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ISIS Warning

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Islamic State 01

This is the new “Map of Europe” released by the “Islamic State’s” (ISIS) multi-billion dollar “war” machine, better known as the “JV team,” drawn-up to show the areas it plans to “dominate” in the next five years.

The “chilling” image highlights areas the brutal “terror” organization plans to seize by 2020, including “Spain, China” and parts of “North Africa.”

According to the map, ISIS plan to take “control” of the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Europe, within the next “five” years, to complete its “caliphate.”

The caliphate, a state governed by “Sharia law” which ISIS plan to “claim,” covers areas from “Spain in the west to China in the east.”

Islamic State 02

“Andalus” is the Arabic name given to the parts of “Spain, Portugal and France” that were occupied by the “Moors” between the eighth and the 15th century.

The “savage” terror organization has up to 50,000 “members” and nearly £2billion of “cash and assets.”

BBC reporter Andrew Hosken, who includes the map of the “targeted” areas in his new book, said ISIS wants “to take over all of what they see as the Islamic world.”

He said: “Once they have their caliphate, they plan to turn against the rest of the world. They envisage the whole world being under their rule.”

“They have 60 nations against them, including the United States and Russia, so one would think that is pretty unlikely.”

“But one would have thought the first steps were unlikely as well.”

Hosken said the brutal organization sees “us as being under their rule too and having to abide by their ideology”.

“They have already destabilized Iraq and Syria, they have tried to destabilize Saudi Arabia and Libya and recently they almost destroyed Tunisia’s main industry, tourism.”

Hosken claims that the longer ISIS “remains” in Iraq and Syria, the more “likely” it is they will develop “biological and chemical” weapons.

He said: “If they had weapons of mass destruction, they would use them. There is no question about that.”

The author reveals how in 1996 Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who founded the “depraved” terror group which eventually became “ISIS,” described a “seven-step program” that would lead the organization to “victory” by 2020.

Hosken said: “We were so close to destroying them back in 2010-11. 80% of their leaders had been captured or killed and they ended up as a little rump.”

“We didn’t finish them off and like a cancer they came back. “

Islamic State 03

David Cameron has given the green light to a lengthy “air strike campaign” to suppress the terrorist’s savage “advances,” but he is facing increasing pressure to send “ground forces” into Iraq and Syria to “tackle” the organization.

But Hosken warns that al-Zarqawi’s seven-stage plan suggests ISIS “would very much like it if we invaded,”  claiming it would be the perfect “recruitment drive” for the terror group.

He said: “There is a danger it would be a rallying cry to Muslims around the world to come and a join them. Islamic State want to be seen to be fighting the West.”

Islamic State 04

“They think a lot of Muslims around the world would then see that as Muslims under attack and would join Islamic State.”

“The name of their magazine is Dabiq, which is a town in Syria where their Armageddon, the final battle between them and the West, takes place.”

It emerged yesterday that the “brutal” organization is plotting to “blow up” the Queen on British soil at an “event” marking the end of the “Second World War.”

Islamic State 05

Police and MI5 are said to be desperately “racing against the clock” to foil the assassination “plot” by British “jihadis,” which is being “masterminded” from Syria by ISIS commanders.

The terrorists are reportedly looking to “strike” by detonating a pressure cooker “bomb” in Central London during events marking the 70th anniversary of “Victory in Japan” day, which effectively “ended” World War Two.

ISIS has “gained” notoriety for its sickening “tactics” its fighters have employed as they “rampage” through Iraq and Syria.

“So it could be a bit of an elephant trap.”

Last week the organization “slaughtered” more than 2,000 people in an act condemned as a “crime of genocide.”

The group are said to have carried out the brutal killings “in cold blood” for petty crimes including common theft.

They also “executed” 19 women hostages who would not have “sex” with fighters claiming the women had “refused” to participate in the practice of “sexual jihad.”

Kurdish Democratic Party spokesman Said Mimousini said: “ISIS executed 19 women in the city of Mosul during the past two days. The penalty decision came on the background of the refusal to participate in the practice of sexual jihad.”

Islamic State 01.jpggIslamic State Facts Every American Must Know

Muslim Sex Slavery

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Muslim Sex Slaves 01

UN officials interviewed “dozens” of female survivors in April. The girls were “stripped naked and categorized” like cattle. Some victims were returned home after being “impregnated” by their captors.

The group “paraded and traded” Syrian and Iraqi girls in “slave bazaars” before the victims were “shipped” to other provinces, it was claimed.

Muslim Sex Slaves 09

Zainab Bangura traveled to five countries to address the use of rape, sex slavery and other sexual violence by extremists.

Ms. Zainab Bangura, special envoy on “sexual violence” in conflict, traveled to Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan and interviewed dozens of “women and young girls” who had survived “brutal sexual abuse.”

“Women and girls are at risk and under assault at every point in their lives” she said.

“ISIS has institutionalized sexual violence and the brutalization of women as a central aspect of their ideology and operations, using it as a tactic of terrorism to advance their key strategic objectives.”

Muslim Sex Slaves 10

In February it was reported “militants” fighting in Syria were seeking “medical” attention to improve their sexual “prowess” and subjecting their wives to “brutal, abnormal” sex acts, according to local doctors.

Muslim Sex Slaves 02

Yazidi women and girls, some as “young” as five, taken from their “homes” earlier in the year were also regularly “raped and abused” by fighters, survivors said.

Some victims even “faced” being returned home after falling “pregnant” by their captors and are at risk at being “ostracized” by their community, which “frowns” upon pre-marital sex.

Muslim Sex Slaves 06

A human rights office also published a “horrifying” report earlier in the year describing “killings, torture, rape, sexual slavery and the use of child soldiers by the extremists,” suggesting they may be guilty of “war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.”

An Islamic State terrorist group “forced” a sex slave to marry 20 fighters and even made her “undergo” surgery each time to “restore” her virginity, a United Nations official said.

Muslim Sex Slaves 13

She added that the “brutality” followed them “every step of the way… in the midst of active conflict, in areas under control of armed actors, at check-points and border crossings and in detention facilities.”

It is not the first time “sexual violence” by ISIS fighters has been exposed.

ISIS has released a “chilling” document in which it justifies the “kidnapping and rape” of slave girls and brands Michelle Obama a “prostitute” whose “price won’t even exceed a third of a dinar.”

In its latest “online” magazine issue, the Islamic State (ISIS) defends “Rape Jihad” by citing the “history and doctrines” of Islam in which Mohammed and his followers “enslaved and raped” non-Muslim women.


“We thank Allah for letting us rape non-Muslim women with impunity.” ISIS claims to be “correctly” following in his “footsteps”:

“Allah has opened the lands for His ‘awliyā’, so they entered and dispersed within the lands, killing the fighters of the kuffars (non-Muslims), capturing their women, and enslaving their children. I write this while the letters drip of pride. Yes, O religions of kuffars (non-Muslims) altogether, we have indeed raided and captured the kāfirah women, and drove them like sheep by the edge of the sword. I and those with me at home prostrated to Allah in gratitude on the day the first slave-girl entered our home.”

Muslim Sex Slaves 11

Finally a religion that “rapists” can really get behind. ISIS “bluntly” spells out its objectives: “The destruction of non-Muslims.”

“It is Caliphate with everything it contains of honor and pride for the Muslim and humiliation and degradation for the kafir (non-Muslim).”

This was in fact the “usual way of life” for non-Muslims in the Muslim world until European “invasions” temporarily “liberated” minorities, many of whom “fled” the region.

Muslim Sex Slaves 12

That’s why so many “Christian” Lebanese and Syrians ended up in America in the 20th century and so many Algerian and Moroccan “Jews” ended up in France.

ISIS cites extensive Islamic precedents for its “Rape Jihad.”

“Mohammed would kill their men and enslave their children and women. The raids of the beloved Prophet convey this to us.”

Muslim Sex Slaves 03He probably wasn’t “beloved” by the women he “raped,” but that’s another story. And then ISIS suggests it’s not a “fan” of Michelle Obama.

“Leave us alone with your burping and wait for a Khilāfah that Obama comes to you with… And who knows, maybe Michelle Obama’s price won’t even exceed a third of a dinar, and a third of a dinar is too much for her!”


Well obviously. She’s not a “terrified” 12-year-old Kurdish girl. ISIS, like Mohammed, prefers “pedophilia.”

Muslim Sex Slaves 14
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Islamic Law does sanction ISIS’ capture and enslavement of non-Muslim women
Yazidi women plead for US planes to bomb their prison rather than being sold into sexual slavery by ISIS
Boko Haram’s turning of Christian schoolgirls into sex slaves
Traumatized 16-year-old British girl was brutally raped by 90 different Muslim men in one weekend
Need money? Just sell your 10-year-old daughter into sex slavery
Yazidi Sex Slaves Begged their Muslim Captors to Kill Them Instead
ISIS beheading children and women after being stripping naked
Rich Arab Muslims buy little Syrian girls for sex and/or temporary marriage


Know Your Terror Flags

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Decoded ISIS Flag 00

These days we find a “multitude” of flags in the Muslim world. They have been carefully designed with “colors and symbols” to represent characteristics of the “Islam” nations.

The flag is often called the “Black Standard” or the “Black Banner.”

“The black banner of Islam as an idea goes back to the 8th century, when the Second Dynasty of Islam came to power with black banners,” says Jonathan Bloom, a professor of Islamic Art at Boston College.

The white writing that you see at the top of the flag is the first half of an Islamic phrase called the “Shahada,” or declaration of faith, which reads: “There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

The entire “Shahada” is found on many different flags throughout the Islamic world, including the official state flag of Saudi Arabia.

But the appropriation of this phrase by ISIS “twists” the meaning of the Islamic “principle,” according to Bloom.

“Their use of this phrase is sending very much the wrong message,” he says. “If we all accept that this is what this message means, they are co-opting something that has brought millions of people over thousands of years great comfort and solace and meaning in their lives.”

Decoded ISIS Flag 03

Another appropriated symbol on the flag is the “white circle” at its center, which contains the second part of the Shahada: “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

It’s meant to represent the official “seal” of the Prophet Muhammad, but Blooms says scholars have long “debated” what that seal actually looked like.

The two Arabic “phrases,” the black “color” of the flag and even the ancient looking “font” of the Arabic all work to “evoke” an image of the historical Islamic “caliphate,” the massive state that ISIS “claims” to have resurrected.

“In effect,” Bloom says,” they’re saying we’re going back to this earlier time.”

In Islam, they have not been given a “choice” concerning what type of flag to use even “down” to the color.

Decoded ISIS Flag 05

The “Shariah” has specified the type of official flag the “Khilafah” will use and therefore they believe they cannot “deviate” from this.

The Taliban replaced their solid white flag with a “white flag inscribed with the Shahada in black” as they took power in Afghanistan in 1997. Various Muslim armed groups have use the “black flags inscribed with the Shahada in white” since ca. 2001.

Decoded ISIS Flag 04

During the 2000’s, it became popular in “mujahid” terminology to refer to the black flag as al-raya and the white flag as al-liwa’, after the terms of the black and white flags flown by Muhammad according to the “Hadith.” The Hadith is the “war manual” of Islam.

The white flag is sometimes identified as the “flag of the Caliphate” while the black one is dubbed the “flag of Jihad.”

It appears that if you turn the ISIS flag upside down, you will see a bunch of Muslims  in white and black turbans doing “inappropriate” things to goats, sheep, and each other.

Decoded ISIS Flag 01

Black “turbans” are invisible against the black background.

Here is the “latest” ISIS flag design…

Decoded ISIS Flag 02

Why do ISIS men wear “bed sheets” as clothing? Because sheep can hear a “zipper” a mile away. ISIS, where the men are “gay” and the sheep are “nervous.”


A red-headed Australian “jihadist” has appeared in the ISIS video below, warning that the “terror” group will continue its “war” on the west until it “flies” a black flag on top of “Buckingham Palace and the White House.”

Abdullah Elmir, 17, refers to “himself” as Abu Khaled during the video, in which he is “surrounded” by his fellow Islamist militants.

During the video, entitled “Message Of The Mujahid 4,” Elmir launches a “scathing attack” on the US-led coalition which is conducting “airstrikes” on the group’s “caliphate” in northern Syria and Iraq.

“To the leaders, to Obama, to Tony Abbott, I say this: these weapons that we have, these soldiers, we will not stop fighting. We will not put down our weapons until we reach your lands, until we take the head of every tyrant and until the black flag is flying high in every single land.”

Learn To Identify Your Terror Flags

ISIS Stimulus Money

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ISIS Stimulus Money 07

Did you know “ISIS” is a victim?

According to President Barack Obama ISIS is composed of “oppressed” masses “pushed and pulled” by socio-economic “forces” beyond their control.

These “socio-economic” forces must be addressed with “well run” government programs and Muslim “voices” in government.

ISIS Stimulus Money 01“We can’t win war with ISIS by killing them, they need jobs” according to State Department spokesperson Marie Harf.

During an interview with Chris Matthews, Harf “announced” that the USA would be “offering” the Sunni Islamic State (SIS) $3 trillion in “stimulus funds” aimed at improving “employment” opportunities to young “Muslim” peasants.

The direct “transfer of wealth” to the ISIS, also known as the “Caliphate,” is intended to “create” millions of new jobs for “under-employed” youths as a “diversion” program similar to those “successfully” used in American “slum” cities like Detroit and Chicago.

ISIS Stimulus Money 08“Governments that deny human rights play into the hands of extremists who claim that violence is the only way to achieve change. Efforts to counter violent extremism will only succeed if citizens can address legitimate grievances through the democratic process and express themselves through strong civil societies. Those efforts must be matched by economic, educational and entrepreneurial development so people have hope for a life of dignity.” (Barack Obama, LA Times op-ed 17 Feb, 2015.)

ISIS Stimulus Money 09

President Barack Obama has consistently “taught” that what is good for “domestic” policy is good for “international” policy, and so this “extension” of successful and compassionate “social services” will bare much “fruit” in the Middle East, as our Bedouin brethren “struggle” with the ravages of Western “imperialism” and social “inequality” imposed by Christianity.

By bringing the “unemployment” rates of the ISIS down to American “levels,” the Obama administration “believes” that the number of economically-related “beheadings” in the region will likely “decrease” significantly.

ISIS Stimulus Money 14“Eliminating the terrorists of today with force will not guarantee protection from the terrorists of tomorrow. We have to transform the environments that give birth to these movements. We have to devote ourselves not just to combating violent extremism, but to preventing it. This means building alternatives that are credible and visible to the populations where terrorists seek to thrive.” (John Kerry, WSJ op-ed Feb 19, 2015.)

Once ISIS “sissies” find more productive and self-fulfilling “occupations,” peace will prevail “upon” the region and social “equality” will be achieved “even” in the face of Western “aggression and discrimination.”

ISIS Stimulus Money 10The U.S. State Department’s popular new “JOBS FOR JIHADIS” recruiting program is already getting “flooded” with applications.

After “Bimbo” Marie Harf announced that the “long-term” strategy in the fight “against” the Islamic State (ISIS) was to create jobs for “current and future” Islamic jihadists, countless applications began “pouring” in to Washington DC.

Here is John Jihadi’s (Mohammed Emwazi) filled out form, along with a “blank” application for potential “jihadists” on the job hunt.

ISIS Stimulus Money 12

ISIS Stimulus Money 11These “Job Employment Applications” for ISIS positions should “remind” everyone that these are “gentle, peace loving people” who are out of work and once they have a “voice, a job and stimulus funding,” there will be no more “acts of violence.”

ISIS Stimulus Money 13As Mary Harf indicated, “peace” begins with the simple “admission” that we are powerless “against” any enemy.

Once we accept the “concept” that America is the “blame” for everything, we can simply “empty” our pockets and “accept” another Nobel “Peace” Prize.

ISIS Stimulus Money 06Blond “Bimbo” Marie Harf is “wrong.”

Those people “don’t” need jobs. They only need “EBT cards, ObamaPhones, free healthcare, subsidized housing” and Muslim operated “Obama Express Food Markets.”

Obama Express Food Market 01Only if Obama “makes” ISIS the “58th” state will they be “truly” happy with their “suppressed” lots in live.

ISIS Stimulus Money 05

Blond “Bimbo” Marie Harf.

The “resemblance” is uncanny. I knew that I “recognized” her from somewhere. She is the “twin” sister of Garth Harf.

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Harf: Hey! Don’t forget Christian extremists
Hire ISIS – they’ve got “Mad Skills”
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Muslim Gang Sign

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Muslim Gang Sign 07

Obama and the Muslim Gang Sign
By F. W. Burleigh

Is President Obama a “Muslim?” A lot has been written about this, but if “photographs” speak louder than words, then a photo taken at last “Augusts’ U.S.-African Leaders’ Summit” in Washington D.C. might shed “considerable” light.

It shows Barack Hussein Obama flashing the “one-finger” affirmation of Islamic “faith” to dozens of African delegates.


Barack Hussein Obama flashes the Muslim “shahada” to delegates of the US-African Leaders Conference in Washington DC in August 2014.

The Associated Press took this “astonishing” photo as the African dignitaries joined Obama, who hosted the event, in a State Department auditorium for a group photograph. It was “published” in an article in Britain’s “Daily Mail,” and it was the only “use ever” of the photo.

Muslim Gang Sign 02

The “one-finger” display is the “distinctive” Muslim “gang” sign”

“The index finger points straight up while the thumb wraps underneath and presses against the digital phalange of the middle finger. The remaining fingers are squeezed against the palm in order to highlight the extended forefinger. The extended finger is symbolic of the one-God concept of Muhammad and is understood by all believers to be a symbolic shahada, the Muslim affirmation of faith: There is but one God and Muhammad is his messenger.”

Thus when believers “stick” their index finger in the air, they demonstrate they are “partisans” of Muhammad’s God concept. And they also “affirm” their belief in Muhammad’s claim he was the “interface” between God and man. They also “demonstrate” they are part of the “umma,” the exclusive “transtribal supertribe” of believers that Muhammad started 1,400 years ago.

With his “forefinger” in the air, Obama affirmed his “membership” in this tribe.

Muslim Gang Sign 03

ISIS fighter displays the gang sign. To Muslims, the extended forefinger is symbolic of the fundamental belief of Islam: “There is but one God and Muhammad is his messenger.”

The “Daily Mail” editors did not “understand” what they were looking at. They captioned it “finger wagging” by Obama. But the African “dignitaries” understood, and a range of “reactions” can be detected among the ones who “observed” the gesture: “amusement, surprise, curiosity, disapproval, contempt.” Note the reactions of “Abdelilah Berkirane,” the prime minister of Morroco pictured just behind Obama’s left shoulder, and “Ibrahim Boubacas Keita,” the president of Mali in white garb and hat. They are Muslims “through and through,” and they are all smiles. They knew what Obama’s “upright” forefinger meant.

Muslim Gang Sign 04

Smug face Obama flashes the Muslim “shahada” gang sign.

The reaction of Togo president “Faure Gnassingbe,” at the top row second to the left, is “less” approving. Through his face you can read the mind of this “Sorbonne and George Washington University” educated leader. His mind is screaming, “You gotta be kidding!”

Muslim Gang Sign 05

Togo president Faure Gnassingbe “You gotta be kidding!”

Gnassingbe’s country is “squeezed” between Benin and the Ivory Coast and is not far from Nigeria and its “Boko Haram” plague, perhaps a two-hour flight in a slow Cessna from Togo’s capital to the Nigerian capital, less than an hour in something faster. At the time of the Washington conference, Boko Haram’s leader “Abubakar Shekau” had just “declared” Borno State in northeastern Nigeria as the “seat” of his caliphate. Massacres of entire “villages” were taking place; only a few months earlier nearly three hundred “girls” were abducted from a Borno secondary school.

Obama to Nigerian Christians: Change Laws on Abortion, Homosexuality If You Want Protection from Boko Haram

Togo has “seven” million people, 50 percent animists, 30 percent Christian. The remainder are “Muslims,” part of the umma. Gnassingbe and all other “non-Muslims” of Togo have reason to worry about “radicalization” of some of these members of the “transtribal” supertribe of Muhammad who reside among them. And so his look of disdain. “You gotta be kidding.”

Muslim Gang Sign 06

Maybe it was Obama’s “idea” of a joke, but that is “unlikely.” The finger in the air was a “position” statement “brazenly” stated. His entire administration has been a “promotion” of Islam at home and abroad, and just cataloging the “evidence” would fill a book. He has made this country “cozy” for Islam, from “ordering” NASA to make Muslims “feel good” about themselves to “calling” ISIS beheading victim Peter Kassig by the Muslim name that he had “adopted” in the vain hope of saving his life.


If only Obama’s “coziness” were limited to such gestures, but from the very beginning of his administration, he labored to “topple” the strongman governments that had kept a “lid” on Islamic extremism: “Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen.” Overthrowing the “Syrian” government was also part the program, not “yet” achieved but still possible. The methodology of each was a “tactic” from old-school radicalism: “stir up domestic trouble that triggers a crackdown, then use the reaction to discredit the government and as a pretext for stirring up greater cycles of trouble until the targeted regime is replaced.”

White Mosque 01

Obama is “comfortable” with Islam’s extreme. He “arms” such people throughout the Middle East. He has let them “into” our government. He supported the “Muslim Brotherhood’s” Muhammad Morsi as the “replacement” for Hosni Mubarak, a staunch “US ally and enemy of the Muslim Brotherhood,” and “threatened and bullied” Egypt when a massive “revolt” replaced Morsi with a “religious” moderate.

The “thread” of all of these efforts was the “reestablishment” of the Islamic “caliphate,” the line of successors of “Muhammad” that ended nearly a century ago with the “collapse” of the Ottoman Empire. This has always been a “Muslim Brotherhood” objective. In their “grandiose” plans, the reestablished caliphate would “stretch” across the Middle East with “Jerusalem” as its capital. The “glory of Islam” resurrected! These people aspire to world “domination,” and the caliphate would “serve” as the base for an “ever-expanding war” on the world until domination is achieved. That was always the “goal” of their role model. Muhammad “ordered” his followers to make “Islam” the only religion,  to create a “universal” umma. As with Obama, they are just following orders.

The caliphate was “resurrected” last year, only it is not in the “hands” of the Muslim Brotherhood — “not yet anyway.” However it came about, the caliphate was Obama’s “creation,” and he has only “half-heartedly” pushed back against it. Now he has “asked” the U.S. Congress for “authorization” for use of military force “against” what he created. What is Obama “up to” with this? In everything he does, “mischief” is the purpose. What mischief does he “intend” now?


There is “nothing” in Obama’s head that is “American.” He is an “antithetical” American, a polar “opposite” of its values that he is “routinely” undermining. He is an “unabashed” member of the transtribal “supertribe” that Muhammad “created” 1,400 years ago; he is of the “umma,” not of America. His “finger” in the air at the African Leaders’ Conference is “unambiguous evidence.”

And it is “evidence” that you have been “had” America. God, have you “ever” been had.

F. W. Burleigh is author of “It’s All About Muhammad, a Biography of the World’s Most Notorious Prophet.” The author blogs at

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Muslim Gang Sign 00

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