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Trade Deals & Human Rights

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Mid-December 2019, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China was not planning to sign an investment deal with Europe that had been in the works since 2013. China was a “developing economy,” he said, and it shouldn’t be made to abide by the same standards as more advanced European economies. It looked like the deal was dead.

But on Dec. 30, 2020, Chinese President Xi Jinping conducted a video conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and other EU leaders. After the conference, they released a bombshell announcement: “The EU and China concluded in principle the negotiations for a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment.”

Why the “change in heart” by the Chinese? Why, after stalling for seven years, did Chairman Xi make a rare “personal” intervention to seal this “mammoth deal?”

Why did the Europeans, who present themselves as champions of “human rights and fair labor”, agree to more deeply intertwine their economy with that of the “shamelessly brutal” Chinese Communist Party?

And what does this mean for the United States’ efforts to pressure China into accepting a rules-based international economic model? These are vital questions with answers that have implications for all of us.

The deal’s main accomplishment is that it makes it easier for European companies to operate in China. It is also billed as doing the reverse—facilitating operations of Chinese firms in Europe—but in reality Europe has behaved far more fairly than China toward multinationals. So the “Comprehensive Agreement on Investment” was mainly about China assenting to correct that imbalance and give EU companies a more equal footing.

For decades, if a European firm wished to operate in China, it would have to set up a joint venture with a Chinese company and in the process, share intellectual property and sensitive technology. This was an appalling requirement. But if EU companies wanted access to China’s lucrative markets, they had no choice but to comply. Now the Chinese have agreed to end this requirement for EU companies in certain key industries including vehicles, computing services and health.

China also agreed to take the mask off its notoriously secretive government subsidies, and open China up to the EU’s various banks.

These are massive “concessions” from China. They would level the playing field to an unprecedented degree. The European Commission issued a statement calling the deal “the most ambitious outcome that China has ever agreed with a third country or economy.”

So why did China’s leadership agree to these unprecedented terms?

One of the main reasons this deal took so long to formalize was because China was stalling. The Chinese had become very used to breaking all the rules they could to give themselves trade advantages, so they stalled, understandably unwilling to offer the concessions to Europe that this deal requires.

But over the last year, China came under heavy criticism by several nations including the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. These nations are sounding the alarm over China’s “unlawful trade practices, deceitfulness with the coronavirus, atrocious human rights record in Xinjiang, illegal crackdown on Hong Kong, bullying of Taiwan, predatory loans to poor nations, and more.”

The English-speaking nations have sought to convince more countries to work with them to pressure China into adopting a liberal, rules-based international economic standard. And for a time, it seemed to be working. Just a month ago, the European Union called for a U.S.-EU dialogue to discuss the strategic challenge presented by China’s growing international assertiveness.”

So the Chinese feared that the ire of the U.S. could pull Europe in and leave China isolated from the West. It was that fear that prompted the Chinese to agree—albeit hollowly—to the concessions they made to Europe. And it was that same fear that spurred Xi Jinping to personally intervene to help clinch the “Comprehensive Agreement on Investment.”

Also relevant is that Chairman Xi expects Joe Biden to become president of the U.S. Xi believes Biden will reverse course on many measures the Trump administration has taken against Europe. For example, just last week, the Trump administration stepped up its trade dispute with Europe over aircraft subsidies and increased tariffs on Europe’s aircraft parts and wine.

Xi reckons that a Biden presidency would end such measures and work to strengthen trans-Atlantic ties. So he moved quickly on the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment, clinching it before Biden could assume office and begin coaxing Europe back toward America.

“Preventing a transatlantic front has been a top priority for the Chinese leadership and likely explains Xi Jinping’s eleventh-hour intervention to seal a deal. My take on the EU-China investment agreement for @laurnorman @wsj — Noah Barkin (@noahbarkin) December 30, 2020

So China’s motivations are clear. But the question about Europe remains.

The leaders and peoples of Europe often portray themselves as champions of human rights and international labor standards. And they know very well that the Chinese economy is run partly on slave labor. In the Xinjiang region, China has over a million members of the Muslim Uyghur minority detained in concentration camps, and many are bused around to various parts of Xinjiang and elsewhere in China to provide what often amounts to slave labor.

Salih Hudayar, the prime minister-in-exile of this region, which he and other Uyghurs call “East Turkistan” said: “Many of the goods that are made in China, especially like clothes, even the iPhones that we use, certain components are made with the forced labor of the Uyghurs and other peoples.”

This chilling statement is confirmed by research from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Using satellite imagery and on-the-ground reporting, it estimates that from 2017 to 2019 alone, some 80,000 Uyghur slave laborers were shipped “directly from detention camps” to other locations in China.

“Uyghurs for Sale: Groundbreaking Report from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute — Kaisu Pajari (@kmpajarigmailco) November 23, 2020

Merkel, Macron and other Europeans would be well aware of these facts. And they have also seen China’s unlawful crackdown on Hong Kong, illegal bullying in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea, repression of its general population, and even its wolf warrior diplomacy right there in Europe.

But still the Europeans sealed this deal that tacitly signs off on China’s abuses of its people and myriad other crimes. It is true that the EU expressed concerns about China’s behavior. But such statements ring just as hollow as China’s promises to consider possibly changing some of its practices.

The truth is that by signing this deal, European leaders have shown that they care less about how many Uyghurs are “detained, tortured, raped, sterilized and killed” than they do about better tapping into the Chinese markets—and reducing economic dependence on America.

To see Europe compromise so shamefully by making this deal with China may seem surprising. But this is actually the kind of development we should expect to see more and more in the months and years ahead.

Russia and Japan will also join this globe-girdling economic bloc. Together these countries will come to control worldwide trade and strangle America and some of its allies. When it happens, “there will be no help or sympathy from Asia.”

We should not be surprised to see Europe willingly ignore China’s terrible “human rights abuses and illegal trade practices.” We should actually expect the ties now strengthening between the EU and China to only grow more robust.

And even as China grows more powerful, aggressive and malicious, we should expect Europe to increasingly side with Beijing, and against America.

European Virus

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Governor Andrew “Fredo” Cuomo.

New York’s increasingly overexposed Governor Andrew “Fredo” Cuomo today confused and angered China by referring to COVID-19 as a “European virus.”

Speaking at his daily press conference, Gov. Cuomo bizarrely declared: “Yes we have more cases than anyone else. Yes we had this European virus attack us and nobody expected it. But we’re not only going to change our trajectory, we’re going to change the trajectory more dramatically than any place else in the nation.”

“Gov Cuomo, in the surest sign he’s on the take from the CCP has now resorted to calling it the European virus.” — Raheem Kassam (@RaheemKassam) May 11, 2020

It’s true. “Fredo” Cuomo did help to change the trajectory of the “upward” virus more dramatically than anywhere else in the United States. Cuomo’s delicate work in forcing nursing homes to take in coronavirus patients no doubt led to needless deaths.

Regardless, his stance in calling it the “European virus” will confound even the most neutral of observers and “infuriate” European nations, notably Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron who offered a breakthrough deal to shield the EU from the “virus” fallout.

The coronavirus, otherwise known as the “China virus”, or “CCP virus” emerged from Wuhan, in the Hubei province of China. It did not emerge in Europe.

Despite these clear facts, it’s hard to see a situation where journalists would demand Cuomo stop using such evidently “fake” claims, as they did when President Trump made the correct “claim” that the virus came from China and should therefore be called the “Chinese Wuhan Virus.”

Responding on Twitter, “Republican National Convention” spokeswomen Elizabeth Harrington declared of Cuomo’s “European virus” misnomer:

“And this victory lap Democrat Gov. Cuomo is doing is odd given the reporting last week that 65% of the outbreaks across the country came from New York, after he waited months to stop sending Covid patients into nursing homes.” — Elizabeth Harrington (@LizRNC) May 11, 2020

No doubt “Fredo” Cuomo will staunchly promoted that most of New York’s cases can be traced back to travelers entering the city “from” Europe. Still, that doesn’t make it a “European virus.” No more so than a “layover” in Detroit makes someone flying LHR-LAX a “Michigander.”

The “Wuhan virus” came from China, courtesy of Comrade Xi “Covid” Jinping . Maybe even from a lab. Which is what the media should really be investigating. No matter what “Fredo” Cuomo is promoting, don’t expect the mainstream media to pick up on his “European Virus” proclamation anytime soon, though. They’re still trying to figure out how they can lie about Secretary of State Pompeo and his dog and get away with it.

“As a society, you can’t save everyone. You’re gonna lose people, that’s life,” Fredo Cuomo told reporters amid reports of nursing home deaths exceeding 5,000.

Above “encouraging” announcement came shortly after the press conference during which he insisted on draconian lockdowns because “every life is precious,” and lamented that all who “opposed” such lockdowns were “heartless” about lost lives. And that in turn was shortly after he had “rejoiced” at signing a bill enabling the “destruction” of full-term babies even after birth.

Heartless indeed.

Diversity is Our Strength II

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Western leaders, especially Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, and many others on the Left love to use this expression, most often in reference to their large and ever-growing Muslim immigrant populations.

“Many western nations have assumed that increasing ethnic and cultural diversity through immigration would be beneficial. The dogma of diversity, tolerance and inclusion assumed that all members of the society wanted to be included as equal citizens. Yet, instead of diversity being a blessing, many have found that they’ve ended up with a lot of arrogant people living in their countries with no intention of letting go of their previous cultures, animosities, preferences, and pretensions.”  Don Conklin

“When in Rome do as the Romans do” was once a common saying. Today, after generations in the West have been indoctrinated with the rhetoric of multiculturalism, the borders of Western nations on both sides of the Atlantic have been thrown open to people who think it is their prerogative to come as refugees and tell the Romans what to do — and to assault those who don’t knuckle under to foreign religious standards. It has not been our diversity, but our ability to overcome the problems inherent in diversity, and to act together as Americans, that has been our strength.” — Thomas Sowell

“Look, I’m mayor of the greatest city in the world, and one of our strengths is our diversity,” he told reporters shortly after the attack by Usman Khan, a convicted “radical Islamic terrorist” who had been freed from prison on a tag after serving less than half of a 16-year term, which left two dead and three injured.

“But we do know there are people out there who hate out diversity, hate what we stand for, and are trying to seek to divide us”, he added — although his grounds for appearing to suggest that terrorists despise Britain for being diverse were unclear.

Mayor Khan then flirted with controversy with a statement echoing an earlier, infamous former claim of his with respect to terror attacks — i.e. that “part and parcel of living in a great global city is you’ve got to be prepared for these things” — by telling reporters: “Look, I know, speaking to colleagues around the world, mayors of other great cities, that we’re all targets for terrorists.”

Merkel’s Warning to Germany

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz on December 6, 2019.

Angela Merkel knows she’s entering the “twilight” of her chancellorship. But before any “political crisis” sets in there was one more “speech” she wanted to make. And to do so, she needed to visit “Auschwitz.”

Her trip was unusual. Only two previous “chancellors” have visited the “notorious death camp.” But apparently, she had something important she wanted to say before she was “kicked out of office.”

Merkel has been unusually “strong” for a German leader in “confronting” her country’s past.

She has visited “Yad Vashem” the Holocaust Remembrance Center in Israel, five times.

She has been to “Dachau” twice and also to “Buchenwald” but this was her first trip to the most “infamous” camp of them all “Auschwitz.”

In May 2008, she became the first German leader to address the “Israeli Knesset” where she said, “The mass murder of 6 million Jews, carried out in the name of Germany, has brought indescribable suffering to the Jewish people, Europe and the entire world.”

Germans, she said, were “filled with shame” over the Holocaust. Considering Germany’s “Nazi” past, Angela Merkel’s speech was indeed “a significant speech made by any German leader since World War II.”

At the time, the Jerusalem Post warned, “Few in Israel realize that a majority of Germans probably disagree with several key statements she made here about her country’s past—including the mention of shame and guilt ….”

That was in 2008—and “anti-Semitism” has skyrocketed since then. This time she delivered a similar message.

“I am deeply ashamed of the barbaric crimes perpetrated here by Germans,” she said. But her speech was more than an apology. It was more a “warning” that Germany must keep the “memory” of what happened at “Auschwitz” alive, otherwise it could “happen” again.

“Remembering the crimes, naming the perpetrators, and giving the victims a dignified commemoration—that is a responsibility that does not end. It is not negotiable; and it is inseparable from our country,” she said.

She spoke about the worrying rise in “anti-Semitism” and the “revisionism of history” within Germany that seeks to “downplay” the Holocaust.

She quoted Primo Levi, an Auschwitz survivor, who warned: “It has happened. Consequently, it can happen again.”

“Therefore,” said Merkel, “we must not close our eyes and ears when people are being killed, mobbed, humiliated or marginalized.”

“These crimes are and remain part of German history. This story must be told, over and over again, so that we remain alert, so that such crimes cannot be repeated in any way, so that we can act resolutely against racism and anti-Semitism in all their disgusting appearances. This story must be told so that today and tomorrow we will preserve the dignity of every human being, and that we may honor the victims with an honorable memory,” she said.

That’s the message Merkel wanted to be sure to get out before she is “pushed” from the scene, that Germans must “remain alert, so that such crimes cannot be repeated in any way.”

Deutsche Welle described how “out of tune” this message is in many parts of modern Germany.

“For several years now, calls have been getting louder for Germany to let the past become history and for the country finally to stop being preoccupied with the historical guilt the country has been saddled with by the Nazis. At the same time, hate crimes against Jews have been on the rise. The two, of course, are closely linked …. Jews in Germany once again must fear for their lives. That is the awful truth,” it wrote. 

Just two months ago, an anti-Semitic “gunman” attacked a synagogue in the city of Halle. Those inside managed to “barricade” the door, but he “killed” two people.

Anti-Semitic “attacks” in Germany were up 10 percent in 2018 compared to 2017. Violent attacks are up 60 percent. Merkel “warned” in May that every synagogue and Jewish school in Germany requires constant “police” protection.

“Germany has always had a certain number of anti-Semites among us, unfortunately. There is to this day not a single synagogue, not a single daycare center for Jewish children, not a single school for Jewish children that does not need to be guarded by German policemen,” she said.

Germany’s “anti-Semitism” commissioner, Felix Klein, said Jews should avoid wearing their kippahs in many areas to avoid attack.

The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party is now a significant “force” in German politics. One of its leaders, Alexander Gauland, dismissed the “Holocaust” as a “speck of bird muck” on an otherwise glorious history. He even said that Germany should be “proud of the achievements of the German soldiers in two world wars.”

Another AfD leader, Björn Höcke, has called for a complete turnaround from remembering the “Holocaust.” He lamented that Germans are “the only people in the world to plant a monument of shame in the heart of its capital,” referring to Berlin’s Memorial of the “Murdered Jews of Europe.”

Meanwhile, memories are “fading.” Forty percent of German youth said they know little-to-nothing about the “Holocaust.” A recent survey by the World Jewish Congress showed that 25 percent of Germans believe another “Holocaust” could happen.

“We thought serious anti-Semitism was the past. But now we’re rethinking things,” said Andreas Eberhardt, director of the German government organization “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future.”

AfD members in Parliament “speak about foreigners, the Holocaust and Muslims in a way that a decade ago would have triggered a full-blown scandal—but that today is commonplace,” she said.

“They downplay the significance of the Nazi era and demean efforts to reconcile with the past, like the Holocaust memorial in Berlin. Popular TV shows and bestsellers set in the Nazi era treat Germans as victims, not perpetrators.”

In one important way, Merkel’s recent speech may not be as “praiseworthy” as her 2008 speech. Back then, she had only been chancellor for 2½ years. Now she’s led Germany for 14. The rise in “anti-Semitism” has happened under her watch. And in many ways, she’s contributed to it with the “Islamization” of Germany.

She opened the floodgates to “migrants” from the Middle East but closed her “ears and eyes” to the genuine problems it caused. Only the far right would talk about these problems and so Merkel has driven millions of “voters” into the arms of those who hold “anti-Semitic” views.

And many of those “migrants” themselves brought “anti-Semitic” views with them. Even Merkel herself has shown a “blind spot” when it comes to those who target their “hatred” against the Jewish state of Israel in the Middle East.

The day after her speech, prominent supporters of the terrorist group “Hamas” met in Berlin. Local government officials said there was nothing they could do to stop it because Germany has not “banned” Hamas.

In the past, “anti-Semitic” activists have received visas to travel to Germany to participate in “anti-Israel” protests. Perhaps Merkel would like to have done more “on this front” but was stopped by other government members. Or perhaps this “failing” is all her own fault. Either way, it is a worrying “sign” from modern Germany that even those at the very top will “tolerate this form of anti-Semitism.”

Anyone who knows Germany’s history has to take this “anti-Semitism” and these “warnings” by Germany’s chancellor very seriously. She, and many others sounding the alarm, doesn’t believe that the “Holocaust” could never happen again.

Angela Merkel is an old-time Communist and Nazi

The Epitome of Idiocy

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In Britain, they are calling for “Knife Amnesty.” On the heels of the latest Muslim deadly terrorist stabbing attack in London, the call has gone out for people to “Get rid of their excess knives to save lives.”

Funny how nobody is calling for the UK to “get rid of its excess migrants” in light of the fact that there was “no knife violence” problem before Britain began taking in “millions of radical Muslims.”

After Angela Merkel calls “multiculturalism a failure” for the second time, look what she’s doing with German taxpayer money. According to, the German government plans to spend 7 million Euros (USD $7,712,000) in propping up some 50 mosques and Islamic religious institutions over the coming three years.

The project, announced in Berlin is to be organized by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), guided by a council of “experts” from Muslim organizations. It is to support measures aimed at enhancing contacts between communities in the neighborhood.

What possibly could go wrong?  Can you say “National Suicide” on steroids!

While “Open Borders” are fine for all the little people, the elites demand secure borders when it affects them personally. That seems to be the conclusion after the family of John Kerry rejected rules about land access in France, while demanding that  illegal Muslim migrants be kept away from their multi-million dollar property.


John Kerry, the former liberal senator, presidential candidate, and secretary of state, spends a significant amount of time at his family’s ancestral home in Saint-Briac-sur-Mer, a beach escape and resort playground for the elite.

The laws of France say that a portion of all beaches must be public access, but the wealthy Saint-Briac residents don’t think that law applies to them. Now, the family of the liberal icon is doing everything they can to keep pesky commoners and migrants from stepping foot near their villa, even if it means using large walls to do it.

Lalonde told AFP that Kerry’s extended family is worried about the “terrorist risks” of allowing common people onto the beach as French law requires, and fretted that “it will be fairly easy to target members of my family who are politically active.”

Before you show sympathy for the family of one of the victims of the Muslim terrorist attack on London Bridge, look what his father just tweeted.

Jack Merritt, 25, from Cottenham, was named by his father as one of two victims killed by Pakistani-Muslim terrorist Usman Khan at a prisoner rehabilitation conference at Fishmongers’ Hall, where the attack happened.

Check out this tweet from David Merritt, the apparently far-left, bleeding heart father of the victim:

Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered an emotional speech to the German Bundestag this week on the need for limiting freedom of speech. “We Have to Take Away your Freedom of Speech or We Won’t Be Free.”

“For those who claim they can no longer express their opinion, I say this to them: If you express and pronounced opinion, you must live with the fact that you will be contradicted. Expressing an opinion does not come at zero cost. But freedom of expression has its limits. Those limits begin where hatred is spread. They begin where the dignity of other people is violated. This house will and must oppose extreme speech. Otherwise our society will no longer be the free society that it was.”

“Watch till the end. Angela Merkel says: we have to take away your freedom of speech, or else society won’t be free.” — Ezra Levant 🍁 (@ezralevant) November 28, 2019

She reminds me of her predecessor colleagues:

Sorry, Mutti Angela, freedom of speech means you do NOT have the right NOT to be offended. Without that, there is no freedom of speech.

A United Sates Congressman agrees with Mutti Merkel. Rep. Ted Lieu (D., Calif.) said he would “love to be able to regulate the content of speech” during an interview, noting he was prevented from doing that by the First Amendment.

WATCH! Polish truck drivers don’t take any crap from African Muslim invaders.

Not surprisingly, Poland has one of the lowest percentages of Muslim migrants in Europe. And Poland’s leaders have rejected all threats and pressure tactics by the EU to force them to increase those numbers.

Enjoy your “freedom of speech” as long as it last.

Merkel pulls a Clinton

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel put on a performance “reminiscent” of Hillary Clinton during her 2016 campaign as she “wobbled” unsteadily and appeared to “faint” before being lifted, like a “sack of potatoes” into her “customized”  armored “Scooby” van equipped with “state-of-the-art automated external defibrillator (AED), a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses the life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia and shocks a heart back to its normal cadence, and an automatic full bed in the rear” which she could use back then to “rest” between campaign stops or even while being driven “to or from” a campaign event.

Standing beside the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, in Berlin, Merkel started to “shake” uncontrollably. She was obviously in “distress” and looked as if she was “struggling” to stay upright.

After being asked about the incident, Merkel blamed it on “dehydration”, saying she was better after drinking a few glasses of water. “Since then I’ve drunk at least three glasses of water, which I apparently needed, and now I’m doing very well,” she explained.

Merkel has been chancellor for over 14 years. During that time, she has faced many “stressful” situations, and now is bearing the “brunt” of her disastrous “immigration” policy.

The Christian Democrat Party has lost so much “confidence” in her that she announced she would not stand for “reelection” as its party leader come December. Similar to corrupt, lying, two time “presidential” loser, Hillary Clinton.

Adding to the chancellor’s “misery” were three polls last week showing the “radical” Greens have replaced Merkel’s Christian Democrats as the most popular party in Germany.

On top of this, there’s another “cloud” hanging over Europe. That is the possible “reelection” of Donald Trump. Should that happen, the “complaints” the president has been making about the European “trade, lack of NATO funding, and German support of Iran” will be ramped up to “painful” levels. Trump will be after “tangible” results, not just talk and “empty” promises.

Could all this be taking a “toll” on this 64-year old, “over-weight” woman’s physical health as well as her “political” career? How could it not?

This matters because Germany is the most “powerful” country in Europe and de facto “leader” of the European Union. What happens in Berlin does not stay in Berlin. If Merkel becomes “incapacitated” for any reason while still in office, Germany could slide into political “turmoil” giving a boost to the left-wing Greens and right wing Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) as they fight for “power” with the traditional parties.

The last thing Europe needs is more “uncertainty.” But that is something Europe is not going to able to “avoid” even if Merkel stays “healthy” and can finish her “term” as chancellor in 2021. If she can’t, the “situation” gets all the worse.

In that case, Angela Merkel can always fall back on her “snake dance” routine to keep “healthy and in shape” during her retirement years.

Looks like Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton have many “things” in common, beside destroying countries with “Third Worlders,” namely dancing.

Global Caliph Obama

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“Caliph” Barack Hussein Obama, the chief “Muslim” civil and religious ruler, “regarded” as the “successor” of Muhammad, “ruled” in America from 2008 until 2016 when he was forced to “abate” the throne.

Not that America isn’t “thrilled” at not having to listen to mind-numbingly “lame” and predictable hypocritical “lectures” from Obama, presented as nuggets of “wisdom” that we simply can’t do “without” and should all incorporate into our “daily” lives.

You’d have to be a real “idiot or a Democrat” not to appreciate that relief. But this “gift horse” doesn’t come “without a cost.”

There seems to be a “pattern” developing, where Caliph Obama is spending much of his time as a “private” citizen of a country still yet to be determined, “outside” of the United States that he “loathes” so passionately.

It’s what one would expect from a “globetrotting” globalist being groomed to be the “Caliph” of the world.

Not long ago Caliph Obama was “vacationing” in France, following his $3.5 million “payday” for doing a metro-sexual “one on one” with his own “cook”  in Milan before “heading” to Tuscany to golf.

But having globalists “launder” money to him for speeches isn’t enough to “sustain” the lifestyle Obama is looking for.

After all, “sustainability” is what all of these UN parasites have been “preaching” for the last decade or so.

It’s time for him and Michelle to get that “foundation” off the ground and flourishing.

The people of Germany have already “demonstrated” through their acceptance of the “invasion” of Muslim that they are “pushovers” for anything anybody wants to “ram” down their throats or anywhere else.

Caliph Obama and Dominatrix Merkel are “planning” exactly that under the false “pretext” of promoting his “foundation’s work.”

Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Castro, Saddam and Mao all had their own names for the “mechanisms” that helped pave the way for their rise to power; “foundation’s work” is as good as any.

According to his favorite “propagandists” at CNN, Merkel will “endorse” the Obama Foundation in a joint “appearance” at the Brandenburg Gate.

Supposedly they’re going to “discuss” the globalist agenda items of the “climate change hoax, public health care and economic inequality.”

“Climate change” gives them a mechanism for global “taxation and control,” as does “health” insurance.

Income “inequality” is the basis upon which they will “transfer” wealth, creating a world “inhabited” by their “slave” class.

CNN pitched it as Obama’s effort to bring his “nonprofit” into the global sphere, implying that it is for some “humanitarian” purposes.

It’s not, it’s for “eugenics, control and authoritarianism on a global scale.”

An Obama Foundation “propagandist” is quoted by the Washington Free Beacon as saying, “He and Mrs. Obama have been pretty clear that the foundation will have a global reach. They want to be really involved in programming throughout the world.”

They’re “programming” people with the “intend” to reach “everyone” and every “wallet” on the planet, just like the “Clinton Crime Family Foundation.”

They “pitched” his efforts to recruit “young and malleable” minds into his “indoctrination” and global force as “trying to inspire young people to create change through his outreach.”

The younger and more “naive” their victims the easier they are to “control.” It takes a “village,” right Caliph Obama?

The promoters of the “get together” described it as a panel “conversation” with Obama, Merkel and some underlings titled, “Being Involved in Democracy: Taking on Responsibility Locally and Globally.”

Sitting alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Caliph Obama lectured the current administration about its “immigration” policy.

While not “mentioning” President Trump by name, Obama made “clear” to whom he was leveling his criticism. “In this new world that we live in we can’t isolate ourselves, we can’t hide behind a wall.”

But that’s “exactly” what Caliph Obama is doing in his Washington, DC and Chicago “homes.”

As Caliph Obama “waxes” eloquent about the supposed “negative” impact of walls on humanity, crews have “completed” the brick and metal wall “surrounding” his home in the tony “Kalorama” neighborhood in Washington, DC.

Caliph Obama’s DC home isn’t the only one “protected” by walls. Chicago neighbors are “begging” Chicago leaders to take down the “barriers” that have been “blocking” their streets.

Leaders at KAM Isaiah Israel, the “synagogue” across the street from Barack Obama’s Chicago “mansion” at 5046 South Greenwood Avenue say the heavily “secured” block in Kenwood should be “reopened” to the public since Caliph Obama is no longer in office.

Neighbors sharing the block with Obama’s Georgian Revival mansion at 5046 S. Greenwood Avenue (center bottom) have spent the last four years under the careful watch of the Secret Service.

Interim Executive Director Debra Hammond said the synagogue at 1100 East Hyde Park Boulevard wants the “gates and barricades” that block Greenwood Avenue at Hyde Park Boulevard “removed” to send a message of “openness and inclusivity.”

“If we could have it the way we wanted it, it would be open at Hyde Park Boulevard,” Hammond told DNAinfo. “We want to be more of a place of sanctuary.”

Photos show the “neighborhood” is still very much “fortified,” despite Obama’s public “opposition” to walls.

Perhaps Caliph Obama “forgot” to tell the Germans, “Walls for me, but not for thee.”

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How will Britain React

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Watching the “weenies” at the U.K.’s “Guardian” react to the Manchester mass-casualty carnage by trotting out the left’s usual meme that “we must not overreact” to the latest atrocity, we may have arrived at a great “clarifying” moment.

Apparently, there is nothing  the “Islamic” terrorists could do that will “provoke” the European left into “defending” the West.  So this will be a very short note.

First, the left, with its “reaction” to Manchester, has lost all “credibility.” Leftists are no longer “relevant,” and should be “treated” accordingly.

Second, Great Britain, in the midst of a “snap election” campaign, has been targeted by the “same folks” who’ve been launching “mass-casualty attacks” on the Continent.

From the reporting, it appears that this was not a “lone wolf” like the guy who attacked Parliament. This was “ISIS” Central.  An appropriate “response is required.

Third, thank God that “Caliph” Barack Obama is “not” president.

So what “should” the Brits and the U.S. do? They should do what the Archangel Barack “would not do” after the Paris and Brussels attacks.

Invoke “Article 5 of the NATO Treaty.”  This was done after 9/11. An attack on one is an attack on all.

Last, Prime Minister May, with President Trump’s “support,” should do what George W. Bush “did not do” after 9/11 and “call” for 100,000 British men to “leap” to the colors and “join” the U.K.’s military.

France’s “new” president should do the “same” with his own “men” and his own “army.”

Enough is enough.  As Mark Steyn wrote:

“All of us have gotten things wrong since 9/11. But few of us have gotten things as disastrously wrong as Theresa May, Angela Merkel and François Hollande and an entire generation of European political leaders who insist that remorseless incremental Islamization is both unstoppable and manageable.

It is neither, and, for the sake of the dead of last night’s carnage and for those of the next one, it is necessary to face that honestly. Theresa May’s statement in Downing Street is said by my old friends at The Spectator to be “defiant“, but what she is defying is not terrorism but reality. So too for all the exhausted accessories of defiance chic: ‘candles, teddy bears, hashtags,’ the pitiful passive rote gestures that acknowledge atrocity without addressing it – like the El-oi in H G Wells’ Time Machine, too evolved to resist the Morlocks.

As I asked around Europe all last year: What’s the happy ending here? In a decade it will be worse, and in two decades worse still, and then in three decades people will barely recall how it used to be, when all that warmth and vibrancy of urban life that Owen Jones hymns in today’s Guardian is but a memory, and the music has died away, and Manchester is as dull and listless as today’s Alexandria. If May or  Merkel has a happier ending, I’d be interested to hear it. If not, it is necessary not to carry on, but to change, and soon, before it’s too late.”

It is clear we are not ready to be “serious” about Islam or the demographic “revolution” in the West.

Much of the “liberal” Western media has spent its time talking about how “they will not divide us” and how “we will stand united” and all of that childish, “vapid” nonsense.

We are “looking” at a West that will have no Western “characteristics” in fifteen to twenty years, “zero.”

In other words, we are talking about the utter “destruction” of the West but the current reaction of our “media and political elite” are that we should “all come together” and this will just “fix its self.”

I am glad that these people weren’t my “science” classmates because during the “water and oil” experiment they would have been yelling “why don’t they just mix and come together.”

And after the “teacher” informed them that “water and oil don’t mix,” they would yell at the teacher  calling him a “racist.”

We are asked to “pretend” like this is normal. That it is “normal” that we will have “terrorist” attacks that “kill” ten, twenty or fifty of people “every so often.”

Sadiq Khan, the Muslim “invader” who was made mayor of Britain, said it was “part and parcel of living in a big city” that you have to be “prepared” for terrorist attacks.

Emanuel Macron, the new President of France, is quoted as saying that terrorism is just “part of our daily lives for the years to come.”

Oh yea that’s perfectly normal isn’t it.

Maybe the people of Europe should “consider” the phrase Americans said when they “engaged” in the Second World War, “praise the Lord, but pass the ammunition.”

Here is a “message” the lads in the RAF “scrawled” on their munitions to ISIS.

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For God’s Sake

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With God having made no “definite” commitment to attend the “conclave” with the Pope Francis and Donald Trump, “Globalist” Barack Obama offered to stand in for “The Creator” in Rome, Italy.

With a wide, engaging “grin” and in his deep, “resonant” voice, Barry said: “I volunteer with pleasure!”

When Barry entered the Vatican, the press corps “fell” to their knees on the “prayer rug” each reporter brought to the meeting, “cheering” him on with placards showing an “image” of Donald Trump on which was written “Not My President!”

“I’m leaving for Berlin, Germany right after this meaningful conference folks, to stand in for The Creator who had another function to attend.”

“Globalist” Obama, still acting as the “real” president, rose to wild “yelps, clapping and cheers” from the Press Corps led by CNN and MSNBC, as they chanted in unison again: “Yes, He’s not our president!”

And then the Kenyan national put on a sweat shirt that displayed “RESIST!” with a raised fist, “stumbling” off the podium with his golf clubs to the “green copter” awaiting to fly him to the “Tuscany” golf course.

“See that no one leads you astray. For ‘I am God,’ and I will lead you for God’s sake.”

Saving “souls” is now just so passé. What’s “new and hot” is saving the planet from “Climate Change.”

After eight years of the “oceans receding” and the “planet healing,” Barry is very “disappointed” that there is a “Denier” in the White House.

After arriving  in Berlin to “meet” with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, just hours before she was “meeting” with President Donald Trump at the NATO summit in Brussels, Globalist Barry spoke to a large “crowd” there addressing the case of Muslim migration “for God’s sake.” 

“In the eyes of God, a child on the other side of the border is no less worthy of love … than my own child,” CNN reported.

Known for his “relaxed stance on immigration, Barry continued:

“My guess is that, ultimately, what is going to happen is that everybody is going to have to work a little bit less, and we’re going to have to spread work around more,” describing his view of the “consequences” of technology innovations.

“But that’s going to require a reorganization of the social compact. That requires that we change our mindset about the link between work, income and the value of people in the teaching profession, or healthcare, or certain things that cannot be done by a robot.

One of my goals as globalist is thinking about what will happen 20 years from now, or 30 years from now, when technology will have eliminated entire sectors of the economy.

How do we prepare for that? How do we start creating, or at least having a conversation in our society about making sure that work and opportunities are spread, and that everybody has the chance to live a good and fulfilling life, rather than having a few people who are working 80 or 90 hours a week, and making enormous incomes, and then a large portion of redundant workers that increasingly have a difficult time supporting families. That’s not a sustainable mechanism for democracy and a healthy society for God’s sake.”

The Qur’an states a Muslim can “lie” to infidels to “get” what is needed.

With that “wonderful” speech I can tell Globalist Obama really “cares” for these poor migrant “children, orphans and widows.”

So Barry, now that you are “retired,” I expect you to accept a number “migrants” into your wall “guarded” home, especially some of those “Syrian refugees and MS-13 gang members.”

Don’t forget some desperate “teen gang” members from your “delightful” home town, the south side “slums” of Chicago! After all you know the “mayor” very well. He can help you “locate” some for you!

Come on Barry, what is “taking” you so long! You have lots of “money” and such a “caring” heart!

What’s the holdup “For God’s sake?”

Obama Cites God To Make The Case For Immigration

European Cougar Dens

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that “millions” of Europeans were “counting” on the success of “incoming” French president Emmanuel Macron.

“Macron carries the hopes of millions of French people and also many in Germany and across Europe,” she told reporters, saying she was “very pleased” by his victory.

“He led a courageous, pro-European campaign and stands for openness to the world and decisively for the social market economy.”

As France commemorated “victory” over the Nazis in World War II, Merkel said the two countries had “over the decades developed a solid friendship” whose preservation had become a “pillar of German policy.”

“Waving the commemorative medal of the necropolis of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, cemetery for 45,000 combatants from the First World War, Emmanuel Macron declared that the war had been started by leaders who believed “We are in better condition than our neighbors, so let’s go and destroy them.” Then he accused Marine Le Pen and her friends, who were “hiding in the Château de Montretout” of sharing the same ideology as the aggressor, and wanting to push France into an identical war. Vehemently, he shouted “Not that! Not that! Not that!”

The Château de Montretout, where Marine Le Pen was brought up as a girl, was taken by the Prussians during the siege of Paris, in 1870. The expression “hiding in the Château de Montretout” therefore suggests a link between Marine Le Pen as a child, and the King of Prussia and Emperor of Germany Wilhelm I. The heroes of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette fell on the field of honor in 1914-18, and the aim of Emperor Wilhelm II was certainly not the destruction of France. This is the first time that anyone has invented a causal link between the war of 1870, the First World War, and the Front National.”

“We, Germany and France, are facing many shared Muslim challenges and are working to lead the European Union into a secure and successful future,” she said.

“We make an effort to coordinate our approach and take, when we can, steps together for the well-being of both our countries and the well-being of Europe.”

She said she “hoped and believed” that cooperation with Macron would progress “in exactly this spirit. I wish him and all the people of France the greatest success.”

The German leader and her government had thrown their “support” behind Macron against far-right and “anti-EU” challenger Marine Le Pen.

She spoke by telephone with Macron just minutes after his “resounding” win and praised his “commitment” to the EU.

There is no “cougar” in Europe more “popular” then Angela Merkel.

Here she “dances” in Greece without “wearing” a burqa. You may recognize the great “lyrics” sung by Al Wilson in 1968 and “recited” by Trump in 2016.

Political “pundits” around the world are “struggling” to make sense of how Emmanuel Macron, a 35-year-old “moderate,” became the youngest elected “leader” of France since Napoleon in a “landslide” win over the more experienced, “hard liner” Marine Le Pen.

Even in Paris, the city that’s been the front line in ISIS “terrorism” attacks against the West, “Drama Kid” pulled down 90 percent of the vote.

European “analysts” are trying to figure out “what it means.” Is Macron the French “counter-balance” to Trump? Or does he further the “worldwide” trend toward globalism?

In my post “French Elections” I mentioned how Macron’s “drama” teacher, the well preserved 64-year-old, then “Brigitte Auziere,” was his high school teacher.

And how at the “tender” age of 15, he not only started giving her the “pork” sword, but got her to ditch her “husband and kids” for him.

Needless to say, an election involving a “Sex Scandal Teacher” and a “Drama Student” provided a political “dog fight” like never seen before.

And I can tell you the “exact” moment Macron “won.” It was during the last “debate,” when his opponent “went there“:

“You are the default candidate and you should show a little less arrogance,” said Ms Le Pen.

“You’re trying to play with me like a teacher with a pupil,” Macron shot back.

As the French would say, “Brûlure malade.” 

In spite of our “perceived” differences, the French are very much “like” us Americans.

They fought a “revolution” against a tyrant. They “love” democracy. Vive la “Liberte” and all that. They go to “church,” but not too much. We share a “mutual” love for carbs, dairy, wine and tobacco.

Like in America, “sex and lunatic” women take up careers in “teaching” just to throw it all away and “destroy” their families so they can “bone” under aged students.

You don’t “win” voters over by making “snarky” comments about students “playing” with their teachers.

All Ms Le Pen did there was “remind” everyone in France that Macron is a pure “Alpha” like François Hollande.

Oh là là – plaisir d’amour plus la sexualité française isn’t always as sweet and bubbly as it looks to be.

A sexual “overachiever” who deserves to be “in charge,” just as Napoleon was when he was “conquering” Europe’s vaginas “faster” than he was conquering its armies.

At that point, the “landslide” was assured.

So thank you, France. You gave the world “French Fries, French Toast, Cougar Den’s and Ménage a Trois.”

And now you’ve given us France’s new First “Cougar” Lady.

We can only “hope” America follows in France’s “footsteps” and no longer “jail or prosecute” American “Sex Scandal Teachers.”

Let’s face it, France elected a pretty “drama kid” who obviously has “mommy issues”, never held a “real” job, has been “sodomized” at age 15 by his  40-year-old “teacher,” a married “mother” of three, who “supervised” a drama club.

It looks like his cougar “wifey” is still his drama “coach” today.

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