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BLM 101, Volume 10

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Black Athletes’ Pivot To Black Rappers Normalizes Rebellion, Anarchy And Cultural Rot
By Jason Whitlock

Welcome to BLM 101, Volume 10, the online class dedicated to educating athletes on the real agenda and impact of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Today I’m going to explain the negative ramifications of black athletes morphing into black rappers.

Let’s move to Philadelphia, where BLM and Antifa protesters have rioted, looted and vandalized on consecutive nights in the aftermath of two Philly police officers shooting and killing an armed criminal suspect.

The BLM movement has normalized rioting, looting and anarchy as the natural reaction whenever a white police officer is involved in shooting a black criminal suspect. The behavior, character and criminal record of the suspect are irrelevant.

Walter Wallace Jr., the 27-year-old victim, was bipolar, an aspiring rapper, a father of seven, recently married to one of his baby mamas and someone with a substantial criminal history.

In March, he was arrested for threatening to kill the mother of one of his kids, telling her he’d shoot her and the whole house up. In 2019, police arrested him for kicking the windows and door panels of a police car. According to court records, while executing a robbery in 2016, he grabbed a woman by the neck and held a gun to her head. In 2013, according to court records, he punched his mother in the face and threatened to kill her.

For much of the last decade, Walter Wallace Jr., has been flirting with a violent confrontation with police. It happened again when he walked toward police and repeatedly refused to drop a knife.

LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick, the NFL, the NBA, BLM organizers and other celebrity influencers have normalized non-compliance with police instructions. They have made heroes of Jacob Blake, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner and other black criminal suspects who have disobeyed police instructions and been injured or killed in the process.

Yes, I include Breonna Taylor on this list because her boyfriend admitted shooting a police officer before Louisville police opened fire inside her apartment.

I have sympathy for Blake, Floyd, Brooks, Taylor, Garner and even Walter Wallace Jr. However, I do not exonerate and excuse the behavior that led to their encounter with police turning violent and deadly.

And I certainly don’t excuse the cheerleaders in the sports and entertainment worlds who are normalizing the non-compliant behavior. Over the weekend, the rapper Offset live streamed himself bickering with police officers who were attempting to arrest the rapper’s cousin for waving a gun at a Trump rally.

It’s not unusual for musicians to have an adversarial relationship with law enforcement. Music is rebellious, anti-establishment and counter cultural. Musicians promote drug use, sexual promiscuity and other forms of immorality.

The marriage of sports, particularly football and basketball, to commercial hip hop has dramatically changed how black athletes use their influence.

LeBron James is Jay-Z, not Muhammad Ali.
Colin Kaepernick is Vanilla Ice, not Arthur Ashe.

James and Kaepernick have led black athletes and their respective sports leagues down the path of rap and rock-n-roll. Athletes are rebellious and immoral. They influence their fans to adopt dangerous behavior. They align themselves with criminality and criminals. They’re rappers.

During the looting and rioting in Philadelphia, a 15-year-old girl was shot and hospitalized.

No one cares. Not one NFL player will put the girl’s name on the back of his helmet. She will be no different from the countless black children shot and/or killed across American inner cities because of gang violence. She’ll be no different from the woman Walter Wallace Jr., held at gunpoint or the pregnant woman George Floyd held with a gun at her belly.

Professional athletes have turned resisting criminals into cultural icons. It’s the “Rap Effect.”

I admit I’m a fan of rapper Tupac Shakur’s music. I listen to it when I work out. It gets me pumped. But I’m uncomfortable with the hero worship of Tupac. He was convicted of sexual assault. He assaulted a man in the hours before his assassination. He provoked his untimely death. He promoted a “thug life” lifestyle that leads to early death. He’s not a hero. He’s not someone whose life should be studied on college campuses.

We have mainstreamed the celebration of immorality. Athletes used to be symbols of hard work, the benefit of strong values and the power of unity across racial, political, religious and economic differences. Now they’re rappers. They’re wannabe Tupacs.

They’ve contributed to a culture of lawlessness that has America on the brink of total anarchy. Philadelphia is just the latest example.

We’ll tear the country down over Walter Wallace Jr., and ignore the thousands of children destroyed by men who behave as irresponsibly as Walter Wallace Jr.

We Are Winning The War!

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BLM101: We Are Winning The War! Black Lives Matter Scrubs Beliefs

Welcome to the latest edition of Black Lives Matter 101, Volume 8, the online class dedicated to explaining to athletes the real agenda and impact of the BLM movement.

Our class and the work of others across the internet are having a real impact.

Black Lives Matter, aka, Bigots Love Marxism, scrubbed its “what we believe” page from the organization’s website. BLM is executing a cover-up. As we saw with the Nixon presidency, the cover-up reveals the severity of the crime.

BLM’s “what we believe” page originally exposed the movement’s heavy Marxist influence. The page called for the disruption of the nuclear family. Let me quote it directly.

“We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents and children are comfortable.”

That’s a Marxist concept. Libby Emmons at The Post Millennial succinctly summarized the BLM agenda, writing that BLM “espouses Marxist principles of communal children and the demise of the family structure over American ideals of individualism and family unity.”

People are finally looking beyond BLM’s catchy slogan and evaluating the actual agenda. The agenda is Karl Marx’s anti-God, pro-communism political theory. BLM scrubbed its “what we believe” page because smart people are distancing themselves from BLM.

This summer while American sports leagues were swallowing Black Lives Matter’s entire agenda and embedding their slogans onto fields and courts, the Premier Soccer League distanced itself from BLM.

Read this story from early July about EPL stars and their new position on BLM.  Two weeks ago, ESPN reported that Premier League clubs scrapped their BLM badges.

This is why I’ve been furious with the horrendous leadership of Roger Goodell, Adam Silver and Rob Manfred. They embraced BLM at the exact time the rest of the world was figuring out the fraudulence of the BLM movement.

BLM is backpedaling from its own founding principles because those principles are being rejected by people with a modicum of common sense.

LeBron James is the head of a nuclear family, but he’s tweeting out support for an organization that wants to disrupt nuclear families. Alleged Christians are supporting an organization that is founded in Karl Marx’s belief that religion is a sham, the opiate of the masses.

Black Lives Matter is toxic and divisive. Its financial supporters realize it. That’s why they’re scrubbing their beliefs. Their beliefs have created the violence and chaos we’ve witnessed throughout the summer. Their beliefs have promoted racial division.

The clowns running corporate America, including Goodell, Silver and Manfred, should be held accountable for lacking the substance to stand against this destructive movement. They supported the new KKK, a race-based domestic terrorist movement dependent on mob rule. They legitimized and justified a summer of chaos.

When will the NFL and NBA backpedal and start scrubbing BLM from the sports landscape? Will anyone in the mainstream sports media ask LeBron James about BLM’s backpedal?

Do the group-think athletes even know that their beloved social justice movement has disavowed its beliefs?

Let’s tell them by sharing this link with your favorite athlete via social media. No snark. Be polite. They’re young. They’re not to blame. They’ve been failed by weak leadership at the top of their leagues.


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Whitlock: USA or NBA? That is An Easy Choice For Me
by Jason Whitlock

I skipped most of Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

I can’t take it anymore. The kneeling. Black Lives Matter splashed across the court. The finger-wagging, self-righteous commercials. The “Vote” T-shirts. The silly slogans on the back of the jerseys.

But more than any of that, it’s the LeBron James worship that made me check out. It started in the last five minutes of the Western Conference Finals. I turned my TV off.

I tried to re-engage Wednesday night. LeBron James vs. the Miami Heat is interesting. Pat Riley’s system vs. James and Anthony Davis. That’s a fascinating dichotomy.

And then one player, Heat reserve Meyers Leonard, stood for the national anthem. One player had the balls to disagree with the “group-think.” One player. A player unlikely to take the court.

Basketball is my first love. My dad used to take me and my brother to the Indianapolis Fairgrounds to see the Indiana Pacers play in the ABA. We sat up high in the cheap seats. I loved Darnell Hillman’s afro and dunks.

By my teen years, I was a full-blown Pacers nut job. I stayed up late and listened to games on the radio. Love of the Pacers sparked my love of newspapers. I read about the Pacers in the Indianapolis Star and the Indianapolis News. I called broadcaster Bob Lamey’s radio show to criticize the Pacers’ lame moves. Billy Knight and Alex English were two of my favorite players.

Eventually Magic Johnson joined the NBA and I became his biggest fan. I’ve loved professional basketball for 50 years.

LeBron James is destroying my love for the game. James, Nike and China have dragged the NBA into a racial propaganda war with the United States as the opposition.

I feel like I’m being forced to choose between love of country and love of basketball.

That’s not a hard choice for me. I choose America. I can survive without the NBA. The NBA apparently can’t survive without pleasing communist-run China.

That’s what’s going on here. American basketball fans are no longer a priority for the NBA. That’s the difference between LeBron James and Michael Jordan as it relates to political activism.

When Jordan was in his prime, Nike cared about the American shoe market. Jordan stayed away from polarizing political issues because he wanted everyone in America to buy his shoes. Jordan was America First. LeBron is a Global Citizen. He wants everyone in China to buy his shoes.

That’s why his marketing plan includes smearing America as inherently racist and ignoring China’s blatant anti-black racism and human rights abuses.

Jordan “increased” the popularity of the NBA here at home. LeBron has “decreased” the game’s popularity here at home in hopes of increasing its appeal in Asia. The calculus may increase James’ wealth, but it diminishes his legacy in the mind of most American sports fans.

I can’t take it right now. It’s hard to watch NBA games. I’ve watched the Bubble with the audio turned low so it’s easy for me to ignore the self-righteous commercials and the worship of James, George Floyd, Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor.

I don’t dislike James or Floyd, Blake and Taylor. I just don’t believe in treating them like they’re Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks or Medgar Evars.

I hope the NFL doesn’t put me in a similar position as the NBA. At least a majority of the NFL players aren’t taking a knee during the anthem. At least Black Lives Matter, a “Marxist, anti-religion” organization, isn’t scrawled across football fields.

If I have to choose between love of country and love of sports, I’m going to choose the United States of America.

Last night, I watched bits and pieces of the first half of Heat-Lakers. I skipped the entire second half. Black Lives Matter and Antifa are burning down a country I love.

I’m not going to support a group of “pampered millionaires” who support the anarchists destroying the country that made them rich.

The Black Lives Matter movement and its organization represents many different things to many different people. Some, view it as a long overdue civil rights movement; others see it as a “Marxist first, black lives last” group that causes destruction and division for all.

What people are not debating about on a large scale, is weather Black Lives Matter is also a religion. Is it a spiritual movement, run by witches who compel millions of people to perform their rituals and offerings, without them even knowing it? This brings a whole other level to the derogatory title when people referred to as “sheeple.”

In today’s video I discuss how two of the Black Lives Matter leaders, Patrisse Cullors (BLM co-founder) and Dr. Melina Abdullah, (co-founder of the BLM Los Angeles chapter) have openly admitted that Black Lives Matter is a spiritual movement at its core, that involves evoking dead spirits and practicing rituals to their God.

Trust me, it sounds crazy but WATCH the video for yourself.

I’m all for freedom of religion, but how crazy is it that the estimated 15 to 26 million people in the U.S. who have attended such BLM protests or “ceremonies” most likely had no clue they were practicing some sort of West African religion that closely resembles witchcraft.

Additionally, how ironic is it that some Christian leaders have come out supporting the movement, even using the Black Lives Matter hashtag in solidarity with what Patrisse Cullors says is to literally to evoke spirits of the dead.

Somehow 2020 just keeps on getting weirder and weirder.

Once again mainstream media hasn’t said a peep about another “good to know fact”, all because it does not fit their narrative.

BLM 101, Volume 7

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The Lives Of Innocent Black Kids Do Not Matter

It’s time for BLM 101, Volume 7. As you know, this online class is dedicated to educating professional athletes on the real agenda and impact of the so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Professor Jason Whitlock makes a good-faith effort to eschew snark and ridicule. We ask that you share the link to this class with your favorite athlete and avoid making a condescending remark when you share.

Today, we’re going to take a different approach. Normally I spotlight some sort of abusive, negative interaction taken under guise of BLM. I’m not going to do that today.

On Labor Day, I popped open my Twitter feed and noticed that two of my favorite follows, @ScoonTV and @LeonydusJohnson, had showcased innocent black kids killed by random gun violence in 2020. I first noticed Curtis Scoon BLM 101, Volume 7retweeted the faces and short bios of the kids murdered.

“I just re-posted over 30 tweets of black children MURDERED this year. None were killed by police. NONE are household names. Quite a few were 1 yr old. No outcry because there’s no one else to blame. Outsourcing accountability is standard operating procedure for far too many.” — ScoonTV (@ScoonTv) September 7, 2020

Scoon’s tweets led me to Leonydus Johnson’s Twitter page and the original thread that listed 53 black and brown children murdered in 2020. Johnson tweeted a picture and short description listing the date of the tragedies.

Please look at this tweet thread. It’s 53 kids, age one to 12. I know these are tough to look at. But my sincere hope is that this thread helps wake people up. This has to stop.

“Rory Norman was shot and killed in Dallas, TX on Jan. 5th, 2020 after someone shot into his house. He was only 1. — Leonydus Johnson (@LeonydusJohnson) September 4, 2020

How is this not the number 1 social justice story in America? Why have we accepted this carnage? These are children cut down before they have a chance to really experience life.

The answer can’t simply be the social media trope: “Well, the killers will be investigated and prosecuted.” The people who spew that nonsense are unaware that in a lot of major cities most murders go unsolved.

And please don’t tell me that a discussion of “black-on-black crime” is whataboutism, a distraction from police brutality or that 85 percent of white murder victims are killed by white people.

That’s all “dishonest” political debate. The truth is Black Lives Matter has “prioritized” the lives of resisting criminal suspects over the lives of black children.

This is insanity. Look at the faces of those kids. Their names won’t be on an NFL helmet this fall. LeBron James won’t mention them. No celebrity is going to insist that you say their names.

You can’t raise political campaign donations mentioning the name of one-year-old Roy Norman. Al Sharpton and Ben Crump can’t hold news conferences demanding justice and dollars for six-year-old Ashlynn Luckett.  But criminal Jacob Blake is a “hero and martyr.”

Black Lives Matter is a business strategy. It’s not a civil rights movement. Corporations are cutting checks financing “racial awareness” seminars and “social justice” television commercials. It’s all public relations and a tool used by token black employees to play corporate politics.

People with limited skill at their actual jobs spend their workday pretending to be race experts. They advise their white bosses and colleagues on how to play the race public-relations game.

It’s one giant shell game. Black elites using Jacob Blake to advance their careers. No one is seeking justice, an improvement in race relations or better life opportunities for at-risk kids.

Ask the athletes, celebrities and the black elites on your job why they don’t care about the 53 kids listed on Leonydus Johnson’s Twitter feed.

Those black lives don’t matter because there’s no political or corporate advantage to caring about innocent black lives.

BLM 101, Volume 5  

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BLM 101, Volume 5 edition will focus on the sports world’s reaction to the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It is dedicated to educating athletes on the true agenda and negative consequences of the Black Lives Matter movement. BLM 101 tries to avoid snark and ridicule. We ask that you share the link of this article with your favorite athlete.

Tuesday the sports world reacted strongly to the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Career Criminal Jacob Blake disobeying Police instructions.

The Detroit Lions canceled football practice, choosing instead to hold a mass press conference to discuss the shooting. Members of the Toronto Raptors threatened to boycott games inside the NBA Bubble. Clippers coach Doc Rivers launched a political attack on President Donald Trump.

Denver Nuggets coach Michael Malone expressed frustration that the Disney World Bubble limits what basketball players can do to fight what they believe to be police brutality.

“Doc Rivers with so much insight and honesty on the state of our world.” — Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) August 26, 2020

A day after LeBron James cried that black people live in daily fear of “police violence” and that black men are targeted for “death by police”, his disciples backed him up en masse.

James is the “Al Sharpton” of sports, an “agent of chaos” working closely with politicians who use “racial division” to rally “voter” support. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and black ministers can no longer deliver “black voters” to polling booths.

The task has now been handed to James, Colin Kaepernick and black athletes. It’s their job to “inflame” the emotions of black people and get us to “vote for Joe Biden like our lives depended on it.”

As you know, I don’t vote. I reject the pervasive “dishonesty” in politics. As it relates to BLM, the man or woman sitting in the White House has absolutely nothing to do with how police engage with a resisting suspect.

President Barack Obama was in office when Michael Brown “tussled” with officer Darren Wilson.

The politicization of Jacob Blake is a byproduct of “political dishonesty.” The prevailing sentiment propagandized by BLM that police are intentionally targeting black men is a “political ploy.”

Jacob Blake, George Floyd, Eric Garner and Rayshard Brooks are not examples of “systemic racism.” If anything, they’re examples of “systemic resisting arrest.”

The police, even “bigoted” police, are not nearly as dumb as BLM supporters would have you believe. LeBron James has foolishly suggested that police officers are intentionally “hunting, targeting and killing” black men. When discussing the actions of Kenosha police, James said:

“Or maybe he just left the house saying that, ‘Today is going to be the end for one of these black people.’ That’s what it feels like. It just hurts. It hurts.”

Police are not that stupid. Killing a “criminal” complicates and jeopardizes the life of the police officer, even if he’s not convicted of a crime. You think Darren Wilson is somewhere happy he was involved in the death of Michael Brown?

The goal of a good officer is to lock up “bad” guys. The goal of a white cop is to lock up black people. Good and bad police officers want to put handcuffs on and politely escort people to jail. That’s the payoff. That’s the goal.

They leave their houses hoping to put people in handcuffs and escort them inside the “belly of the beast” — the criminal justice system created by career politicians such as Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Bill Clinton.

I’m referencing Democratic politicians because LeBron James and his “disciples” seem to believe the Democratic Party is going to save black people from the “systemic racism” found within the criminal justice system.

It’s a joke. The architects of the system are using LeBron James and athletes to point black people at the wrong target. The athletes are “useful” idiots.

They’ve been talked into dedicating themselves to ensuring that career “criminals” are unharmed while resisting arrest and refusing to “comply” with police instructions.

The Detroit Lions “canceled” practice so they could speak out on behalf of a man wanted for “sexual assault.” The city of Kenosha is being “burned” to the ground on behalf of a man who “disobeyed” police and wouldn’t comply with “instructions at gunpoint.”

Across the country, police kill roughly 250 to 300 black people a year. The overwhelming majority of those killed are “armed and violently resisting arrest.” Thousands of black people are “killed” by black people every year.

In Detroit alone roughly 250 black people are “murdered” annually. The majority of the murders go unsolved. The Detroit Lions “do not care.”

An “unarmed” black man is a million times more likely to be killed by another “black man” than the police. But LeBron is terrified of police? If all it takes is a handful of high-profile anecdotes to justify “living in fear” of a group of people, can “black, brown, yellow and white” people say they “live in fear” of black men?

Will the Detroit Tigers cancel “practice” the next time a black man “kills” a Detroit citizen?

Let me return to my main point. Putting people behind bars is the goal of good and bad police. Prisons are hell on earth. The prison industrial complex is the beast. It’s the system that crushes the poor and financially exploits all who enter its gates.

If you have had a loved one or family member incarcerated, you know the financial burden placed on the prisoner’s family. It’s a “racket of exploitation” that would make Tony Soprano envious. Politicians know exactly what they created.

These same politicians are using athletes and the media to focus all “negative” attention on $60,000-a-year cops who occasionally make deadly “mistakes” during millions of encounters with “dangerous criminals.”

Black Lives Matter is a smokescreen to “divert attention” away from the architects of the systemic “unfairness” in our criminal justice system. Twitter “race-baiter” and BLM activist Shaun King is demanding Kenosha police release the name of the police officer who shot Jacob Blake. Another Kenosha officer is in hiding because he’s been wrongly identified as the shooter.

King, LeBron, Doc Rivers, Michael Malone, the Toronto Raptors, the Detroit Lions, the NBA, the NFL and the woke sports media have all been incentivized to keep the focus on the lowest-hanging fruit — working-class cops.

This is what passes for speaking truth to power in the age of social media.

Blame the cops.

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