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Witchcraft Burning

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The “Home Birth Cord Burning Ceremony” is yet another stunning illustration of the “Witchcraft and Sorcery” mentioned in the Bible.

“I chose to have this Home Birth Cord Burning Ceremony as a tribute to my ancestors, to reestablish the traditions of the granny midwives, to seal the power, intimacy and magic from the labor and delivery with all of the energy from everyone present while protected by all of our ancestors.”

What, “witchcraft” you say? Yep.

Have you noticed how much of an inroad being made by “witchcraft” these days? And don’t give me that “white” witchcraft nonsense, there is no such thing as “good” witchcraft, it is all anti-God and it glorifies Satan. All witchcraft is bad.

All people are religious by nature, meaning we are built to worship “something”, even if it’s our own intellect. So people who reject God need an object upon which to administer worship, with most of the world’s lost and unsaved people worshiping the earth itself.

Funny thing, though, how many burning ceremonies that lost people have. Fire and flames are always associated with judgment, hell and the lake of fire in the Bible. The Mafia “burns a card” of a Catholic saint, the Masons have their “burning sands” ritual, Catholics “burn candles” and occultists engage in events like “Burning Man” and other satanic indulgences. New Age witches “burn sage” and now “umbilical cords” in their efforts to become “one with the world.”

The following was taken from an Instagram channel called “Healthier Moms”, devoted to pregnancy and postpartum, headed by a medical doctor and with just under 1 million followers.

“Traditionally as a people we burn not cut the umbilical cord as it is less traumatic spiritual when disconnecting baby and the placenta. The ceremony also slows things down in after birthing space to create a deeper intimacy with everyone present. Each person holding candles set intentions for the baby and mother. With this being my last pregnancy I want to also seal this chapter of my life with love and gratitude. I am so grateful to my midwife @amothersworth for supporting me with wanting to do this ceremony. I am grateful to @nicole hamic for capturing these pure moments. It is so important for black birth and traditions to be archived and shared. There is so much beauty and knowledge that has yet to be seen. I want my fellow Queen Sisters/Mothers to know that they can birth the way they want, they have the power to birth safely and to advocate for themselves by listening to their inner voice and trust their bodies.”

If you’re not careful, you just might achieve your goal. 2 Peter 3:10-13 will tell you all about what will happen to this old world. Witchcraft is much more widespread than you might think, you see it in the Green Movement, Gaia, and even yoga.

“The rest of mankind who were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood—idols that cannot see or hear or walk. Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality or their thefts.” (Revelation 9:20-21)

Religion of Peaceful Killing

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Religion of Peaceful Killing 01

Islamic State is executing its own leaders with attack dogs, the latest example of “gruesome” methods designed to keep “members in line.”

Hasan Khala Hasan, a Peshmerga commander, “relayed” the new execution method to the “AhlulBayt” news agency.

According to the commander, ISIS deployed the “attack dogs” because several leaders failed to “fulfill their duties.”

Religion of Peaceful Killing 02

ISIS “tied” these leaders to trees. The dogs proceeded to “tear” them to pieces.

“IS uses any members who are thought to be of no use, for the organization to frighten other members,” a Kurdish sociologist told the AhlulBayt news agency.

ISIS has pioneered “strange and bizarre” methods of execution to project a “message of fierceness,” both to its own members, who often abandon the group “due to disillusionment,” and foreign powers abroad “challenging its supremacy” in Iraq and Syria.

Religion of Peaceful Killing 04

Aside from using “attack dogs,” the group recently started “dipping” civilians in “nitric acid” who were apparently “engaged in spying” operations.

The civilians were “lowered” into barrels full of acid until their organs dissolved.

Previously, ISIS “tied” prisoners down and “ran over” them with tanks. It “burned” a pilot alive “locked” in a cage. It locked reported “spies” in a cage and “drowned” them.

ISIS has also “thrown” homosexuals off buildings. ISIS forces have “beheaded” Western prisoners.

Thieves who’ve been “caught” have had massive concrete blocks dropped on their heads. Children have even joined in by “shooting” people in the back of the head.

Religion of Peaceful Killing 05

The group is almost “desperate” to come up with new, creative ways to “shock and horrify” Kurds and the Iraqi army, even as the Iraqis are slowly “advancing” to take more and more territory.

The operation to take back Fallujah just started.

While the Iraqi army has “urged” civilians to leave the city, ISIS has already “refused” to let any escape and is preparing to use civilians as “human shields.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. is “hoping” the operation in Fallujah moves “quickly and smoothly” so the Iraqis can “refocus” their efforts on Mosul, which the U.S. views as a “top priority.”

Religion of Peaceful Killing 06

Just when you thought the Religion of Peace could not get any weirder,

ISIS executes three Iraqi civilians in Raqqa on charges of ‘apostasy’
Syrian young man executed, crucified for three days by ISIS militants in Manbij
ISIS executes 25 people by nitric acid in Iraq’s Mosul
3 Taliban militants executed by ISIS in Afghanistan
ISIS Using Civilians as Human Shields in Fallujah
Three Bomb Blast in Baghdad kill 14, mostly Shiite pilgrims
Young ISIS Children Beheading People

Qur’an Burning

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Qu'ran Burning 00

Immediately following her Interview, in which Miley Cyrus confessed to being “the least judgmental person in the world” and “understanding and accepting of everyone,” she started her next show by setting a “Qur’an” on fire.

In an opening act for her recent concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Cyrus walked out onto the stage and held the Qur’an out to the crowd saying, “Here is a tribute to all you Allah-lovers out there.”

Slut Whore Both 01

She then set the pages on fire and yelled “Hillary ’16!” before dropping the book to the ground. As the music started, Cyrus “stuck” out her tongue while “squatting” over the burning Qur’an and “performing” a sexually “provocative” dance with repetitive thrusting hip movements, called “twerking.”

Girls for Sale. The buyers are rich Sheiks.

A few moments later the stage went “dark,” lit up only by two large “red inverted crosses,” usually associated with “satanic” worship. Cyrus began to dance around a large “phallic” object, while removing parts of her clothing.


At that point about “one fifth” of her audience got up and “left” the concert, telling MTV reporters in the lobby that the display was extremely “offensive” and they didn’t feel “comfortable” remaining in that environment.

After the concert, Cyrus told the journalists that her actions were meant to raise “awareness and understanding” of the downtrodden segments of our society.

Sociology of Miley Cyrus 01

“Being a role model for millions of people, I know no better way to express the massive amount of love I have for the world, and if some crybabies are upset about it, they’re idiots and I hope they die,” Cyrus said before “sticking” up her middle finger and suggestively “spreading” her legs for the cameras.

President Obama and liberal members of the media called the concert an “act of bravery,” describing Cyrus’s artistic performance as “by far the greatest example of a new, enlightened culture, unhindered by the ancient rulebook that promotes bigotry, fear, and hate.”

A “conservative” reviewer who happened to be at the concert referred to it as “trash not fit for viewing.”

Qu'ran Burning 03

Cyrus responded to this single “critical” review by complaining about the ongoing massive “oppression” of dissent on the part of “religious” conservatives, noting that “That’s exactly what I’m talking about when I say that Muslims are intolerant of opinions expressed by their betters. If those Allah-lovers were upset about what I did last night, just wait until they see what I have planned for my next show.”

Sexually, Cyrus said she is “down with” anything. She views her “sexuality” and even her “gender identity” as fluid.


“I am literally open to every single thing that is consenting and doesn’t involve an animal and everyone is of age. Everything that’s legal, I’m down with. Yo, I’m down with any adult — anyone over the age of 18 who is down to love me,” she said.

“I don’t relate to being boy or girl, and I don’t have to have my partner relate to boy or girl.”


One has to feel bad for the “obese” pig she is choking. It appears to be in a state of “distress,” unusually “swollen,” lacking “oxygen,” and in need of a “bath.”

New Emerging Economy

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New Emerging Economy 01

Riots, The New Emerging Economy

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch “announce” to the world that police officer, Darren Wilson, who “shot” street thug Mike Brown would face “no criminal” charges.

In the “wake” of this decision, Ferguson exploded into “fiery” riots.

The media reaction to the “rioting” has thus far been uniformly “ridiculous.”

As much as we all love “AutoZone and Doritos,” hysterically sobbing at the sight of the former being “burned” and the latter being “looted” is a tad over the top.

New Emerging Economy 09

Even coverage that didn’t “exhibit” Don Lemon levels of “absurdity” still endlessly “bleated” on about how the “riots” are obviously “regrettable.”

Big time news outlets that generally “abstain” from telling you directly “what to think” have decided to make an “exception for the rioting.”

They have “discarded” their usual straight face of “objectivity” to tell you that “riots” are definitely “bad” and that all “right” thinking people should “definitely” be against them.

New Emerging Economy 08jpg

But is this really so?

There is, of course, the “historical” case to be made for rioting: “the past is replete with examples where rioting gets the goods.”

But there is also an even more “straightforward” case for rioting: “at the right levels, rioting is economically efficient.”

One need look no further than “famous” economist and Nobel “laureate” Gary Becker to see how this is true.

According to Becker, “punishing bad behavior increases the costs of engaging in such behavior and thereby reduces the amount of it.”

This is the “underlying” theory of most “criminal justice” schemes.

“Rioting that occurs in response to gross police misconduct and criminal system abuses imposes costs on doing those things.”

It “signals” to police authorities that they risk this sort of “destructive mayhem” if they continue on like this.

All else equal, this should “reduce” the amount of police “misconduct” as criminal justice authorities take “precautions” to prevent the next Ferguson.

New Emerging Economy 03

To be sure, “burning” down AutoZones is not an “optimal” way to impose “costs” on state authorities.

It would be, as some “interviewed” Ferguson residents noted, far more “effective” to target police equipment or other property “nearer” to criminal justice authorities.

But these “targets” are often difficult and risky to reach, unlike “local” business interests.

Since state authorities are “always and everywhere” most concerned about “capital and business” interests, threatening to “impose” costs on them via “rioting” should have a similar “impact” on police incentives.

Although “rioting,” through its imposition of “costs,” can theoretically deliver huge “benefits” by dissuading “bad behavior.”

That doesn’t mean it makes sense to “riot all the time and at any level of intensity.”

Just like “enforcing and imposing” criminal sanctions is costly, sanctioning via “rioting” is also costly.

Economic “wealth” is destroyed and economic “activity” is temporarily interrupted.

For rioting to be “economically” efficient, it has to be the case that the “costs of rioting,” measured in terms of “how much stuff is destroyed,” are lower than the “benefits of curbing bad police behavior.”

New Emerging Economy 04

Conducting such a cost “benefit analysis” on the Ferguson riots, though necessarily “speculative,” is not impossible. It’s “estimated” that officers kill “suspects” 96 times a year.

Cost “benefit analyses” conducted by “safety regulators” peg the value of a “human” life at $9.2 million.

This means the “economic cost” of cops killing “suspects” is around $883 million per year.

If the “jolt” caused by Ferguson’s rioting can “chill” police authorities and cause adjustments that “save” just 3 lives per year, that’s an “economic” savings of $27.6 million.

It’s hard to tell now how much “damage” rioting in Ferguson has caused, but I’d doubt it’s anywhere “near” that figure.

Of course, “chilling” police authorities has other “impacts” beyond saved lives.

If we can “scare” police departments away from being so “needlessly” aggressive towards “suspects” we can reduce “incarceration” which commands “enormous” amounts of “economic” resources.

And that is not even to mention the “hedonic” value that “suspects” would get out of not being “constantly” in fear of “police” oppression.

That value is “hard” to quantify, but surely sums up to a rather “enormous” economic loss.

New Emerging Economy 06

Thus far, the “rioting” question has been focused on whether it’s “good or bad,” as if those are the “only” two answers.

From an “economic” perspective, surely the question is whether the level of “rioting” is optimal: “Do the potential benefits of rioting as a police sanctioning tool outweigh its immediate wealth destruction?”

I “suspect” it does and, in fact, that the current “rioting” level is likely “economically” suboptimal.

When Obama addressed the media after the announcement of the grand jury’s decision not to “indict” Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of common “street thug” Michael Brown, there was a “hidden” message in the opening of the address, which lead to the commencement of the “looting, rioting and wide-spread violence” that has plagued Ferguson ever since.

Listen to Obama between the 1:00 and 1:10 mark of the video where he says he “agrees” with Michael Brown’s father who said, “No matter what the grand jury decides, I do not want my son’s death to be in vain.”

New Emerging Economy 07

Many would be “riotous thugs” in Ferguson viewed the President’s comments as a blank check to “destroy and pillage” all things Ferguson and immediately “commenced doing so” after the President spoke.

The criminals “looted” department stores, “cleared out” an entire cellphone store of all of its phones and other products, and “burned” a Caesar’s Pizza shop to the ground.

What a “joy and fun” to indulge in this “economic miracle” by compulsion.

It ensures that “discontent” is minimal.

If you’re “forced” to vote, you have a “right” to complain.

I hope a “Governmental Rioting Agency” is formed to standardize rioting “procedures and policies” nationwide.

New Emerging Economy 05

We also need a “Riot Czar” and I nominate Al Sharpton who is a long standing “expert” in inciting “black rioters, looters and street thugs” to vandalism, violence, rioting and killing.

Here are some “policy” issues which “need” clarification:

1. Is the inequality of “chanting” syllables acceptable between “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” and “I Can’t Breathe”?
2. Has a venue been “equalized” so that a comparable number of flat-screen TV’S stolen may be redistributed?
3. Who is going supply all rioters with free “ObamaCarts” to carry away merchandise for redistribution.
4. Has the environmental impact study been released to allow the use of Molotov Cocktails?
5. Who will ensure the proper ethnic diversity/exclusion of the designated protestors?
6. Who is responsible for having Jackson/Sharpton/Holder on speed dial, and having “lodging” and “hospitality” arranged for them?

If the “Governmental Rioting Agency” is not fully involved, “future” riots may “deteriorate” to nothing more than Republican “Ice Cream” socials.

Last, but not least, I suggest that “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” and “I Can’t Breathe” ought to be the new “revolutionary” rallying cry.


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