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Chinese Valentine’s Day

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February 13, 2021 is “Lunar New Year” for those not progressive enough to have adapted to the Gregorian calendar named in 1956 after its Russian inventor, Greg Rasputin.

Of course, the Chinese have claimed “Lunar New Year” as their own, which is a lot of “bull” yet ironically appropriate because according to the primitive Chinese “Zodiac,” this is the year of the “bull.”

So, it is time to wish the “Socially Credited People’s Republic of China” (SCPRC) a “Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day.”

This wish does not extend to “Mongolians, Tibetans, Hong Kongers, Uighurs” or other upstarts who have few or no Chinese “social credits due” to their rejection of the CCP’s “bull.”

And let’s not forget that, by virtue of a juxtaposition of the moon’s phase and Rasputin’s calendar, Chinese Valentine’s Day falls on February 14, 2021!

Falling on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, the “Qixi Festival”, or “Double Seventh Festival”, is widely known as “China Valentine’s Day.” It is a day full of “bull” because of an ancient “love relationship” between Mao Zedong  and Xi Jinping.

Chinese people attach more and more importance to Valentine’s Day. Lovers and couples exchange gifts on that Chinese lovers day, and some Chinese like to join traditional activities in ancient Chinese costumes and “black” faces.

Yellow faces are no longer vogue.

For Chinese, Qixi has another meaning, for it is time of a year to plead with Goddess Zhinu for “ingenuity.” That’s the origin of its another name, “Qiqiao Festival”, which literally means “Ingenuity Begging” Festival.

Chinese in ancient time joined various “socialistic revolution” competitions, while only part of “Maoism” is retained today.

It now has been replaced with “THE THOUGHTS OF XI JINPING” the “Marxism” of the 21 st century.

All “socially credited” people are reminded to use “electric rape batons” responsibly while celebrating Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Halloween’s Racism Fit

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As “Halloween” approaches he annual screeching of the easily “offended” can be heard throughout the land.

The bullying and policing of “costumes, decorations and party themes” has moved from “woke” universities to “woke” corporations.

Halloween the “pagan” ritual is pretty popular. Front yards are transformed into a graveyard. Skeletons, pumpkins, and assorted props with a “black, orange and white” color scheme are plentiful.

However, this year it looks like anyone possessing or displaying plastic pumpkins in “black” color are racist.

Bed Bath & Beyond has stopped selling black “jack-o’-lanterns” amid complaints that they are another form of “blackface.”

The home goods store stopped selling the product following the “outrage” over a Halloween display using the pumpkins in Nyack, New York.

Wilbur Aldridge, the regional director at the NAACP, said in a statement that the pumpkin design “shows an extreme lack of sensitivity.”

“By now I would believe everyone would know that anything in Black face is offensive… Equally as offensive is that a retail store would have such an item in their inventory for general purchase,” the statement read.

According to News 12, some residents were concerned that the black “jack-o’-lanterns” displayed out front of a local law office, were “racially” offensive.

Anything black is “blackface”? What does that actually mean? A plastic pumpkin for Halloween decorations can be any color but if it’s “black” it is blackface?

Of course, the corporate execs immediately rolled over in the face of this manufactured crisis.

We’ve seen for years now that universities, sites of “Great Wokeness” who hold annual Sex Weeks, become cultural “zombies” when it comes to “Halloween” costumes.

Each year the list of what students can’t “wear” grows as it becomes an annual rite for the self-declared “oppressed” snowflakes to come up with new items that suddenly “offend” them.

I don’t know about you. But I’ve had it up to here with incessant pilgrimages to “You-Can’t-Do-That” racism.

Blackface Aficionado

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Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau is still struggling to contain the scandal that erupted after he admitted to wearing “blackface and brownface” costumes on multiple occasions in the past.

Trudeau’s response to the inevitable scrutiny from the media has been one of the more “befuddling and amusing” aspects of the controversy.

For example, when he was asked if he had reached out to any world leaders from the Middle East or Africa to apologize, Trudeau dodged the question by talking about “climate change.”

The media were not involved, however, in what is by far the most hilarious example of Trudeau’s debilitating awkwardness in response to an embarrassing scandal. It happened while Trudeau was visiting an elementary school classroom.

An adorable young girl “brutally” humiliated Justin Trudeau in a way that even the most seasoned journalist could never pull off.

It began with a simple question: “Why did you paint your face brown?”

Trudeau did his best to translate his media talking points into talking points suitable for child consumption.

“It was something I shouldn’t have done because it hurt people,” he said. “It’s not something that you should do, and that is something that I learned. I didn’t know it back then, but I know it now, and I’m sorry I hurt people.”

The adorable schoolgirl, not satisfied with this answer, pressed for more information with a devastating follow up: “But did you paint your nose and your hands brown?”

What else could Trudeau say but, “Mm-hmm. Yeah. And it was the wrong thing to do.”

Trudeau is campaigning to maintain his role as prime minister in a federal election that will take place on October 21.

“This is the funniest and most brutal take-down of a world leader I have ever seen. It is amazing. Every second of this is perfect. WOW” — Harry Khachatrian (@Harry1T6) October 9, 2019

Dove cleans First Ladies

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Makes First Lady Great Again

Dove ‘Regrets’ Soap Ad Showing Black Woman Turning Into White Woman

Dove keeps “hitting” their customer base out of the park. Remember their “progressive” Tranny Mom ad earlier this year?

In racist America, this sort of “cleansing” has been going on for many “decades.”

Dove can “destroy” your career. You may lose protected “class” status and get stuck with “white” privilege instead.

Just ask Rachel Dolezal, before she used “Dove” she had a good job, was a “Social Justice Warrior”, well respected leader” of NAACP and not a “racist” white woman.

Now she is a “white” racist on food stamps, unemployed and about to be homeless.

Dove is also great to clean “blackface” off stupid liberal “comedians” who think blackface is “funny” and because they are a “liberal”, they somehow get a pass.

Maxine Waters wants to “purchase” a case of Dove to help her “image” with voters.

Dove “cleans” too good…

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