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Fourth Branch Of Government

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It’s bad enough that none of the alphabet “security” agencies were written into our Constitution. Now they have become politicized. They no longer adhere to any rule of law. They ARE the law and can do what they want. They certainly aren’t answerable to the American people.

We saw former NSA Director James Clapper lie to Congress about collecting data from hundreds of millions of Americans and about leaking the Steele Dossier information. We saw ex-CIA director and communist John Brennan lie about spying on Congress. Nothing happened to them. They are above the law.

The CIA now allows and approves torture. They call it “enhanced interrogation.” Yep, we a rogue agency engaged in torture.

We saw the FBI push through “illegal” FISA warrants in order to take down President Trump during the bogus Russia collusion malarkey. We saw how Mueller used over a dozen heavily FBI men to surround a peaceful, non-resisting Roger Stone on trumped-up charges. The CIA-influenced CNN was, of course, tipped off to the early morning raid.

We saw the FBI help encourage Trump supporters to protest at the Capitol while refusing to release videotapes that will prove their operatives were there. The FBI even seized a lego-made capitol building from one of the so-called “insurrectionists.”

We saw the FBI sit on Hunter Biden’s laptop. They did nothing. They certainly did not investigate the obvious corruption on display by the Biden’s. They also knew all about Epstein’s child abuse for years. They did nothing.

Tucker Carlson told us how the NSA is spying on his email in order find something that could possibly get him kicked off the air. Tucker confirmed what we knew already—Snowden had already told us all about it. Snowden is a whistleblower and hero, but he had to escape prosecution and possible assassination through exile to Russia.

We saw how false flag “terrorism” was used to give the TSA new powers to “grope and fondle” people at the airports.

All of these so-called “security agencies” have grown in scope and power over the years and, like “Big Government”, they want more power and influence over the direction of the country. They are aligned with the radical left and globalism.

What’s next? Will we see a Lubyanka prison constructed in Washington D.C.? Will the political enemies of Biden’s regime be whisked off the streets and shoved into cramped cells and then subjected to “enhanced interrogation” until they “confess?” Don’t be surprised if this happens. Don’t be surprised if a “network of gulags” is also set up.

The FEMA camps won’t be about “slave” labor, though. They’ll be about the “extermination” of the security agencies’ political enemies.

JFK wanted to break up the CIA. It’s too bad he was executed by them instead. Allen Dulles was fired by Kennedy, yet he was the leading man on the Warren Commission, which helped cover up the CIA’s crime.

It’s time to break up the CIA for good. Let the military conduct intelligence gathering on foreign countries. Stop trying to subvert other countries. That often leads to blow-back and endless war.

Break up the FBI too and let individual states assign marshals to fight real crime—not investigate or invent wrong doings against their perceived political enemies.

Do away with the NSA for their gross and repeated violations of the law. It’s a felony to read private mail of US citizens. Let the branches of the military monitor foreign enemies and let us Americans have our Fourth Amendment back.

The politicized security agencies will always hide and cower behind the magical phrase, “national security!” They are allowed to know everything about us. We are allowed to know nothing about them. When that happens, people begin to “fear and despise the government.

It should be the other way around…and besides, the security agencies are NOT the government and our government is not the country.

Ben Garrison

Covfefe Coffee

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Coffee For Deplorables By Deplorables.

Does it make sense to get your coffee from large corporations who lobby against your values? Of course not, because you’re a VERY STABLE GENIUS that knows you need a MAGA coffee that doesn’t take a knee on taste or values.

At COVFEFE, we provide proud Americans access to world-class coffee without having to fund your political and cultural opponents. We stand by our world-class taste and customer support, however, we are more than just coffee just like how YOU are more than just a coffee drinker.

We understand that it is revolutionary to support President Donald Trump, and in some cases dangerous to show support publicly. We want to end that. Not only do we provide world-class coffee backed by world-class values, but we are building a community of “PATRIOTS” who want to take our country back by winning the culture war.

COVFEFE isn’t just the world’s greatest coffee. It’s also a lifestyle.

Providing the WORLD’S GREATEST COFFEE requires the WORLD’S GREATEST DEPLORABLES! Thousands of Deplorables have joined the COVFEFE community and more are joining every day. We’ve also recruited World Class Talent who are on the front lines of the “Culture War” and fight for American values.


Laura Loomer

Ben Garrison

Joy Villa

Mindy Robinson

Scott Adams

Brandon Straka

Jack Posobiec

Jacob Engels

Thank you for your interest in investing in COVFEFE: Making Coffee Great! We are strong but together we are stronger.

The corporate world is alienating large segments of the American population with more bold and conflict seeking agendas. The corporate hegemony in our economy props up their ability to focus on Social Inquisition. The corporate world is a major threat to the interests and traditions of America.

The economy of scale of the Corporate world to COVFEFE is obviously staggering, and yet we accept the challenge to take back our country. If our values and mission statement are something you want to invest in, we at COVFEFE love hearing from our fellow “Patriots” and “Deplorables.” Please contact us here or email us at

We’re not like some people, we won’t “lose” 30,000 emails, and do not respond to any “Fake News” media request.

God Bless.

The Fraud-In-Chief

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It was fortunate for Biden that there were “thousands of troops” at the capitol for his swearing-in ceremony. If they had not been there it would have been a starkly “empty” sight.

Similar to his campaign appearances, few people showed up. That’s because “China Joe” is not popular with Americans regardless of party affiliation.

“Sniffy” Joe’s campaign trail mostly took place in his own basement. He knew the election would be rigged in his favor, so he didn’t have to expend an inordinate amount of energy on winning the hearts of voters.

The Swamp will now retain power permanently and try to drain us. We can’t vote them out because our voting system has been compromised. There’s no sense in voting for Trump’s “Patriot Party” until we get rid of the mail-in ballot abuse as well as the computer voting. We need to stick to paper ballots and voter ID at polling stations.

Regardless, we now have to deal with a very “corrupt” Biden who is already undoing all the good Trump accomplished.

The lying corporate media are “gushing” over Biden and his cabinet picks. Many Democrats such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Michael Moore are eager to pursue a purge of Trump’s followers. They want strip us of our jobs, our remaining freedoms, and send us to reeducation camps. That’s what communists do. They love sending their enemies to gulags.

Look for “Bogus” Joe Biden and his party of totalitarianism to continue their compromise of conservative free speech. There will also be false flags leading to gun confiscation. He will push for mandatory vaccination. It’s not a pleasant situation.

Conservatives can’t depend on politicians, the military, or the courts to help us. If we are to restore the Republic then we must first stop hoping that someone else will save it for us. To even have a chance we must first stick together and save ourselves. We are the patriots in charge.

Ben Garrison

Socially Distancing Rudolph

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Rudolph the mask-nosed reindeer
Forced to have a vaccine dose
Dr. Fauci cancelled Christmas
You could even say it’s closed

All of the other reindeer
Were ordered to do the same
Bill Gates was barking orders
You’re censored if you criticize his name

Then one shut down Christmas Eve
Santa was forced to stay
Fauci ordered a lock down
The reindeer couldn’t pull the sleigh

Then all the reindeer suffered
They existed without joy or glee
Rudolph became a victim
Christmas became history

Ben Garrison

Twas the night before Christmas

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‘Twas the night before Christmas,
next to a foreclosed house,
A family was camping, their dinner, a mouse.

They thought politicians should be hung high with care,
While they stayed socially distanced from others who were there.

Around the campfire, each wore a mask,
Ending the brainwashing would be no easy task.

The children were in sleeping bags, of Santa they dreamed,
Instead jolly Bill Gates was coming, as the cold moonlight beamed.

He arrived in a sleigh packed with needles of harm,
The shots were all mandatory; a vaccination for each arm.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
Bill hoped they’d all die, because he is such a jerk.

Then he sprang to his sleigh with a grin on his face,
Bill Gates would get even with the whole human race.

“On Pfizer, On Monsanto, On Fauci!” he shouted,
Bill was doing good work, it was not allowed to be doubted.

Away he flew, leaving the homeless in dread,
They thought Bill might be right after all–they’d be better off dead.

So while they should fight back with all of their might,
They instead faded gently into that goodnight.

By Ben Garrison

Then up on the rooftop, there arose such a clatter,
Helicopters were landing, loaded with Patriot’s who mattered.

Rudy, Sidney, Lin Wood and more,
All standing up for the Constitution with lawsuits galore.

Digital soldiers marched straight into line,
lead by General Flynn on a mission divine.

To expose the corruption of a Deep State Cabal,
With God on our side, Patriots will not fall!

The Pandemic will end with the world awaken,
Our freedom and liberty will NOT be taken!

So Stand United Patriots across this land,
Hold the line and each other, hand in hand.

The Christmas Star will appear in this historical year,
With trust in God, we know we have nothing to fear.

So rejoice with your families and pray every day,
For our Republic, our President and our American Way.

And we heard our President, as he appeared  in the night,
He shouted out, “We will not bend, We will not fall and We will win this fight”

By Tina Toon

Face Mask Hell

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Face Mask Hell
by: Ben Garrison

How can I say that? We’re constantly told by the mass media that COVID-19 has killed a great many. Most states and global corporations now “mandate” masks. The “authorities” tell us wearing a mask will help “save” lives, right?

Wrong. For one thing, none of the Gates controlled and paid for “data” can be trusted. The dehumanizing masks can’t prevent the “virus” and in fact, wearers often fiddle with them.

They try adjust them to make their uncomfortable “mufflers” more comfortable. By doing so, the masks become “depositories” for dirty fingers and germs. Some workers must “breathe” in their own CO2 for eight hours while working.

If the mandatory “mask” wearing becomes permanent, it could become more “damaging” than the virus.

The real damage is inflicted upon our “liberty.” They tyrants are able to dictate “face diaper” wearing and people must go along in order to travel, go shopping, or visit the post office.

In some cities there are “fines” and a couple of people have already been “shot dead” for not wearing them!

The “battle” over mask wearing has now been lost. It was never about “safety.” It’s has always been about “conditioning” and “compliance” and most are complying. “Peer” pressure does the rest.

A few days ago I went food shopping. I was the only one in the store “without” a mask and the checkout clerk “barked” at me to “social distance” even though I was standing in the “designated” box.

I was treated like a threatening “disease.” A while later, I could not go into the post office. A large sign told me I must now “sport” a mask. I didn’t have one.

I always assumed only “sick” people should be wearing “mask” to prevent spreading whatever “disease” they have.

I also saw young people walking “alone” on sidewalks under a “hot sun” with masks on. I saw others “driving” in their cars with masks on. The steady “drumbeat of fear” from the corporate mass media has been successful.

The masks are here to stay and people are “marching” in lockstep with them on. No “resistance” offered. Control by mask was all too easy for the “Illuminati.”

They want us to voluntarily cooperate with our own “demise” and we’re cooperating. Businesses are, too. No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.

Once people are conditioned to wearing “harmful” masks, Bill Gates’ mandatory harmful “vaccine” will be a snap. Many people will insist on a “biometric, trackable vaccine” in order for people to “shed” their masks.

Then it will be the same. No access to travel, shopping, or post office use without the “mark of the beast” vaccine.

A smiling Gates will “rake” in more billions of dollars while subjecting us all to noxious, life-shortening “substances” that will no doubt be present in his vaccine. It won’t stop the coronavirus, but it will stop us.

His “ID2020” vision will come to fruition. It will be combined with a “cashless” system, which means everything we do and spend will be “tracked and taxed.”

A Chinese-style “social credit system” will become commonplace. It all ends with a “police state” and absolute “tyranny.”

We’ll all be “slaves” at the mercy of the top, “Satanic .001” percent.

They will rejoice because “We, the Sheeple” will have “voluntarily” done it to ourselves.

THAT is why the mask is worse than the disease.

Epidemic Mask Theater, Past and Present
Deferred disease disaster dawning on Democrats

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