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Jeeps & Booze Don’t Mix

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Woke and “flaming liberal” rocker Bruce Springsteen’s life, already far removed from his “glory” days, has taken a turn for the “worse” after it was revealed he was arrested last November for “driving while intoxicated.”

Springsteen was arrested at Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook, N.J., on November 14 and charged with “DWI, reckless driving and consuming alcohol in a closed area.”

Jeep has pulled its preachy, insulting, tone-deaf commercial targeting the “deplorable” chumps in fly-over America “video ad” which ran during Super Bowl Sunday.

Apparently, Springsteen, Jeep and booze don’t mix.

“It would be inappropriate for us to comment without details on a matter that we cannot substantiate,” a Jeep spokesperson told E! News. “But it’s also right that we pause our big-game commercial until the actual facts can be established. It’s message of community and unity is as relevant as ever.”

A source said that Springsteen took a shot of tequila in a photograph with fans prior to getting stopped. “That’s typical Bruce,” the source quipped.

“I don’t know why they stopped him,” the source added. “I mean technically you’re not allowed to drink in a state park, and I don’t know, maybe, if a policeman sees somebody drinking and doesn’t give them a ticket, they lose their job. Any kind of alcohol-related driving thing is serious.”

The ad marked the first time Narcissist know as Bruce Springsteen, 71, had appeared in a commercial. With the way things are going, it may also be his last.

Another piece of evidence about the narcissism of him, and the left in general: “after five years of lying about Trump and his supporters, now they ask for unity?” What kind of psychopath do you have to be to actually expect that “pitch” to work? Ridiculous.

Bruce figured he could just throw on a cowboy hat, stand in front of a church and cross in the background and say “truce in the middle” after his Democratic party used Covid to “steal an election.”

Jeep’s choice of Bruce, who declared “I love Australia. If Trump is re-elected I’ll see you on the next plane” as the spokesman for their commercial seems a bit “hypocritical” at best.

At worst it seems as though they’ve totally lost the plot. Many people commented on the brilliant “symbolism” of using the Communist “Red Star.”

The last time I saw a red star like that was in Russia.

You know damn well Jeep knew this before the Super Bowl, but that wasn’t going to stop them from airing their “woke” commercial in front of  95 million deplorables.

They were waiting until the truth came out, then they pulled the plug. Win-win for them because even bad publicity is better than none…and Jeep is trending so…..

Jeep 1941: Let’s kill fascists. Jeep 2021: Let’s meet in the middle.”

Couldn’t happen to a nicer liberal, millionaire musician fraud than Bruce. Driving around nowhere in some busted ass old jeep to a melancholy soundtrack looking like an extra on “Longmire” so that you know he is…“poor just like you.”

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Teenagers Rejoice

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Teenagers Rejoice 02

“SciBabe” Yvette d’Entremont has “revealed” in a video that it is possible to get “smashed” on over-the-counter CVS brand “Homeopathic Constipation” medicine that was labeled “safe and non-habit forming.”

Containing 20% ethanol, it is “enough” to be considered “hard” liquor for getting “drunk.” According to the CVS’ Web site, a 1-ounce bottle is $7.99.

Teenagers Rejoice 01

Teenagers have it so “easy” these days. Back in my “pre-legal” drinking days getting “booze” was nearly impossible. Buying illegal “drugs” was a billion times easier to get than “liquor.”

You either had to know somebody with a “fake” ID or know somebody who had an older “sibling” who was over 21.

The “latter” worked the best but most of the time the “brother or sister” was already out and about doing their “own” drinking.

Most weekend “nights” in High School were spent “working” the phones and driving around town “hoping” to score “alcohol or sex.”

And if by some “miracle” you got some, it wasn’t until “after” midnight. So you’d “jugged” down 10 shots of Whiskey in 30 minutes and “puke” your guts out.

Ahh yes that was the “Good Ol’ Days.”

Now? All kids have to do is buy “legal” over-the-counter “constipation medicine” to get drunk. Lucky Teenagers.

I’m kinda into that “SciBabe” in the video. I’m down with just about any chick who says, “Hey you wanna get weird on some over-the-counter homeopathic constipation medicine?”

Teenagers Rejoice 03

Sure! Why not! You know you’re in for a “wild” night.

On the other hand some “mouthwash” has an alcohol content as “high” as 26%. Drink 6 ounces of that and do a “breathalyzer” and see if it “affects” you.

And you don’t have to “bother” going all the way to CVS. You can pick up “mouthwash” at almost any “convenience” store on the nearest corner.

Vanilla “extract” also has a very high “alcohol” content by volume. As do most brands of generic “cough” syrup.

As someone who was “young” not too terribly long ago, I’m going to guess that exactly “zero” percent of teens would “drink” 6 bottles of something that “costs” $8 an ounce to get a “buzz” when they can “procure” it from pretty much any of their parents’ “liquor cabinets or refrigerators” for free.

Food Stamp Abuse

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After Obama’s election in 2009 a small grocery store/convenience store in Florida changed its name to the Obama Express.

Food Stamp Abuse 02

Several other stores “across” the country did the same thing.

On September 17, WBAL reported that nine retailers in Baltimore County had been arrested for “illegally redeeming food stamps” for cash and “kicking back” a portion to food stamp recipients.

These retailers did not sell them any “merchandise or food.”

One of those retailer is the “Obama Express and D&M Deli and Grocery” at 901 Harlem Avenue, Suite A & B in Baltimore, MD who currently is under investigation accused of “illegally trafficking” in food stamps.

Food Stamp Abuse 01JPG

According to the indictment, Abdullah Aljaradi age 51, allegedly obtained $2 million in “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program” (SNAP) cash from October 2010 through July 2013 through “Electronic Benefit Transfer” (EBT) cards for food sales that never occurred.

The office of the US Attorney, District of Maryland, listed further information on the charges:

“The indictments allege that the defendants exchanged EBT benefits for cash, in violation of the food stamp program rules. The indictments allege that the defendants typically paid half the value of the EBT benefits in cash. To avoid detection, the defendants often debited the funds from the card in multiple transactions over a period of hours or days.”

As a result of “unlawful” cash transactions, the defendants “obtained” more than $6,898,000 in EBT deposits for transactions in which the stores “did not” provide food.

Food Stamp Abuse 04

Even more “blatantly”, the word on the street is people buying more than just “Food with Food Stamps.”

There are some “scrupulous” stores in the county that will let people use their EBT cards (or SNAP) to buy “booze, smokes, sex, drugs and cash.”

Food Stamp Abuse 05

Escorts, druggies, tattoo parlors and other fraudulent “scammers” who conduct “business by phone” are probably aware of the latest “technological” advances that make their business easier.

Mobile e-card readers like the PayAnywhere PAR-1 Mobile Card Reader make this sort of fraud much easier and the device itself can be purchased on Amazon for under $10.

Last year there was an article out of New England where people were caught selling the actual cards for cash.

And, of course, if you “sell or lose” your card in many states the taxpayers “foot the bill” for a new one so there’s no “incentive” to keep hold of them.

Anyone thinking drug testing “welfare” recipients might make a “dent” in this? Nah that’s just “crazy” talk.

Booze, smokes and hookers are not “approved” items to buy with Food Stamps.

Even JP Morgan who handles the processing are known for tolerating fraud and defrauding the government.

Food Stamp Abuse 03

There is a biblical adage that deals with the concept of “self-reliance” which goes something like this: “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a single day; if you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Unfortunately, the American “welfare system” isn’t based on this concept.

In fact, it has been so “politicized” over the years by “self-centered” men and women whose “only aim in life” is to use it and other federal “entitlements” that the one thing it “doesn’t” do is encourage recipients to better themselves.

As “bad” as that is, and as “damaging” as it is to an entire “segment” of society, what is “worse” is that the manner in which welfare programs are “set up” makes them “ripe” for abuse…and as such, they “are” abused, just like the taxpayers who fund them.

The “welfare” abuse is working “so well” there’s even a video about it.

America: The Food Stamp Nation

Obama Vows Veto of House Food Stamp Bill

“It’s free food – it’s awesome!”

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