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Job Creators Release Voter Issue Guides for Employees
by Herman Cain

Steve Wynn has it right. He recently told a television news anchor that he’s afraid of the president, that he can’t stand the idea of being put down by a president who has “never created any jobs” and that he’ll be “damned” to have the president lecture him about small business and jobs.

Steve Wynn stated what I’ve been hearing every single week during the Job Creators Solutions Truth Tour. In fact, Bernie Marcus, co-founder of The Home Depot, expressed the same fear for our country’s economic future and anger at government for its culpability many months ago. That’s why Bernie and I formed Job Creators Solutions. And thank goodness. As I’ve traveled the nation speaking to groups of job creators and others, it’s perfectly clear: people are “scared witless” at the direction of our nation, beginning with the economy.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve heard echoes of Steve Wynn and Bernie Marcus from more than 1,500 business owners and job creators. Their stories drive me to carry on the “Job Creators Solutions” (JCS) mission – that is, offering business leaders the facts, figures and stark reality of how government “over-regulation, over-spending and over-taxing” are destroying free enterprise. These business leaders are taking the message back to their employees in droves, to empower all of them to make the right decisions when they vote November 6th.

Thanks to “Job Creators Solutions”, these job creators and others have at their fingertips the exact information their employees need to do this. As stated on the JCS website, “Voting is an important way for you to not only do your civic duty, but protect your job. We know and respect that voting is a private and personal choice.”

And this is why the JCS has made available to the public, an Issues Guide. It’s an essential – and dare I say, “crucial” – primer for voters to look at the basic concepts they may want to consider when they vote. Rest assured, it’s also a non-partisan, non-political” way for voters to cut through the tired “rhetoric of party politics” and “media failure” to give flat-out facts about vital issues such as taxes, energy and health care.

They have been fully reviewed to be legally appropriate for the work place and are an important tool to help people understand how economic policies affect their kitchen table.  The Issues Guides” are available in full and pocket size editions, and are available in English or Spanish. They will be provided free of charge and shipped upon request.  Orders can be submitted on the JCS website:

I saw the weariness in the eyes of a Michigan executive as he explained how exhausting it is to help his clients keep up with the rules and regulations of “ObamaCare.”

I got chills listening to a Florida developer talk about making payroll for his employees with his personal credit card.

And just this past week in Missouri, a bakery owner was brought to tears relating to a lunch crowd how the overall burden of government might force him to close up shop for good.

Job Creators Solutions is a voice for these people. And it’s time to help them educate their employees about issues affecting their company, jobs, wages and benefits, and candidate positions on those issues. The issues Guides are a perfect tool to do that and we are happy to provide them to any employer who requests them.

With help from Labor unions and other pro-big government groups, those on the Left have been doing this for years. Now, it’s our turn. We can no longer stay silent.

Let’s save free enterprise. Let’s restore America to prosperity. And let’s start with a better informed electorate. Job Creators Solutions can help.

There are actually some voters who are still “undecided”.   Imagine that!

There are two reasons for  this:  either they have been brainwashed by the left wing media networks such as CNN and MSNBC which distort reality and thrive on dishonest reporting, or they have no understanding of world history as it relates to the likes of Hitler (and other murderous dictators) or the freedom-crushing ideologies of Communism and Marxism,  both of which are alive and well today.

To sum it up, you can vote for a ticket which will defend our Constitutional principles and American free enterprise whereby “We the People” control our government,  OR you can vote for a “Marxist ticket” rife with corruption which despises American exceptionalism in the areas of liberty and free enterprise.

The problem isn’t that millionaires — “America’s job creators” — aren’t paying enough taxes. It’s that the federal government is so bloated, so wasteful, so corpulent and so out-of-control that it threatens to subsume the entire economy.

It is that simple, folks!  Reread this til you get it!

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