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Mind Control

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A North Korean defector earlier this month revealed that he was “shocked” at the level of kindness and racial diversity he experienced when he first visited the United States.

Kim Geum-Hyuk, who now lives in Seoul, South Korea, spoke with the YouTube channel DIMPLE about his recent expedition to the U.S. and how the North Korean government portrays Americans to the public.

Kim, who considers himself a “victim of brainwash education,” said North Korea “taught us to fight Americans til the end.” He added that Americans are considered “street dogs” and “wolves” depicted as “people who torture and kill.”

Kim quickly discovered, however, how “totally wrong” his former country’s education system was about U.S. citizens.

It looks like North Korea and America share the same “teaching” curriculum.

If “Antifa” and Marxist’s “Black Lives Matter” really want communism, why don’t we bring in Kim Jong-un who has been awarded a doctorate degree in economics.

If the left in the United States has their way, the U.S. will be just like North Korea in no time.

Just when we thought Joe “Sniffy” Biden was the democratic nominee, the forces of history have brought forth a truly inevitable candidate, Inga Khrushchev, the great granddaughter of Nikita Khrushchev who has some viable ideas for a better tomorrow.

Inga is your neighbor, your informant, the one who will end crime and finally bring about the real communism we have waited for over a century.

Thank Marx that the “revolution” is at last dawning and the “Glorious World of Next Tuesday” near at hand.

Deprogramming Liberalism

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Deprogramming Liberalism 01I recently “stumbled” upon perhaps the most “refreshing” writings I have lately seen!

And that’s saying a lot.

I hereby “officially” introduce Jim Autio’s Deprogramming Liberalism website and the book that he intends to write “claiming” it will be the conservative version of “Rules for Radicals” as though anyone could “ever” come close to what our dear “brother” Saul Alinsky wrote so many years ago.

Coming from this Canadian’s keyboard, Jim “declares” that liberalism, in most cases, can be “cured” and “deprogrammed”!

And that most liberals are “really” conservatives who have “been” brainwashed!


Words fail me how anyone from the “nation to our north” could be allowed to “write” such truthful “ideological” essays trying to “lure” unsuspecting progressives into being “deprogrammed” is beyond me.

Deprogramming Liberalism 03

I’ve long believed that, while the “elite” progressives are essentially psychopaths and sufficiently mentally ill as to be beyond help, the “rank and file” progs are basically just brainwashed “useful idiots”.

I don’t know if “Deprogramming Liberalism” would really work or not, but having “read” the 22 essays below, I must say that I’m “impressed.”

#1 Deprogramming Liberalism with Nuclear Counterarguments

#2 Contemporary American Liberalism = Paranoid Delusion

#3 Groupthink Truths Versus Self-evident Truths

#4 Benevolent Utopia or Tyrannical Dystopia

#5 Bouncing Around Inside a Liberal’s Head

#6 Tyranny Versus Liberty

#7 Finally! A Scale of Ideologies that Makes Sense

#8 The Not So Surprising History of Tax Cuts

#9 Liberals Are the Compassionate Ones – Really?

#10 Regulamageddon – The 2008 Financial Crisis

#11 Austerity Versus Stimulus – What Is the History?

#12 Can Governance Indicators Tell You Who Governs Best? Absolutely!

#13 Government Healthcare – One Giant Death Panel

#14 Liberal Demagoguery, Hate and Violence – A Compendium

#15 A Liberal Love Letter to Conservatives

#16 Palinoia and the Dumbest Politician of Oll

#17 Slavery In America – Past and Present

#18 Neoracism – Liberalism’s New Bigotry

#19 Disproving Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory

#20 Global Warming – Just Another Liberal Apocalypse Scenario (yawn)

#21 Unethical Liberalism Versus Ethical Oil

#22 The Quiet Funeral of “Bush Lied – Thousands Died!”

Perhaps with the “help” of my readers they could even be “further” fine tuned.

Deprogramming Liberalism 02

The enemy of freedom offers us a drink laced with  poison

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