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Attack on Free Speech

Posted in uncategorized with tags on February 10, 2021 by andelino

The “radical left” in America is giving us all a stunning look at what “authoritarianism” looks like. They have silenced the most powerful man in the world and their success shows not only that they have amassed remarkable power to “silence” virtually anyone, but also how eager they are to wield that power.

Big Tech and social media companies, in total lockstep with one another, muzzled President Donald Trump. His 88 million Twitter followers can no longer read his messages. Facebook shut down his account. A host of other platforms including Reddit, Twitch, Shopify, YouTube/Google, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Apple, Discord, Pinterest and Stripe have all banned or restricted his messages in some form.

For Mozilla—maker of Firefox, one of the most popular Web browsers—even these stringent measures are not enough. The company’s CEO says President Trump and his movement must be “monitored” throughout the entire Internet. Essentially, Trump supporters need to be “tracked” the way “Islamic State” terrorists are.

As journalist Michael Tracey tweeted, “The new corporate authoritarian liberal-left mono culture is going to be absolutely ruthless, merging with the state. This only the beginning.”

The left is insisting that unrestricted speech be blotted out. Even Parler—the leading alternative to Twitter—has been shut down. Parler is what Twitter once aspired to be: a site where people can post their thoughts without being censored. Basic controls are in place to stop child pornography and other such evils, but there is no political thought police.

For Big Tech today, such open communication poses an unacceptable threat. First Google and Apple blocked Parler from their app stores. Then Amazon announced it would no longer host Parler’s servers. It gave Parler 24 hours to move their entire trove of data to a new provider. That proved impossible, so Parler is now completely offline.

The radical left believe they can silence virtually anyone in the world and get away with it.

But it goes beyond silencing one man. They also want to punish his supporters. Across mainstream media and politics, Trump supporters are being labeled “domestic terrorists”—to be subject to the full force of America’s vast intelligence networks. Sen. Dick Durbin (D.IL) is introducing legislation to classify MAGA rallies as “domestic terrorist activity.”

Former Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan tweeted, “Total denunciation of a despot’s legacy is necessary to eradicate any remaining malignancy.” In a now deleted tweet, ABC News’s political director said authorities must begin “cleansing the movement” that President Trump commands.

This is a chilling “peek at life” under a Biden administration. And a lot of it has been brought about by “deep state” agents of the previous Obama administration.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama wrote a letter to America’s tech companies, saying, “Now is the time for Silicon Valley companies to stop enabling this monstrous behavior—and go even further than they have already by permanently banning this man from their platforms and putting in place policies to prevent their technology from being used by the nation’s leaders to fuel insurrection.”

The next day, the bans started. Nobody voted for Mrs. Obama. For that matter, nobody voted for the tech companies. It is as if Barack Obama is operating a “shadow” government, calling the shots within these powerful American corporations.

If these people got control, would they shut down all dissenting speech? They’ve certainly revealed their totalitarian intentions.

Host your own services and there are still ways to shut you down. Google may de-list you in its web searches. The government can pressure Internet service providers and Domain Name System servers to block your website.

The “radical left” is on the cusp of turning this historic bastion of freedom into an altogether different nation. Under such an administration, I couldn’t get my posts out.

America today is suffering grievous affliction. It is on the brink of being destroyed as a constitutional republic!

Barack Obama’s deep state would have blotted out America’s constitutional republic and replaced it with a violent dictatorship if he had not been stopped. God had to raise up President Trump to temporarily halt what the devil was doing through the Obama administration.

The coming days are certain to prove to be some of the wildest in world history. This “free speech” crackdown gives us a vivid picture of why God must step in to save America from the radical left.

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