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Black Bear Outrage

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Deep in the “liberal” armpit of Asheville, North Carolina, a group of “Trump Derangement Sufferers” (TDS) have been triggered by a black bear seen “wandering” around with a Trump sticker on its collar.

The group, “Help Asheville Bears” (HAB), is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who is able to find out who placed the “Trump 2020” sticker on the bear’s collar.

Sheila Chapman tells ABC-affiliate WLOS bear sightings are fairly common in her area. But she noticed something different about this bear, it had a colorful sticker on its collar.

“We have so many places in this world to put stickers and express our political views,” Chapman says. “Using a wild animal for that is cruel and inhuman. It’s not OK.”

After spotting the bear, Chapman reached out to HAB. A spokesperson for the organization says this was not the first time a bear was spotted in Asheville with a political sticker on its collar.

Anyone with information on the bear that was tagged, click here to report a tip.

Here’s a photo of MAGA Bear for identification purposes.

A video of a possible “suspect” involved in the sticker incident is being circulated.

Now that the bear has a Trump sticker on it’s collar it has become very “dangerous.” It proceeded to hunt down a “liberal” Biden supporter and “destroyed” her kayak.

This Trump sticker has created a “MAGA” Monster Bear and will have to be destroyed.

Anyone with information on the bear that was tagged, click here to report a tip or call Ronald Reagan.

There is most definitely a “MAGA BEAR” and he is becoming more sneaky and aggressive toward “non-supporters.” If only this guy had been wearing a Trump sticker he might have survived unscathed.

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