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Wuhan Flu

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This map of China with the widely-recognized SARS-CoV-2 virus graphic superimposed is to not let the communist government get away with the lies and horrific behavior that ignited the pandemic.

While this bat pathogen may have escaped from a Wuhan lab, the evidence goes against the claim that the virus was engineered as a biological weapon. How can a coronavirus get into a cell? And, see how we know it’s not a bio weapon.

Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart shows in a mere 3-minute animation of a human cell that we can only say, “Look what the Lord hath wrought!”

Bob Enyart interviews molecular biologist Dr. Kevin Anderson, director of the CRS Van Andel research center in Arizona on the coronavirus outbreak. Reportedly, early patients had connections to a seafood and animal market in Wuhan and, as reason for concern, Americans evacuated from that Chinese city land in Southern California.

Thankfully though, already, the full genome of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus strain has been sequenced and made available publicly to researchers worldwide.

This early in the epidemic, as an RSR connection that you’ll likely get nowhere else, remember that in October 2019 the journal Science reported on a huge breakthrough against the flu effective for apparently all known human and non-human strains.

A family of three targeted antibodies disable all of the many varied forms of a viral protein by essentially putting a physical “loop” through the “gears” of the very mechanism used to spread the disease throughout the body.

So, while a pandemic of course is possible, RSR remains optimistic because of such extraordinary developments! So stay tuned! Also, a 2018 Nobel prize winner has just confirmed something that Bob and Kevin said on air four years ago, that among all the ways that Darwinism has hindered science, biology professors thought that killer immune system cells were too weird evolutionarily to even exist.

That helps to explain why for “more than 100 years, most medical researchers concluded that the immune system and cancer simply had nothing to say to each other. Cancer immunotherapy was condemned as a quaint if simplistic idea based on bad non-Darwinian science.”

50 Theses

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The Denver Bible Church in Colorado has taken a stand against heavy-handed COVID-19 precautionary measures by metaphorically nailing “50 Theses” (Propositions) echoing “Martin Luther’s 95 theses” to the local health department’s door.

“Today we nailed to our own church doors” 50 Theses against coronavirus restrictions, as well as “to the doors of the local Jefferson County Health Department,” said Bob Enyart, Pastor Denver Bible Church, who explained that the county had sent “threatening letters” to his church.

The act of nailing “50 Theses” to a door vividly reminds observers of Martin Luther’s famously nailing his “95 Theses” challenging the authority of the “Catholic Church” to the castle church in Wittenberg, Germany, on October 31, 1517, sparking the “Protestant Reformation.”

The document, written on parchment, begins with the following declarations:

1.¶ Whereas fear is not without its victims, and

2.¶ Whereas concern for mental health and suicide has been eclipsed by concern over a life-threatening respiratory disease, and

3.¶ Whereas the number of years robbed by the covid are given all attention with the number of years lost to suicide among teenagers and others ignored, and

4.¶ Whereas concern for first-world lives has blotted out concern for third-world lives, and

5.¶ Whereas the coviphobia global recession has threatened to multiply the ten million annual starvation deaths, and

6.¶ Whereas the coviphobia global recession has brought debilitating stunting to half-a-million children monthly, and

7.¶ Whereas America’s bureaucrats are self-absorbed control freaks who wreak destruction in the name of public health, and

8.¶ Whereas the health establishment has lost all credibility by conflating death from covid and death with covid, and

9.¶ Whereas after enjoying the full support of the bureaucracy, the Fauci admitted he lied about masks, and

10.¶ Whereas when “hook-up” app use was exploding, the Fauci said, “If you’re willing to take a risk —and you know, everybody has their own tolerance for risks —you could figure out if you want to meet somebody. If you want to go a little bit more intimate, well, then that’s your choice regarding a risk”, and

11.¶ Whereas in the beginning of covid the Fauci said, “The one thing historically that people need to realize, that even if there is some asymptomatic transmission, in all the history of respiratory borne viruses of any type, asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of outbreaks”, and

12.¶ Whereas the Fauci continued, “The driver of outbreaks is always a symptomatic person, even if there’s a rare asymptomatic person that might transmit, an epidemic is not driven by asymptomatic carriers”, and

13.¶ Whereas millions of people no longer trust health care “experts”, and

14.¶ Mientras que el Sr. Joseph Biden les ha dicho a los inmigrantes que pueden ingresar sin máscaras, y (Biden has told immigrants they can enter without masks, and)

15.¶ Whereas members of our church have valid health exceptions to mask requirements, and

16.¶ Whereas the HIPAA Privacy Rule safeguards each person’s health status, and

17.¶ Whereas coviphobia will not move us to ask our church members about their health status and their mask exceptions, and

18.¶ Whereas we will therefore assume that anyone unmasked is the possessor of a mask exception (which to us is nothing but using bureaucrats’ own rules against them), and

19.¶ Whereas the entire medical establishment has gone along with testing that amplifies even harmless specks of the virus to where up to 90% of positive cases barely carry any virus, are hardly infectious and, with divorcing clinical symptoms from diagnosis, and with conflating antibodies with viral load, the health industry undermines the confidence that millions previously had in medical testing, and

20.¶ Whereas bureaucrats everywhere including locally have been caught on video violating their own rules even while causing others to stop treating people like people and instead treat them like an infectious disease, and

21.¶ Whereas NASA cares more for the health of its astronauts than bureaucrats do the more tenuous health of the general public, and

22.¶ Whereas a study for NASA has found that the doubling of carbon dioxide intake doubles headaches for astronauts who have world-class cardiac and respiratory health and causes other serious problems, and

23.¶ Whereas a latest mask study showed that 500 ppm of CO2 outdoors becomes 1000 ppm indoors and 2000 ppm while wearing any of the common masks and 3000 ppm while walking indoors masked, and

24.¶ Whereas the difference between being HIV positive and having AIDS was everything, but today the entire bureaucracy and fake news pretend that being coronavirus positive is a “case” as though the person suffered from the covid, and

25.¶ Whereas stress is a major factor in increased disease, depression, and directly, death itself, the social and economic stress produced by excuse-laden control-obsessed bureaucrats suggests that coviphobia mitigation efforts may destroy more years of life than they could possibly save, and

26.¶ Whereas stress has multiplied through business failures and extended educational and career disappointment, including the devastation brought to countless thousands as bureaucrat-induced coviphobia destroyed their life’s dream, and

27.¶ Whereas pre-coviphobia research shows that unemployment stress and other unemployment factors increase the death rate by 50%, and

28.¶ Whereas charitable giving sharply declines during any recession (yet for 2020 DBC supporters increased giving by 30%), the lockdown and fear instilled by bureaucrats who don’t know how to follow the science is preventing countless people in need from getting help from their neighbors, and

29.¶ Whereas bureaucrat-induced coviphobia leads millions here and globally to forego routine healthcare and early diagnosis, government control-freaks are killing 1.4 million victims with Tuberculosis alone, above those who normally succumb, and

30.¶ Whereas coviphobia has resulted in hundreds of thousands of missed cancer diagnoses, and

31.¶ Whereas the coviphobia-induced recession has led to reductions of billions of dollars in the public’s medical spending, and

32.¶ Whereas Democrat bureaucrats are finally turning against New York Gov. Cuomo, but not because of the thousand unnecessary deaths caused by his recklessness, but to preemptively stop him from challenging Kamala Harris in a2024 primary, and

33.¶ Whereas our own seniors, like others in Colorado, have said that they would rather die from covid than from loneliness, and

34.¶ Whereas coviphobia has resulted in 25,000 more people dying from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and

35.¶ Whereas the government-induced economic harm of bureaucrats undermining families’ financial well-being will result in foreseeable injury and death for years to come from reduced spending on vehicle maintenance, etc., and

36.¶ Whereas coviphobia economic harm has made it more difficult for our church members to eat healthy foods and more likely to eat less nutritiously, and

37.¶ Whereas the Jeffco Health Department’s own fear mongering has led many to forego the very recreational exertion and work-related physical exercise that strengthens the body so folks could survive the covid, and

38.¶ Whereas bureaucrats everywhere, whose souls we pray for but whom we nonetheless despise, prove by their extended school closures that they care nothing for following the science, and nothing for kids, but revel in their newfound outlet for control, and

39.¶ Whereas, notwithstanding, we thank God the public schools have been closed as much as they have because they have become the enemy of the family, the church, and of God, and

40.¶ Whereas coviphobia-induced global recession will increase the kind of air and water pollution not tolerated by more prosperous societies, and

41.¶ Whereas coviphobia-induced recession will lead farmers and manufacturers to cut corners and produce less safe and satisfactory products, and

42.¶ Whereas the fear-based recession will bring families to reduce spending on security and safety measures other than that spent on the covid obsession, and

43.¶ Whereas bureaucrats showed their hand with their knee-jerk reaction to an epidemic by doing what they could to close churches while keeping pot shops open, and

44.¶ Whereas coviphobia-induced recession increases the economic stress that tends to increase substance abuse and tear apart marriages and families and leaves children in broken homes, and

45.¶ Whereas children raised by a mom alone is the primary indicator of kids ending up on welfare as criminals, addicts, and early death, and

46.¶ Whereas government leaders who use the covid to create problems then pretend to solve those problems with socialist measures which overtime lead to increased societal dysfunction, depression, and death, and

47.¶ Whereas our government leaders have not the least awareness of what godly principles of governance even means, and

48.¶ Whereas government leaders have become the boy who cried wolf, expending whatever good will was left among millions for the next time, God forbid, that we face a true pandemic such as the 1918 flu, which by today’s numbers would have killed 2.2 million people at the average age of 28, and

49.¶ Whereas vape particulates are enormous compared to a virus and a mask-clad physician vaping looks like he’s an erupting Mount Vesuvius, regardless of which type of mask he demonstrates, and

50.¶ Whereas whatever few errors we may have made above would pale in comparison to the colossal catastrophe brought about by the health establishment’s ego-maniacal control-freak incompetence (etc., see for more)

Therefore, by this posting on the 28th of February in the year of our Lord 2021, Jefferson County Health Department, on covid restrictions we publicly announce that Denver Bible Church refuses your counsel, condemns your recklessness, and despises your lawlessness. We urge you to return to actual health concerns and to trust in Christ 

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