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Your Votes Mean Nothing

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Angry Democrats To Americans: “Your Votes Mean Nothing.”

“You run and you run to catch up with the sun but its sinking/ Only to come up behind you again/ The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older/shorter of breath and one day closer to death” —Pink Floyd, “Dark Side Of The Moon.”

The above lyrics from Pink Floyd “describe” the democratic party today. Ever since the day Donald Trump became president the democrat party turned into a party of “hate and rage.” They decided from day one that they were going to resist anything he said or did and the media decided not to report anything positive about him. They even tried a soft coup involving the heads of the CIA, FBI, and DOJ all ruling against the wishes of the people. The Democrats tried to do everything in their power to throw him out of office all because they could not accept the fact that they lost an election and Trump is what the people wanted.

For almost three years now they have been exposing us to a very exhausting “witch hunt hoax” against a duly elected president like Donald Trump accusing him of “Russian Collusion” that Hillary was guilty of all because they lost an election and still can’t get over it almost three years later. They are ignoring the will of the people who elected Trump to get things done that they were not able to and he’s doing it.

Trump is making America great again and we are now the  No.1 economy in the world because of him. People have more money in their paychecks and he lowered everyone’s taxes by doubling deductions that were under Obama, companies are coming back here from overseas in droves since he lowered the business tax from 34% to 21% and they are hiring. We are also now energy independent for the first time in 75 years and don’t have to depend on OPEC anymore and we the No.1 producer and exporter of oil in the world.

Democrats could join him on this and co-operate in making the country great, but their “psychotic, obsessive-compulsive hate” for Trump supersedes their love of country. That was two years of wasted energy in their lives that could have been put to positive use. That’s two years of their lives they will never get back again. Like the song says “shorter of breath and one day closer to death.”  How does that make you feel you Democrat “hoaxers and witch hunters?”

When the Mueller report and Russian collusion “failed” they had to come up with something new so they found this incident where a mysterious “whistleblower” knew about a conversation Trump had with the Ukraine President about fixing the election.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced their other obsession that the House will proceed with an official “impeachment” inquiry into President Trump. The aforementioned inquiry comes amidst whistleblower Eric Ciaramella allegations which cite that the president urged the Ukrainian leader to investigate Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. These are claims which Trump staunchly denies.

Meanwhile, the “transcript” of the call between Trump and Zelensky shows zero evidence of a “quid pro quo”, zero mention of withholding “military aid” and the Department of Justice, which received the whistleblower complaint that sent this entire thing into motion, declined to investigate.

They have nothing, and yet they want the American people to think Trump’s actions represent a “betrayal” of his country.

During a meeting in New York City with President Donald Trump, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told reporters that he was not “pressured” to investigate the family of former Vice President Joe Biden during the leaders’ “hotly” debated phone call in July, a transcript of which was released after great anticipation, by the White House. “Nobody pushed me,” Zelensky stated.

This sets a very bad precedent for any future president who wants to have a phone call with the leader of another country because he’ll think he’s always under scrutiny.

The transcript showed that Trump asked about a possible probe into Biden family dealings in the country, though it was related to “past corruption and to addressing corruption” not to anything campaign-related in the future.

And it did not show any explicit link to a request to U.S. aid as some people had suggested and fervently maintained. The Intelligence Committee IG found that Ciaramella had a “political bias” against Trump and was in favor of an opponent of Trump’s.

Meanwhile, it was Biden who was guilty of strong-arming the president of Ukraine when he was Vice President to call off the investigation of Biden’s son and fire the prosecutor or he wouldn’t give him the billion dollars in aid. Maybe Biden should release the transcripts of his conversations with Ukraine.

Recently V.P. Mike Pence was interviewed by Sean Hannity and commented on Biden saying, ”The ironic thing is is that everything that our critics in the media are leveling at the president from this phone call, and leveling at our administration, everything that Democrats on Capitol Hill are running off and describing — Vice President Joe Biden bragged about — which was a quid-pro-quo — withholding American aid in exchange for a specific action.”

The Dems know they can’t beat Trump in the next election so they have to come up with something to throw him out of office. Never mind what the people want. It’s all about their power. At least this latest scandal didn’t drag out for two years.

To the shock of absolutely no one, “twice failed” presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is supportive of impeaching President Trump getting her two cents worth in saying Trump betrayed our country. She’s one to talk about “betraying” one’s country after what she did to us. It’s not that she is “corrupt.” It’s not that she “lies” continually. It’s not that she is “guilty” of selling out the U.S. to foreign powers. It’s not that she has “cheated, murdered and manipulated” to get where she got.

It’s that she has the “audacity” to accuse others of the actions she herself has done…and with a “straight” face. A level of “evil” one cannot even fathom. That’s pure Saul Alinsky “tactics” to blame others for what you did. Hillary wrote her college thesis on “Alinsky” so she knows.

Clinton alleged that supporting the inquiry didn’t come “easily or quickly.” However, this is quite tough to believe coming from someone who “lost” to Obama and Trump, spent years “sulking” over the loss, and “blaming” her failure on “everyone else but herself. To believe that Clinton is coming at this matter from a “fair or impartial” position would transcend to a “peak” level of naivety.

Maybe someday we will learn the truth about the “Uranium One” deal that she, Obama, Mueller, and others sold 1/4 of the US Uranium reserves to Russia, while she received millions from Russia to the “Clinton Crime Family Foundation.” Talk about investigations. Uranium is used to make nukes also so keep that in mind.

It’s actually Hillary Clinton who obstructed justice by “smashing up her phones and her hard drives” when her emails were being investigated.

Does anyone remember “Benghazi?” Four Americans called Hillary’s state dept requesting help when the attacks began. They received no answer. The military contacted Hillary’s state dept two times after the attacks began requesting permission to help the four Americans who were fighting for their lives. The military did not receive an answer from Hillary’s State dept which essentially meant “stand down.” So four Americans were allowed to be murdered. Why? Because they were aware that Hillary’s State dept was “illegally” moving weapons from Libya to Syria and “dead” men don’t talk.

So their unnecessary deaths have to be “The Crime of the Century” and nobody was ever “prosecuted” for allowing them to be murdered. But that is how everything has always worked for Hillary. “Whitewater, Vince Foster, China Gate, Benghazi, not protecting classified material, the Uranium One kickbacks and don’t forget the never investigated Hillary/Podesta emails.” So Hillary is way above the law and will never be prosecuted for any of her “crimes” but she wants President Trump to be “impeached.” She should have been “convicted” of crimes against the nation years ago and sent to “prison.”

What’s actually remarkable is that Clinton spoke of impeachment as if it’s actually a viable, realistic path. The Democrat Party has been talking about impeaching Trump since he got into office. They’ve tried and failed countless times and nothing has changed. It’s their psychotic obsession.

Pelosi and other House members are free to open as many inquiries as they want, but since the Senate isn’t going to vote for impeachment, all of this is simply a show to appease “radicals” within the Democrat Party. It’s like a Jerry Seinfeld Show, it’s all for show and a show about nothing.

The left is so filled with “hate and rage” that that is all you hear from them every second of every minute of every hour of every day. No president has had to put up with so much “hate and opposition” as Trump has and he is still winning and succeeding.

As Juanita Broderick so aptly put it, “We will never be able to thank President Trump enough for taking all the abuse he has for 3 years and still keep going. He fights for us every day. Thank you, Sir.”

Coughing Dog

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Coughing Dog 02

Time and again, Hillary Clinton “says and does” things that indicate she is “out of touch” with her environment and the “people” around her.

In a recent demonstration of “insensitivity,” she loudly yapped like a dog at a campaign rally.

Why is she impervious to the “offensiveness”of her words and “destructiveness” of her actions? The answer lies in adult “developmental” psychology.

Hillary Clinton lived her “life” in a manner that did not require her to mature “psychologically, morally, intellectually, or functionally.” Psychology explains that neither a “nation nor an individual” advances during a crisis.

Marine Hillary 13

A nation at “war” does not call for a “constitutional” convention. An “embattled” individual in crisis learns only the skills relevant to “overcoming” the enemy and “surviving” the crisis.

Hillary Clinton has spent her “adult” life at war, rumbling over political terrain in a heavily armed battle tank, seeing “life” through the periscope. People don’t “mature” from their successes; they learn from being “honest” with themselves about their “failures” and correcting the “errors” which caused the “mistakes” to happen.

This is why Hillary has “learned” so little from life. The Clinton’s “protect themselves, trust no one, always persevere, and prevail” over enemies. There have been many “political war” machines, but the greatest of these is the “Clinton” machine. They never fail.


A psycho-therapeutic formula subtracts the years spent “intoxicated” or in crisis from chronological age to figure “psychological” maturity. By that reckoning, Hillary would be about 20, a “dork in thick glasses” who thinks it clever to twang about not “standin’ by her man” and to make “animal” noises.

Some people feel “alive” only when they are “fighting,” and some families lurch from “crisis to crisis,” only feeling connected when it’s time to “raise” bail. The Clinton’s are the world’s preeminent political“juggernaut,” waging a permanent “campaign” that protects them from honestly “facing themselves or each other.”

Hillary shrieked, “What difference at this point does it make?” from the deep emptiness of considering direct subordinates as “hindrances” on the field of battle to be “clambered” over. Most responsible people “painfully” remember when they had to “fire” subordinates.

If employees were actually “murdered” in the workplace, it would be a devastating “trauma” to any leader. But not to Hillary. The “What’s the big deal about Benghazi?” outburst may have been a “political” strategy, but it was also a “robotic” reaction from a chief who wasn’t especially “sleep-deprived or grief-stricken,” but who long ago accepted the “costs of doing business.”

Hillary Clinton NO 2016

Hillary’s “humanity” seems to emerge when she is “face to face” with a woman of her own “cohort.” Then she pauses for a moment, allows herself one brief “breath” before returning to the battle. In those encounters she “appears” to be looking into a mirror. Reflected in the glowing eyes of a “nameless” sister, Hillary momentarily glimpses the “woman she might have been.”

Coughing Dog 01

Lifting the Fog of War

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The Fog Of War 01

Just when you thought you “heard” it all from Hillary Clinton she keeps “spinning” the lies.

During a ABC’s “This Week” segment, while discussing the “uncovered” emails showing Hillary Clinton telling the Egyptian prime minister that “we know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film,” prior to telling them it was a “YouTube” video that caused the “terror” attack, Clinton said she did not “lie” to the Benghazi families, but instead was caught up in a “thick fog of war.”

She cited that she “suffered” from a military phenomenon known as the “fog of war” where an individual is experiencing a “mental” overload. When the “volume” of the data received is greater than the “speed” at which this information can be “processed,” it creates a “fog or twilight.”

The Fog Of War 02

“No… this was a fast moving series of events in the ‘fog of war’.”

Hillary Clinton rejected that she “misled” the American people about the 2012 Benghazi “terror” attack during the interview with George Stephanopoulos, saying any “confusion” arose from fast-moving events rather than “dishonesty.”

When “confronted” by video clips of family members of Benghazi “victims,” Clinton said:

“I understand the continuing grief at the loss that parents experienced with the loss of these four brave Americans. I did testify as you know for 11 hours and I answered all of these questions. Now, I can’t — I can’t help it that people think there has to be something else there, I said very clearly, there had been a terrorist group that had taken responsibility on Facebook, between the time that I, you know, when I talked to my daughter, that was the latest information, we were giving it credibility, and then we learned the next day, it wasn’t true. In fact, they retracted it. This was a fast-moving series of events in the fog of war. I think most Americans understand.”

When Clinton met with the “victims’” family members at Andrews Air Force Base two weeks after the “attack” occurred, she continued to “peddle” a false narrative about a horrible “video” that made all the Muslims in Libya mad.

“I gave Hillary a hug and shook her hand, and she said, ‘We are going to have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible for the death of your son,’” Charles Woods, father of deceased CIA contractor Tyrone Woods, told Fox News.

For Clinton to maintain at this point that she never “misled” the Benghazi victims’ families is for her to basically “accuse” them of lying.

The Fog Of War 03

And any person who would dare “besmirch” the families of four brave Americans who lost their “lives serving our nation” … well, such a person would most certainly not ever “deserve” to be president.

How “condescending” to nearly half of the nation, but even more so to the “families of the victims.”

Right after the “incident” in Benghazi went down, Hillary gave a speech “blaming” the attack on a YouTube “video” which everyone knew was “bogus.”

Why? All in an effort to show that “radical” Islamic terror had “ceased to exist” under Barack Obama’s leadership.

Not to mention that Hillary emailed daughter Chelsea nine hours “after” the attack blaming an “al-Qaeda like group.”

Hillary’s “Benghazi” credentials:
Lie about lying.
Ignores 500 emails from Ambassador Stevens requesting security.
Is informed of Benghazi attack.
Calls Chelsea and says “Hi Honey, it was a Terrorist Attack.”
Puts on Pantsuit.
Stands on Ambassador’s coffin and blames a YouTube Video.
Tells Congress “What Difference, at this point, does it make?”

Actually, Hillary, no one in America understands your “fog of war” explanation which is just another “lie” to be added to your already “illustrious” resume.

The Fog Of War 04

Hillary Clinton is the physical “embodiment” of what people think of “corrupt” politicians.

She’s as “crooked” as they come, has been plagued by “scandals” throughout her decades-long career, and “claims” to want to help the American people by “keeping” them down while “propping” herself up.

The “lunatics” who are foolish enough to support her are as “ignorant” as they come, and if Clinton is “elected” president we have nobody else to “blame” but ourselves.

The Fog Of War 05

Hey, Hillary, are you “telling” us that you cannot think “clearly” in a time of crisis?

If “fog of war” is your excuse for “blaming” the attack on a YouTube video, “stonewalling” Congress, and “lying under oath,” what would happen if we had a “real” war?


I cannot “imagine” you making life and death “decisions” as Commander-in-Chief if you cannot see the “war because of fog” PTSD symptoms.

Hillary Clinton NO 2016

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Million Little Lies

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Million Little Lies 02

A column entitled “Hillary Clinton’s Million Little Lies” is getting a lot of “attention,” almost certainly because it “captures” a vital aspect of the former first lady, senator, and secretary of state.

Michael Walsh begins with “lone” of the great all-time “howlers:”

Million Little Lies 03

To hear Hillary Clinton “tell” it, she was “named” for Sir Edmund Hillary, the “conqueror” of Mount Everest, even though she was “already” 6 years old when he made his “famous” ascent.

Dame “Lies-a-lot” now blames that one on her “mother” who is safely “deceased” and unable to “defend” herself, claiming she “lied” to her.

Million Little Lies 04

It is very “reminiscent” of Elizabeth Warren claiming that “family lore” instructed her claim to Native American “heritage” at a moment in life when it would “gain” her membership in the “faculty” of Harvard Law School.

The next “lie” chronicled is far more “venal and self-serving” than merely explaining an embarrassing “misspelling” of her first name.

Marine Hillary 08

On a visit to war-torn “Bosnia” in 1996, she claimed she and her entourage landed under “sniper fire” and had to run “with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base,” although videos of her arrival show her “waltzing” with daughter Chelsea “serenely” across the tarmac, “waving and greeting” the crowd.

Claiming battlefield “valor” when there was none is a “crime” when it involves military service. This “lie” is just “barely” legal, since she was first lady, not claiming “military” honor. But it is “disgusting” nonetheless.

Thomas Lifson’s favorite “lie” did not make Michael Walsh’s list:

Bill Clinton Ad 04

When Hillary’s “philandering” hubby was getting caught” in his own lies about taking “sexual” advantage of “intern” Monica Lewinsky in his office, she “blamed” the scandal on a “vast right wing conspiracy.”

If only we “on the right” had anything approaching the coordination the “left” routinely carries out in launching and reinforcing “propaganda” campaigns, the country would be in far “better” shape.

That was a lie of “pure” projection, attributing to one’s “foes” the very practices one “carries” out with some regularity.

Walsh offers several more, but the “real” list of Mrs. Clinton’s “prevarications” list, while perhaps “not” reaching a million, literally, is “quite” long.


She “blamed” the 2012 attack on American diplomatic and intelligence-gathering installations in Benghazi on “a disgusting video” when she knew almost from the first moment that it was a “jihadist” assault that took the lives of “four” Americans, including the “ambassador” to Libya.

No wonder the “late” William Safire, writing in The New York Times in 1996, at the height of the “Whitewater” investigation, called Hillary a “congenital liar.”

Said Safire: “She is in the longtime habit of lying; and she has never been called to account for lying herself or in suborning lying in her aides and friends.”

Baron Munchausen has “nothing” on Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Million Little Lies 05

Now comes the “recycling” of another Clinton “tall” tale.

That shortly before her 1975 “marriage” to Bill Clinton, she decided in a fit of “patriotic fervor” and dedication to “public service” to stroll into a “recruiter’s” office in Arkansas and join the “Marine Corps.”

It’s an “anecdote” she trots out to “charm” military audiences, whether it’s a group on “Capitol Hill” in 1994, or, most recently, to “veterans” in Derry, NH.

Million Little Lies 01

“He looks at me and goes, ‘Um, how old are you,’ ” Clinton recalled at the New Hampshire event on Nov. 10. “I said, ‘Well, I’m 26. I will be 27.’

And he goes, “Well, that is kind of old for us.” And then he says to “me,” and this is what gets me, “Maybe the dogs will take you, meaning the Army,” she added.

Marine Hillary 01

Yeah, right. Never mind that the term is “dogface,” used to refer to the Army infantry.

And never mind as well that, given the “tenor” of the times, the Marines or any other service would have taken “young” Ms. Rodham in a “heartbeat,” especially given their “need for lawyers.”

Like so many carefully “parsed” Clintonian statements, Hillary’s Leatherneck “fantasy” is either unverifiable or “dependent” upon how it’s phrased.

But let’s “assume” for a moment that, unlike Clinton’s other “whoppers,” this story is actually, in some “sense,” true.

What are the “odds” that, in the immediate aftermath of Vietnam, the “anti-war” Wellesley graduate, who’d written her college senior thesis on “community organizer” Saul Alinsky, had a “snazzy” Yale Law degree, and who was already “envisioning” a career in state and national “politics” alongside Bill, then a “candidate” for Arkansas attorney general, would “do such a thing,” and actually mean it?

I’m “betting” zero.

A far more likely “explanation” is that Hillary entered the Marine recruiting office — if she did — not out of any desire to “serve her country,” but as an agent “provocateur,” determined to show that the Marines were a bunch of “bigoted sexist, ageist pigs” in order to fuel her “sense of outrage.”

This explanation is given “credence” by one of Hillary’s Fayetteville, AK friends at the time, Ann Henry, who said that Hillary was interested in “probing” the way the military treated “women” candidates.

“I can remember discussing it, but I cannot give you the details of when and what was said,” Henry told a reporter. “Hillary would go and do things just to test it out, and I can totally see her doing that just to see what the reaction was.”

Marine Hillary 12

Given the “mood” of the time, and the vituperative “nastiness” of the left regarding all things “military,” it would have been just like the “self-aggrandizing” Hillary Rodham to try and manufacture a “controversy” where there was none, to make “herself'” look good.

And now she allegedly “recasts” the story as a legitimate “desire” to join the military, to show her “dedication” to public service. Is the “story” true? And if it is true, were her “motives” as described?

What “difference” does it make!

Hillary I don't know anything

The late Christopher Hitchens titled his “memoir” of the Whitewater/Monica Lewinsky circus “No One Left to Lie To,” but even someone as “perceptive” as Hitch couldn’t foresee that the Clintons, like “cockroaches” and the Kardashians, would always be “with us,” forever playing the same “shell game” on the American people and laughing as we “fall for it.”

Hillary Broke 03

That would be the “same” Clintons with a combined current “net worth” of $101 million who were “dead broke” when they “left” the White House.

The 2016 presidential “campaign,” like the 2012 one, is going to be “determined” by the definition of the candidates “accepted” by the voting public.

Hillary as an “untrustworthy” liar strikes me as a very “accurate” definition. And the many “videos” that show her “lying” are numerous and persuasive.

So what’s your “favorite” Hillary lie? So many to “choose” from.

Fifty Shades of Hillary

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Fifty Shades of Hillary 01

It’s Hillary Clinton like you’ve “never seen her before” in this look into the “history, lying career, and sex life” of this “corrupt” political hopeful.

“50 Shades of Hillary” is a delight whether you’re a “Democrat, Republican, Independent, or indifferent!”

Come along on the “journey” with the former First Lady as she remembers it all from “Arkansas to Benghazi” and everything in between!!

Hillary Clinton: A Lying Compilation

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Hillary Clinton Supporters Actually Don’t Support Hillary


The only thing “left” is for Hillary Clinton to “serve” a long term “prison sentence” for her “lying and corrupt” political career.

Hillary Clinton NO 2016

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Clinton Fatigue

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Clinton Fatigue 01

Tired Grandma Hillary Clinton.

Are You “Clinton Fatigue” Yet?

Hillary took time out of her “busy” babysitting schedule to “loosen up and joke” with reporters.

The news that her private “unsecured” server was the likely source for the “leaked” information that directly led to the “terrorist” attack on Benghazi made Hillary “shake” her head and laugh.


Hillary didn’t “deny” that all the information of Ambassador Stevens’ “intentions and movements” went through that thoroughly “compromised” email pipeline.

“The fact is,” said Hillary with a laughable face, “I thought an e-mail server was someone serving me my e-mail. I have lots of servants serving me, so it’s a simple mistake. I told my people I need a private e-mail server. I thought it was like a butler for e-mail. Well, when I found out he leaked Ambassador Stevens’ sensitive information and got all those people killed in Benghazi, I gave Huma specific instructions to have that person serving me e-mail flogged. I was told the server was soundly flogged. I don’t see what else anyone thinks I should do about it.”

Hillary kept on “laughing” at her joke but the press “remained” nonplussed.

In Columbus, Ohio Hillary “addressed” a women’s group but the “crowd” was sparse.

Clinton Fatigue 03

Staffers noted that “women,” who intended to hear about the “misery” of being female, and what the first “Female President” would do for them, were unable to “attend” because they were either “cleaning house, breastfeeding, doing menial jobs for 73% on the dollar compared to their male counterparts, or making their husbands a sammich.”

Hill then “dissed” Petraeus to change the “subject” basically calling him a “liar” to his face during his “appearance” before the Senate…

“We Be Sisters” be tellin’ the “truth” about Hillary Clinton. “Donald Trump wants to secure the country for the American people, while Hillary Clinton only wants to secure votes for herself.”

An “undercover” video filmed by James O’Keefe and “Project Veritas” purportedly shows Molly Barker, the “National Marketing Director” for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, “knowingly and intentionally” violating “campaign finance laws.”

During Clinton’s “kickoff” campaign event at Roosevelt Island, a Canadian “citizen” with no affiliation to “Project Veritas Action” attempted to make an “illegal donation” to the Clinton campaign by “purchasing” a Hillary shirt.

Barker knew that this was “illegal,” a fact which was confirmed by Clinton’s “National Compliance Manager” Erin Tibe, yet proceeded to “process” the contribution.

Barker facilitated a “straw man” transaction where the Canadian citizen gave “cash” to an American citizen who subsequently “purchased” the shirt for the Canadian under Barker’s “direction.”

Barker who was fully “aware” of the law didn’t merely “look the other way” like Tibe did, rather, she actually “facilitated election illegalities.”

A Clinton official told Time Magazine that “the campaign is confident it upheld the law.”

In the latest “batch” of Hillary emails released, Sidney Blumenthal forwarded Clinton a “memo” regarding the “impeachment” of Supreme Court “Justice Clarence Thomas” written by David Brock.


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

The seven-page memo, entitled “Memo on Impeaching Clarence Thomas,” was sent in an email with the subject “H: Brock memo here, have many more ideas on this. S.”

“Crook,” “Weak,” “Joke” are just a few of the words that “voters” said when Quinnipiac University asked them the first word that “pops” into their heads when they “think” of Hillary Clinton.

Quinnipiac “asked” 1,563 voters and reported only the “words” that were said at least “five” times.

And the winning word was “Liar.”


Clinton can’t “shake” the reputation that she’s “hiding” something. The word “liar” was mentioned 178 times in “association” with Hillary.

Some of the other top words voters said to describe the former Secretary of State were “dishonest,” “untrustworthy,” and “criminal.”

The “two” issues the GOP argues why Clinton’s “unfit” to hold office – “Benghazi” and “Email” – topped the “list” as well.

Also, her husband’s first name, “Casanova Bill,” came up 56 times by voters.

Mistery Box 01

Hillary announced a “special offer” over Twitter.

Meet the mystery “ThxBox,” a personal “thank you”  from Hillary. Get on the “waiting list” to find out more.

Whether she’s simply “trolling” critics who would say that her mishandling of “classified information” should land her in a “prison” cell or handing out “swag” packs to the “diehards” who still support her, one thing’s for sure: “Everybody is curious to find out what’s inside!”

Clinton Fatigue 02

Rumor has it that the “secret” mystery boxes “contain” copies of all wiped “emails” from her private “server” the FBI couldn’t find.

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The Queen Of Lies


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13 HOURS 02Paramount Pictures has released the “trailers” for the Michael Bay directed blockbuster “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.”

The film, which is scheduled to be “released” on January 15, 2016 the beginning of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend, offers a “minute-by-minute” look at the actions of six American security operators who “defied” orders and attempted to “thwart” the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.

The attack left four Americans “dead,” including U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, two CIA contractors.

No Benghazi Justice 13

The movie is based on Mitchell Zuckoff’s book Sept. 2014 book, “13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi.”

The Amazon book description reads:

A team of six American security operators fought to repel the attackers and protect the Americans stationed there. Those men went beyond the call of duty, performing extraordinary acts of courage and heroism, to avert tragedy on a much larger scale.

BenghaziGate 02

This is their personal account, never before told, of what happened during the thirteen hours of that now-infamous attack.

While the film is not expected to place blame on specific U.S. officials or the Obama administration for the Benghazi attack, its release comes just two weeks before the kickoff of the presidential primary season.

13 HOURS 01

Democratic “hopeful” Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State during the attack. Many have “blamed” her for not beefing up “security” at the Libyan consulate “despite” several warnings.

Watch the official trailer, in theaters January 15th at 13 Hours.

Hillary Clinton NO 2016


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Busted 01

Though months have “passed” since the Congressional Committee on Benghazi has “subpoenaed” Hillary Clinton’s personal “email” servers, only to discover that they had been “wiped” clean.

A team of “national” top experts in retrieving deleted “digital” information has now been able to “restore” much of the “lost” data, which, in addition to the “evidence” on Benghazi, resulted in other “unexpected” discoveries.

Sunshine Week 01

Should I become president Hillary “promised” to make taxpayers fund new “embryonic stem cell research” that requires the “destruction” of human life. Currently the only way to “obtain” embryonic stem cells is to “kill” days-old unborn children.

Clinton made the promise in “remarks” just before President Bush “vetoed” the latest Congressional bill overturning his policy “preventing” embryonic stem cell research funding.

“So let me be very clear, when I am president, I will lift the ban on stem cell research,” Clinton told during a “political” conference in Washington.

Busted 04

“This is just one example of how the President puts ideology before science, politics before the needs of our families, just one more example of how out of touch with reality he and his party have become,” Clinton claimed.

One “gruesome” find was an extremely “disturbing” email exchange between Mrs. Clinton and Doctor Klopek, which prompted an independent “criminal” investigation leading to a discovery of a “vast” international crime ring.

According to the correspondence which she thought had been “erased,” Mrs. Clinton used her position as Secretary of State to “bypass” the ban on embryonic stem cell procedures and “conspired” with black market operators to undergo “secret” bi-annual facelifts using “illegal” injections of embryonic “stem cells” extracted from human “fetuses” in the nation’s “abortion” clinics.

Busted 03

Described as “Pluripotential Botox,” the cosmetic procedure of injecting “embryonic stem cells” directly into “sagging and wrinkling” skin of aging adults was believed to be a “theoretical” concept, but the recovered emails “indicate” that Mrs. Clinton has already been “receiving” it in an underground clinic for the “past” 19 years.

An embryo’s “regenerative” ability gives the stem cells remarkable “anti-aging” properties, producing a “tighter and thicker” skin within a week after injection. This gives the recipients a more “natural” looking face than what can be achieved with “traditional” Botox treatments. The ethical aspects of using “human” embryos for medical purposes, however, remain a heavily “debated” subject, let alone “dissecting” human fetuses for vanity “cosmetic” projects.

The resulting “federal” ban on the use of embryonic stem cells has “pushed” the procedure into the black markets, driving the “price” of an injection to astronomical numbers. Mrs. Clinton’s correspondence indicates that she “initially” contacted Dr. Klopek through a high-end “black” market dealer with ties to some of the world’s most “dangerous” criminal organizations.

Hillary Old 00

According to Mrs. Clinton’s emails, about a year ago her “prospects” of running for President required a “change of protocol” and visits to the underground “clinic” were no longer an option. For an additional “fee,” which raised the “price” tag for a visit to $160,000, Dr. Klopek would come to the Clinton’s “Chappaquiddick” compound and inject her “forehead, lips, cheeks, eyes, and neck” with the embryonic stem cells he had “extracted” from human “fetuses” in certain New York City “abortion” clinics. With every visit he would also “resupply” Mrs. Clinton with a 9 oz. jar of “lotion” made of fetus matter and laced with “embryonic stem cells,” which she would “smear” on her face twice “daily” at a cost of $80,000 per jar.

The resulting “criminal” investigation has led to an “arrest” warrant for Dr. Klopek. A source familiar with the “investigation” confirmed that Klopek has “fled” the country after receiving an email from Mrs. Clinton, “warning” him about that their “arrangement” of nearly two decades has been “discovered.”


Confronted with new information “recovered” from the Clinton’s email servers, House Speaker and member of the Benghazi Committee, John Boehner (R-OH), called the findings “nightmarish” and “blood-curdling,” adding that “this sounds like something straight out of Grimm’s fairy tales.”

In a recent Independence Day “appearance” in New Hampshire, Hillary roped off the press so as to avoid to “talk” to them.

One should be “careful” insulting or “getting” too close to the “Hillarybeast.” Her mindless followers are exactly that, and may take this seriously enough to “hunt” you down and “beat” you up in the name of “tolerance, love, and diversity.”

You don’t want to wind up on her “enemy” list, it ain’t healthy as the “picture” of Ambassador Stevens and the others “slaughtered” in Benghazi can attest.

Hillary Clinton NO 2016

Not the first Clinton Rodeo!

Drag Queen Heroine

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Drag Queen Heroine 01

One thing that’s great about America is that regardless of “what your opinion is” you’re free to express it. That is what “LGBTFQAPBCU©” advocate Barack Obama did when he tweeted kudos to Bruce Jenner for dressing in “drag” and posing proudly on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Judging from the media “circus” freak show surrounding the former Olympic champion-turned-reality TV star, even a wrongful death suit pales in comparison to what Obama feels is the remarkable “valor” of a clearly confused “grandfather” of five leaving as his “legacy” a picture of himself dressed like he’s “auditioning” for a role in “La Cage Aux Folles.”

In fact, despite the “bizarre” nature of a man keeping his “penis” tucked neatly away during a photo shoot, in Obama’s gender “identity-obsessed” circle, a 65-year-old male ex-Olympiad dressed in a cream-colored “bustier” channeling Jessica Lange is someone Obama apparently feels is worthy of “national” respect.

Bruce Jenner 01

Bruce keeping his “penis” neatly tucked away.

Conveying that level of “admiration” has to be why Obama instructed his mouthpiece, Josh “Not So” Earnest, to let the “world” know that, from one raging “narcissist” to another, the “transitioning” Jenner has Barry’s approval.

The truth is, based on Obama’s left-leaning “political” bent and peculiar list of “priorities,” inserting himself into the midst of the “transgender” festivities is more than predictable.

Any day now, Obama will probably “extend” bipartisan/transgender support to the newly-minted Republican “cover” guy by inviting him to the White House for some “playtime” in Michelle’s clothes closet.

Until then, the president’s reaction does cause one to “pause and reflect” upon what Josh says Obama considers “tremendous courage…worthy of our respect.” After all, if Barack Obama is suddenly commending the “gutsy,” there’s a long list of individuals he has neither “acknowledged” as courageous nor deemed “worthy” of showing his respect.

Drag Queen Heroine 02

For instance, America now “knows” that the president respects men who dress in “frilly” underthings. However, the same apparently does not hold true for “courageous” men and women who choose to dress in “blue” uniforms.

Judging from his recent “proclamations,” Barack Obama views the law enforcers who “protect” the mean inner cities “slums” that he racially “incites” as bigoted bullies who, to prevent them from “acting stupidly,” require the federal government, whenever it’s “expedient,” of course, to intervene.

Drag Queen Heroine 03

Former FBI agent Bob Levinson.

Then there’s the undeniable “tremendous courage” of imprisoned former FBI agent Bob Levinson, veteran Amir Hekmati, and American pastor Saeed Abedini.

Drag Queen Heroine 04

American pastor Saeed Abedini.

All three men suffer the unthinkable as they “rot” away in an Iranian jail, but do so while holding “fast” to the “faithfulness” of America and the “goodness” of God. Meanwhile, Obama is busy paying “presidential” tributes to “transgender” cover boys.

And while Obama tosses around “kudos” for cross dressing, fading from memory are daring “acts” like those undertaken by the two CIA operatives who tried in “vain” to save U.S. Ambassador “J. Christopher Stevens” and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer “Sean Smith,” Ex-Navy SEAL’s “Glen Doherty” and “Tyrone Woods” courageously “defied” an alleged stand-down order and “lost” their lives rushing headlong into the “Benghazi” terrorist attack.

Drag Queen Heroine 05

If Bruce deserves presidential “acclaim” for perching “demurely” on a stool for an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot, how about an “honorable” mention for “Bibi Netanyahu,” a proven warrior willing to “lay down his life” to protect the “nation” of Israel and the Jewish “people” who are surrounded nearly on all sides by “genocidal” maniacs?

Drag Queen Heroine 07

Then there are heroes like U.S. Border agent “Brian Terry” and ICE agent “Jaime Zapata,” both murdered with “guns” given to Mexican drug cartels by Barack Obama and Eric Holder whose “borders” Terry and Zapata were “trying” to protect.

Drag Queen Heroine 06

Immigration and Customs Agent Jaime Zapata (left) and Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry (right).

And let’s not forget the “tremendous courage” of border agents who were “infected” with diseases like bacterial pneumonia and scabies while doing their job handling the “influx” of children Obama “illegally” encouraged “migrating” to America.

While Obama is freely dispensing declarations of “tremendous courage…worthy of respect,” how about a posthumous mention of an “extraordinary” patriot who laid down his life to protect his fellow soldiers and the nation he loved, American Sniper Chris Kyle?

Drag Queen Heroine 08

Murdered by a soldier with PTSD, Kyle never received “praise or approval” from Obama who seems super “impressed” with a 6’2” man who managed to “squeeze” his lanky gams into a pair of XXL “panty” hose.

Regardless of what Barack Obama views as “tremendous courage” or behavior “worthy of respect,” there are true American “heroes” like Racine, Wisconsin native and born-again Christian Jordan Matson, a man whose name Obama has “yet” to mention.

Drag Queen Heroine 09

Jordan Matson has become the “de facto” leader of the international brigade fighting in Syria.

Hey Obama! How about a “shout-out” to Matson, who could no longer “stand by” and see Christians “slaughtered” by the Islamic State and decided it was “high noon” for him to do a job you simply “refuse” to do?

Formerly a U.S. Army infantryman, Jordan Matson worked a delivery route just long enough to “save” money to sustain him in Syria for three years. Now Matson is fighting against ISIS side-by-side with the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit.

Yet, despite all that, and much more, the President of the United States still insists on publicly “declaring” his respect for the “tremendous courage” of a “he” in lipstick dressed up in a “lace” corset who, to the “delight” of the national media, is currently in the process of “fundamentally transforming” himself from male to female.


Someone should muster the “fortitude” to advise Barack Obama that “contrary” to presidential opinion it doesn’t take “tremendous courage” for a sexually-conflicted father of six to “defy his DNA, take female hormones, get breast implants, and have his feminine side glamorized” on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Moreover, neither does granting unmerited “heroism” to drag queen make a president “worthy of respect.”

Bruce Jenner made his debut as “Caitlyn” and a clip from a “Family Guy” episode has surfaced that shows the “animated” series may have “predicted” Jenner’s transition.

In the 2009 episode, Stewie says that Bruce Jenner gave birth to Brody Jenner. “Bruce Jenner is a man,” Brian tells Stewie. “No, Brian,” Stewie said. “That’s what the press would have you believe, but he’s not. Bruce Jenner is a woman—an elegant, beautiful Dutch woman.”

Bruce Jenner

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Businesses Create Jobs

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Hillary Clinton waves to the crowd while being introduced by democratic challenger for Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf at a "Women for Wolf" grassroots rally in Philadelphia

Appearing at a Boston rally for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley Hillary Clinton told the crowd gathered at the Park Plaza Hotel not to listen to anybody who says that “businesses create jobs.”

Hillary wants you to know she voted in favor to “raise” the minimum wage and thinks that’s a good thing.

She said that created “millions of jobs.”

Clinton didn’t “elaborate” on when those jobs created “by her vote” to raise the minimum wage occurred.

She then went on to, curiously, say, “Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs. You know, that old theory ‘trickle-down economics.’ That has been tried, that has failed, it has failed rather spectacularly.”

“You know, one of the things my husband says when people say ‘Well, what did you bring to Washington,’ he said, ‘Well, I brought arithmetic,’” Clinton said, which elicited loud laughs from the crowd.

Actually, what “Bullyboy” brought to Washington was a bad case of “Razorback” clap!

Let’s not forget that Bill Clinton was “impeached” for obstruction of justice and “lying” under oath  for his reckless “oral sex” behavior in the White House.

This “Trickle Down Theory” diatribe of Hillary Clinton is based on nothing but a non-existent “theory” and needs a bit of airing out.

“Trickle Down Theory” is among the biggest of the “big lies” in politics today. It has never been “expounded” by any economist and can’t be “found” in their literature.

In other words, it “doesn’t” exist. Thomas Sowell makes the case in this way:

“No such theory has been found in even the most voluminous and learned histories of economic theories, including J.A. Schumpeter’s monumental 1,260-page History of Economic Analysis. Yet this non-existent theory has become the object of denunciations from the pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post to the political arena. It has been attacked by Professor Paul Krugman of Princeton and Professor Peter Corning of Stanford, among others, and similar attacks have been repeated as far away as India. It is a classic example of arguing against a caricature instead of confronting the argument actually made.”

Hillary is a true and true “politician” following in the footsteps of her “Idol” (nemesis) Barack Obama…

Don’t you love how Vice President Joe Biden “slammed” the Obama administration as a “failure” for the middle class.

Grandma Clinton “turns” 67 this month, and basic math leads us to “realize” that the potential presidential candidate will be a “ludicrous” 69 years old during the 2016 election.

Hillary Old 00

Even more of a “horrifying” realization is that Hillary Clinton is “significantly” older than a lot of countries.

To prove it, here are “ten countries” founded since she was born, demonstrating that Hillary Clinton is literally older than dirt.

Hillary Clinton NO 2016

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