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The two most powerful Catholics in the world just discussed two of the most dangerous issues in the world. These issues are dangerous because they are being exploited by powerful people.

Joe Biden visited Pope Francis at the Vatican on October 29. We don’t know exactly what was said; even before the two greeted each other, the Vatican ordered all cameras turned off. But it has emerged that they discussed two issues that elites have exploited more than any other: the climate and covid-19.

Biden and those behind him, including Barack Obama, are already trillions of dollars deep into leveraging these concerns to fundamentally transform the United States. Their infamous Build Back Better plan spends $555 billion on new grants and loans to entice or force businesses and consumers to switch to energy technologies like wind and solar power. This is the most significant climate bill in history, so Biden is eager to use it to bolster his status at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. He, Obama, Prince Charles, activist Greta Thunberg and roughly 25,000 other attendees are being hosted by the United Kingdom and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Read more at “Blackout: Your Energy Supplies and Your Rights Are Fading Fast”

Vaccine Passports

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Soon coming to a city near you in America!

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the United Kingdom would follow France into the authoritarian world of vaccine passports. Three weeks to stop the spread is quickly becoming Chinese Communist Party-style surveillance, complete with second-class citizens and press censorship, worldwide.

Greece and the UK decided to force all care workers to choose between having a jab or losing their job. Ireland mandated vaccine passports for restaurants and pubs. And France unveiled a plan to make normal life impossible for those who refuse the vaccine.

Covid 19 passports will be required to enter cinemas, museums, theme parks and cultural centers, French President Emmanuel Macron announced in a televised address. They will soon be required to enter cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals and long-distance transportation.

The covid passport will also be available for those with a recent negative test. But that test will no longer be free. So unless you want to pay for the privilege of putting a swab up your nose every few days, you’ll need to be vaccinated to go about normal life.

“There is no question that, in practical terms, the vaccine will not only be compulsory, but it will be impossible to conduct a normal life without it. This was undoubtedly the most authoritarian speech delivered by a French president in decades, but wrapped in a nakedly political pitch for five more years,” the Spectator article warned.

The New York Times reached the same conclusion. Macron, it wrote, “wielded a big stick, personalizing power in a way that has in the past led to criticism of him as a Jupiter-like figure.” Macron is clear about the end game: “We must go toward vaccination of all French people; it is the only way toward a normal life.” The coronavirus is pushing the world in a more authoritarian direction.

From Macron’s point of view, his new authoritarianism is working. Yes, over 100,000 turned out to protest over the weekend. Macron took a tiny step back—only malls covering over 200,000 square feet would require vaccine passports. But in the 48 hours after his speech, 2.2 million rushed to book their jab. But if that’s not enough, “we may need to ask ourselves the question of mandatory vaccination for all,” he said.

Perhaps this is why Boris Johnson decided to follow suit. Last week he tried to get the private sector to do his dirty work. The government published “guidance” that said it was “encouraging and supporting businesses and large events to use the National Health Service’s (NHS’s) covid Pass in high-risk settings. The government will work with organizations where people are likely to be in close proximity to others outside their household to encourage the use of this.”

Business owners are now fearful that their insurance companies, trade unions or lawsuits could force them to mandate vaccine passports. But even if not, government guidance now says, “If sufficient measures are not taken to limit infection, the government will consider mandating certification in certain venues at a later date.”

The industry showed little sign of complying. So Johnson ratcheted it up. Vaccine passports will be required at all “nightclubs and other venues where large crowds gather.” Don’t be deceived—this isn’t just about nightclubs. He focused on that because most people don’t go to them. We’ve been here before.

Once people get used to the idea of vaccine passports, the “other venues” category will gradually be expanded to include football matches and concerts, then cinemas and restaurants. Before long, just like in France, normal life will be impossible without a vaccine. Only, unlike France, a negative test will not be acceptable—even if you pay for it. It’s jab—or else.

It’s not clear exactly Boris Johnson plans to enforce this. His language was vague—he said nothing about making new laws. Perhaps he fears that he couldn’t get such a law through Parliament, so he intends to use existing health and safety legislation to bully venues into complying. If so, it would be yet another attack on the rule of law to come under cover of Covid 19.

Perhaps the most sinister aspect of the whole story is how often leaders have insisted that they would never introduce vaccine passports. In April, Macron said a Covid 19 pass “will never be a right of entry that differentiates between French people.” Health Minister Olivier Véran said that France has “a passion for equality” and that it was “almost inconceivable that when places reopen, they will not reopen to everyone.”

In December, Britain’s vaccine’s minister, Muslim Nadhim Zahawi, was asked if businesses would be encouraged to require vaccine passports. “I urge businesses listening to this debate to not even think about that,” he replied. Now documents have come out proving they were planning these passports the whole time.

If governments have lied about their intentions on these vaccine passports thus far, what else are they planning and lying about?

As a result of the recent crisis, various European leaders have taken dictatorial measures. That dictatorial shift was already clear last summer. Now Europe is leading the developed world into the brave new world of covid certification. “European leaders are increasingly behaving like dictators and assuming dictatorial power. The people of Europe are being conditioned to accept more tyrannical leadership.”

That fact has clearly proved true. Polls indicate that the majority in France support Macron’s dictatorial moves. Of course, polls have repeatedly proved open to manipulation and unreliable. But several years ago, no French leader would be able to get away with anything like what Macron has done.

These covid passes could easily progress to a Chinese Communist-style society of total state surveillance—the government tracking your every move and contact, and excluding those people it disapproves of. Things may slow down and retreat for a time, but a Rubicon has been breached.

The Western world will submit to a level of governmental control that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

To all this nonsense I offer the antidote: become a Refusenik, for all the reasons outlined by this wise Canadian:

It is not science any longer, it is nothing more than organized propaganda, augmented by the blocking of anyone or anything that doesn’t support the state-sponsored religion. Is there ANYTHING less American?

Yet here we are, Biden’s America, where science is nothing more than organized propaganda. Spread by media, social media and useful idiots in a mindless onslaught of repetitive drivel.

The Democrats, who are so anxious for mask mandates and other lockdown measures, justify their radical agenda by referring to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other government agencies. For its part, the tyrannical medical state brushes aside criticism by saying it is only making recommendations.

As Sen. Ted Cruz noted last week, nobody is held to account for the medical tyranny imposed on the people.

Obesity Risks

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Obese people are 48 per cent more likely to die of Covid-19 than people of a healthy weight, according to research.

Obesity carries a number of risks when it comes to the Coronavirus, but according to a new study when a COVID vaccine is finally developed it may not work on those “corpulent” people.

If Stacey Abrams and Jerry Nadler want the COVID vaccine to work they may want to start hitting the gym instead of that “all you can eat” $5 buffet.

Scientists looked at medical data to find that being severely overweight also raised the risk of hospitalization more than double (113 per cent). People were also 74 per cent more likely to end up in intensive care if they were obese, the study added.

Scientists said excessive sugar in the blood and swelling in blood vessels, which are more common in overweight people, interfere with immune cells and mean fat people can’t fight off infection as well.

They are also harder to treat in intensive care because the weight of their bodies means ventilators don’t work as well, the researchers added.

And while the odds are naturally stacked against overweight people who catch Covid-19, the same researchers warned that a vaccine might not work as well on them for the same reasons “that their immune systems are compromised.”

This means millions of people who most need protection from the virus may not get it as well as others. 40 per cent of Americans are obese.

The researchers, who were commissioned by the World Bank, said there was nothing to suggest the vaccine wouldn’t work at all but that scientists should be aware it could be less effective.

The warning was made by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in a paper exploring the link from obesity to Covid-19 complications.

“We are not saying that the vaccine will be ineffective in populations with obesity. But rather that obesity should be considered as a modifying factor to be considered for vaccine testing. Even a less protective vaccine will still offer some level of immunity,” said Professor Melinda Beck, an author of the study.

Professor Beck and her colleagues suggested that scientists trialing experimental vaccines should consider whether people in the trials are obese and whether this affects the jab’s effectiveness. “It is urgent that any vaccine trials and studies include BMI [body mass index] as a potential con-founder for vaccine effectiveness and protection.”

There are dozens of vaccine attempts being developed around the world right now, with many already in human trials.

Some of the leading options have been developed by scientists in Britain, with one developed by Oxford University already sold hundreds of millions of times to international governments.

Professor Beck and her team explained that obesity, defined as when someone has a body mass index (BMI) higher than 30, makes the immune system weaker.

High blood sugar, inflammation and insulin resistance – which affects the ability the control blood sugar – all contribute to this.

Inflammation, a type of internal swelling which can be ongoing in overweight and unhealthy people, may drain the immune system’s energy because it is constantly trying to stop it damaging the body, scientists have explained in the past.

Because of this, corpulent people’s immune systems can be more active than usual even when someone isn’t ill, which means they have fewer resources when someone actually does get an infection.

In the study the North Carolina team said obesity “has been shown to impair the development of immunological memory”.

Illinois Governor J.P. “Jay” Pritzker

They said that people with excess body fat had weaker immunity after a flu vaccine and were twice as likely to still get the flu or flu-like illness despite the jab.

Past research looking at antibodies – virus-fighting molecules made by the immune system – found that although they were similar 30 days after a flu jab, “wane significantly more in adults with obesity” over the course of a year.

They also did not produce certain other types of immune cells, known as T cells, as effectively. This impaired immune response could also be what makes obese people more likely to get severely ill or die if they catch Covid-19, the scientists added.

Their review found that people with a BMI over 30 were 113 per cent more likely to end up in hospital, 74 per cent more likely to need intensive care, and 48 per cent more likely to die than people of a healthy weight.

Professor Beck added: “Individuals with obesity are also more likely to experience physical ailments that make fighting this disease harder, such as sleep apnea, which increases pulmonary hypertension, high blood pressure in the lungs, or a body mass index that increases difficulties in a hospital setting with incubation.”

A separate study published by University College London scientists this month found that being obese could increase the chance of someone developing Covid-19 by up to 240 per cent – more than triple.

This, they suggested, may explain why Western countries such as the UK and US have been so devastated by the virus compared to Asian nations.

Obesity is much more common in wealthier countries where junk food and office work is widespread.

And an official report by Public Health England suggested obese people could be three times as likely to die as people who are a healthy weight.

Experts behind the report said “every kilo” of bodyweight people lost would reduce their risk of being admitted to hospital with the virus.

It came as Prime Minister Boris Johnson, himself overweight, ordered a “national anti-obesity strategy” following his near-fatal brush with the virus in April.

The PM ended up in intensive care in an NHS hospital in London at the peak of the outbreak and has since conceded that his weight may have made his illness worse.

The University of North Carolina  study was published today in the scientific journal Obesity Reviews.

Put The Burger Down America, The Secret To Our Covid-19 Crisis Is That You’re Too Fat

Piers Morgan Interview

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Piers Morgan, former host of a “CNN” program in America, unlike his former colleagues at CNN, actually conducted a “fair” interview of the President during his trip to the UK.

Piers and Trump developed a friendship when he was on Trump’s “The Apprentice” TV show. He came out in “support” of Trump when he first entered the presidential “race.”

Piers questions Donald Trump about his relationship with the “Royals” and his thoughts on “Brexit, Gun Control, Climate Change” and clarifies the “nasty” comments about Meghan Markle.

On the “flip” side…

Boris Johnson “declined” to meet President Trump “to focus on the leadership race.”

Could it be a result of the activists projected clip of Boris saying Trump is “unfit to hold the office of president of the United States?”

President Trump said that he thinks Boris Johnson will “do a good job,” reiterating comments he made over the weekend “endorsing” the former mayor of London to take over as “prime minister” after Theresa May steps down.

Can’t wait to see what Trump tweets about Boris now. Johnson is “denying” that there are any Muslim “NO GO” zones in London and “opposes” bans on Muslim terrorists from entering the country.

Another Elitist on his last “last ever” world tour, Farewell Yellow Brick Road, Elton John told fans:

“I’m ashamed of my country for what it has done. It’s torn people apart. I am sick to death of politicians, especially British politicians. I am sick to death of Brexit. I am a European. I am not a stupid, colonial, imperialist English idiot.”

An “odd” comment coming from “Sir” Elton John. I guess his thinking has evolved since accepting “knighthood,” a symbol of the British Empire, in a “ceremony” at Buckingham Palace in 1998.

At the time he said his knighthood was “The icing on the cake. They don’t come much bigger than this.”

Accepting that symbol – and I understand that as a “benighted” Leftist you are very much into symbolism – of feudalism is in itself pretty, uh, “imperialistic.”

But never mind, we all know that consistency is the “hobgoblin” of little minds, right?

That allows you to adopt the mindset of a “European” billionaire, who spends very little time in “merry old” England these days when you own homes in “Atlanta, Los Angeles, Nice France, London England, Venice Italy and Toronto,” to call the little people in London who feel differently “stupid, colonial, imperialist English idiots.” 

How exquisitely elitist of you, you little “gay” twerp. All I can say is that William Wallace would have been very disappointed with Elton’s rather “flippant attitude” towards ceding British sovereignty to a European Union.

Then again, “Braveheart” was fighting against the English so maybe he’d not object after all. But thanks Elton, for explaining rather succinctly what it is about President Trump that many people find offensive: “He too always votes firmly on the side of sovereignty and democracy.”

Apparently adhering to that quaint mindset makes you “stupid, colonial and imperialist,” three things elitists simply can’t abide.

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