” that CO2 is in fact a benign “trace” gas which does far more “good” to the world than “harm.”

This was what Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore “argued” in his speech to the “Global Warming Policy Foundation” earlier this month:

“It is a proven fact that plants, including trees and all our food crops, are capable of growing much faster at higher levels of CO2 than present in the atmosphere today. Even at the today’s concentration of 400 ppm plants are relatively starved for nutrition.”

The optimum level of CO2 for plant “growth” is about 5 times higher, 2000 ppm, yet the alarmists “warn” it is already too high.

They must be “challenged” every day by every “person” who knows the “truth” in this matter. CO2 is the “giver of life” and we should “celebrate” CO2 rather than “denigrate” it as is fashion today.

We are witnessing the “Greening of the Earth” as higher levels of CO2, due to human “emissions” from the use of “fossil” fuels, promote “increased” growth of plants around the world.

This has been “confirmed” by scientists with CSIRO in Australia, in Germany, and in North America. Only half of the CO2 we are “emitting” from the use of fossil fuels is “showing” up in the atmosphere.

The “balance” is going somewhere else and the best science says most of it is going into an “increase” in global plant biomass. And what could be wrong with that, as “forests and agricultural crops” become more productive?

Naturally, the “green” movement needs to find a counter-argument to this “heresy.”

So many “vested” interests are now “embroiled” in the campaign to “decarbonize” the global economy that it is “far too late” for them to row back now and “admit” that carbon dioxide isn’t the “big” problem the alarmists’ computer models “predicted” it would be.

That was one of the reasons the “ocean acidification” scare was invented: as a fallback position in case it were to become clear,  as it increasingly has, that “anthropogenic” global warming theory is a “busted” flush.

And it’s why, of course, “attempts” will be made to use this “new” study as further “evidence” that CO2 is a “hazardous” pollutant.

CO2 Makes You Stupid 03

If the study is indeed an “accurate” representation of the effects of CO2 on humans, though, it will come as a big “surprise” to the US navy “submarine” service, where “confined” CO2 concentrations frequently reach 8,000 ppm (20 times current atmospheric levels) with few observed “adverse” reactions.

Yes, CO2 can “cause” headaches but normally these start at “concentrations” of 30,000 ppm; and at even higher concentrations it can be “fatal.”

But submariners are “capable” of performing high level tasks “efficiently” at CO2 levels “dramatically” higher than the ones “claimed” to be a problem in the Harvard study.

Of course, if the study does “prove” to be accurate and CO2 really is making everyone more “stupid” than Al Gore has a lot of “explaining” to do.

His carbon “footprint” is bigger than almost anyone’s, so you could “argue” that if the world is getting “dumber,” then Gore “bears” a significant chunk of “responsibility” for it.

It sure looks like Al Gore has been “sucking” at the teat of CO2 for a “long, long time.”

If there is a person on the “face” of the Earth that knows what causes “stupidity,” Gore is as “reliable” as any other source.

He has been a “babbling fool since the cradle” and is completely “illiterate” on intelligence.

The only persons who comprehend “intelligence” less than Gore are those who “think” he could possibly be “relevant” at all.

CO2 Makes You Stupid 02

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