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Arrogant Leaders

Posted in uncategorized with tags on November 25, 2021 by andelino

Of all the plagues in today’s world, one of the greatest is the “arrogance of our leaders.” You see it in their handling of the coronavirus pandemic, in America’s disastrous evacuation of Afghanistan, in crisis after crisis. Despite making major and even fatal errors, our leaders simply will not acknowledge their mistakes.

Evidence is piling up that our leaders have been wrong on coronavirus in a huge way. Yet governments act like they couldn’t be more right. They are doubling down on confronting people, fining people, arresting people, closing businesses, decimating the middle class. Two states in Australia have locked down their entire populations on account of only one covid-19 case each.

For the crime of choosing not to get vaccinated, people are getting fired and will likely be denied not only legal remedy but even unemployment benefits (a stark contrast to the mountains of money governments have thrown at the unemployed in the past 18 months). An Illinois judge abruptly asked a mother during a court hearing if she had been vaccinated. When she said no, the judge took her son and barred her from time with him until she gets the jab.

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