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We are all used to Amazon delivering packages to our doors and mailboxes. But did you know that Amazon also delivers virtually every filmed video in the United States to your screen?

According to an article at the American Prospect, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides service to 32 percent of the Internet. However, the dominance of AWS expands further when examining digital video delivery in the United States.

“AWS is the back-end provider for Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Paramount+, Peacock, HBO Max, Discovery+, and of course, Amazon Prime. As of February of this year, that list includes the top six streaming services in the U.S. by subscribers; Discovery+, which is not on that list, is merging with HBO Max, and Paramount+ didn’t launch until March. Just from those top six, 558.8 million U.S. subscribers rely on AWS to get their streaming video. Yes, this is more people than live in the United States; that’s because, as you doubtless know, many people subscribe to more than one streaming service.”

Over 550 million streaming accounts in the U.S. are run by AWS. In addition, every major movie studio (Disney, Universal, Warner Bros., and Paramount) stream their new releases on services run by AWS. Even movie theaters receive their new releases via a cloud, which is run by, you guessed it, AWS.

Not only is movie distribution relying on Amazon Web Services for distribution and digital infrastructure, but over 1,600 television channels utilize AWS. That includes Fox, Viacom, CBS and the Discovery families of networks.

“If you are watching a filmed piece of entertainment on any screen at a theater, at home or on your phone through a digital direct-to-customer stream, on a television network, or on a streaming service, the odds are extremely likely that you’re making use of AWS.”

No matter which service you choose to use, Amazon has some amount of control in having it delivered to your screen: They have a phantom monopoly on the filmed media industry in the United States. This phantom monopoly should concern us all because Amazon has a track record of censoring content that does not align with its political agenda. Amazon has barely flexed its censorship muscles but has already shown what power it holds.

The most significant censorship by Amazon was the removal of Parler from its servers, giving the social media company only 24 hours’ notice on January 10. This was in conjunction with Apple and Google banning Parler from their app stores. Amazon claims Parler violated the service agreement by allowing violent content to be shared on its platform. The Amazon e-mail stated that it “cannot provide services to a customer that is unable to effectively identify and remove content that encourages or incites violence against others.”

After the January 6 protests, Parler did not ban content about election fraud, President Donald Trump or any other opinion. Other Big Tech companies banned President Trump and have since censored any content about election fraud, Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness, and the integrity of the 2020 presidential election. These opinions do not align with those of these tech giants.

While these Big Tech companies have blocked individuals or certain content, Amazon has the power to completely blot out websites at a whim. Thirty-two percent of the Internet is run on Amazon Web Services. That is a lot of power for a company that may decide your opinions “encourage or incite violence” or violate any of its vague service agreement clauses.

Another instance occurred when Amazon removed the documentary “Created Equal on Justice Clarence Thomas” from its streaming service with no warning or notice. According to the Wall Street Journal: Director Michael Pack said that Created Equal was doing well on Amazon, so it wasn’t pulled because no one wanted to see it. “For a while our film was, briefly, No. 1 in documentaries. And I think it’s still No. 25 or 30, so it’s been selling,” he said. Notably, he added, less-popular documentaries about Anita Hill and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg continue to be available for streaming on Amazon. “So why don’t they offer Created Equal? There’s obviously customer demand.”

Amazon has not given an explanation on why it suddenly decided to remove a documentary on a conservative minded Supreme Court justice (contractually it is not required to provide an explanation). But this is not the first time Amazon has removed content, as WSJ explained:

“If this episode sounds familiar, it’s because Amazon pulled a similar stunt last fall. Eli Steele’s What Killed Michael Brown?—a critique of liberal social policies that was written and narrated by his father, the race scholar Shelby Steele—was slated to stream on Amazon in October, then held up for reasons the company never fully explained.”

Amazon eventually relented and made the film available, but only after these pages weighed in and made a fuss. The documentary was picked up by the Daily Wire and is available to view on its website. This is an example of Amazon censoring content it directly controls. But as seen through the Parler example, it can remove the support servers for any of the businesses that use AWS.

While most of these streaming corporations lean left and allow unspeakably immoral content on their platform for millions of Americans to consume, it is doubtful any would allow their company to be destroyed for the sake of free speech. Amazon has enough leverage over the industry to cause universal censorship. This behavior has been manifest in another Amazon business line.

In addition to its dominance in the film industry, Amazon also controls 83 % of the book market. So what happens if the book you are selling does not align with Amazon’s opinions?

In early 2021, Amazon banned the book When Harry Became Sally, by conservative Ryan T. Anderson, which provides a different view on the transgender movement. The book was first released in 2018 and was one of the bestsellers on Amazon. The official Amazon policy states:

“We don’t sell certain content including content that we determine is hate speech, promotes the abuse or sexual exploitation of children, contains pornography, glorifies rape or pedophilia, advocates terrorism, or other material we deem inappropriate or offensive.”

Amazon sold the book in 2018, 2019 and 2020, but decided in 2021 that it is in violation of these guidelines. Three Republican senators wrote to Amazon asking for an explanation on the decision. Amazon responded by saying it has “chosen not to sell books that frame lgbtq+ identity as a mental illness.”

To add to the confusion, in May 2021 Amazon decided to keep selling Abigail Shrier’s book “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.” Nearly 500 Amazon employees have signed a petition to have the book removed. At least two Amazon employees have resigned in protest. In 2020, Amazon refused to allow paid promotions of Ms. Shrier’s book.

In addition to the books that challenge the radical-leftist view of transgenderism, Amazon also temporarily banned criticism of the reaction to Covid-19, as NBC News writes:

Last year, Amazon blocked the selling of a self-published e-book that claimed the harms of the coronavirus were overstated, but reversed its decision after Elon Musk tweeted that the company’s decision was “insane.”

Amazon has been so inconsistent and vague that its unpredictability only allows censorship to be easier in the future. Would Amazon ever leverage its dominance in the film and book industry to censor opposing opinions?

Amazon’s new CEO is left-leaning Andy Jassy, who was leading Amazon Web Services when it de-platformed Parler, he’s now over the entire company. Amazon has censored before, and it likely will again. The war over censorship is moving toward a climactic battle.

After the January 6 protests, Big Tech acted in a concerted manner to censor any news or opinions that claimed the riot was not a terrorist attack or insurrection. Michelle Obama wrote a letter to Big Tech CEO’s to censor Donald Trump and conservatives and they did her bidding. However, since the Biden administration has taken power, it has escalated to state-sponsored censorship.

The Wall Street Journal ran an article that quotes a letter from two Democrat representatives addressed to Amazon, Apple, Google and cable companies. It reported:

“The letter is a demand for more ideological censorship. Our country’s public discourse is plagued by misinformation, disinformation, conspiracy theories and lies,” write Reps. Anna Eshoo and Jerry McNerney. They quote a claim that right-wing media is “much more susceptible,” and demand to know why Amazon’s Fire TV carries certain conservative programs.

Since when have lawmakers asked private companies to censor their political opponents? On July 15, the New York Post reported that the Biden administration is compiling a list of posts for Facebook to censor: “White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the Biden administration is identifying ‘problematic’ posts for Facebook to censor because they contain ‘misinformation’ about Covid-19.”

Is Big Tech virtually another branch of the U.S. government? President Donald Trump is suing Facebook, Twitter and Google for censorship, claiming that the companies are acting as government agents, working hand-in-glove with the radical left. The battle over Big Tech censorship and free speech is ramping up.

Where is all of this leading? There will come a time in the future when free speech will be unavailable. The message coming from God’s work will disappear, like food disappearing in a famine. Amos also says that the “land is not able to bear all his words” (Amos 7:10). People in America will not be able to bear the message of warning and will seek to censor that message.

Besides the other tech giants, it is not hard to imagine how a company like Amazon, which has such a dominant influence on the Internet, film industry and online bookselling, could cause a famine of God’s Word.

That time is not here yet. God does deliver America from bitter affliction for a short period of time (2 Kings 14:26-27). What does this mean for you?

Watch and observe where Big Tech censorship is leading.

Amazon Book Burning

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Book burning has always been a crucial ingredient of totalitarianism.

In the 1930s the German Student Union infamously made “bonfires” from books considered antithetical to National Socialism. Similarly, the zealots who executed Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution “destroyed” books opposed to the diktats of Chinese Communism.

The United States hasn’t been “immune” to suppressing ideas by destroying books. For example, during the years leading up to the Civil War, abolitionist tracts were gathered in public squares by Southern post masters and “burned” instead of delivered. In the North, abolitionists’ printing presses were “destroyed”, and their offices set on fire.

John Milton wrote back in 1644, “Who kills a man kills a reasonable creature… but he who destroys a good book, kills reason itself.” Which, of course, is the point. “Book burning” is fueled by emotional zeal and an intense desire to “silence” opposition.

Conservative author and public intellectual Ryan T. Anderson just became the victim of a modern-day “book burning.” Anderson, who leads the “Ethics and Public Policy Center”, became well known—and hated, in some quarters—for his unequivocal opposition to “same sex marriage.”

In more recent years, he entered the fray over “transgenderism” and three years ago, wrote the provocatively titled “When Harry Became Sally” to argue against transgenderizing medicine and popular culture. It quickly became an Amazon best seller.

That was then. Today, only one opinion about transgenderism is allowed—and that is to enthusiastically “endorse” the current cultural trends. Indeed, transgender activists have sparked a “moral panic” in which those who argue in favor of the “binary” may soon find themselves socially excommunicated as “transphobic” bigots.

This is true even of such powerful cultural figures as Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling—who has been falsely branded a “hater” because she believes that girls are born “female” and boys, “male.” The heat against Rollins became so intense that former fans began posting videos online of themselves “burning” Harry Potter books.

It is one thing when fans destroy books as a protest. It is quite another, it seems to me, when publishers and book sellers—“the stewards of the free exchange of ideas”—act in a concerted manner to stifle intellectual discourse by banning the sale or publication of books.

But that is exactly what Amazon just did to Anderson’s views. Proving that there’s more than one way to burn a book, not only does Amazon refuse to sell “When Harry Became Sally” but it has scrubbed all “references” to the book from its website.

Such censorship doesn’t just affect Anderson. When the largest bookseller in the world “disappears” a book because it takes the “wrong” side in an intense societal controversy, the message is sent to publishers that it is risky to print “heterodox” points of view on a myriad of issues. That hurts us all.

It isn’t just books that take a conservative view on transgenderism that are being tossed in the proverbial flames. Andrew Ngo, an independent investigative journalist, just authored “Unmasked,” an expose about the violent anarchists known as Antifa.

Such a book, albeit controversial, is in the best traditions of furthering informed public debate. But when leftists learned that the venerable Powell’s Books of Portland, Oregon—Antifa’s home city—stocked the book, they mounted an aggressive protest. It only took a few days for Powell’s to be bullied into removing “Unmasked” from its shelves.

Retailers are not the only members of the book industry adding fuel to the fire. Sometimes a book is squelched before it is even published. When Penguin Random House Canada announced it was publishing controversial psychologist Jordan Peterson’s new book, “Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life” employees had a collective conniption and demanded the book be canceled.

Peterson is loathed among the Woke for refusing to call transgendered biological females “women,” and transgendered males, “men.” Happily, Penguin refused to yield to their employee’s hysteria.

But what are we to make of the five hundred or so writers, editors, and other book industry professionals who signed an open letter demanding that publishers refuse all book proposals from former President Donald Trump and members of his administration? Such censorship goes against every value of book publishing by attempting to create and enforce a “one-sided view of history.”

None of this is illegal, of course. But that makes it all even more alarming since we depend on the publishing industry to “disseminate” controversial ideas from provocative authors. “When unpopular voices are stifled, intellectual freedom itself is placed at risk.”

I worry that Amazon’s scrubbing of “When Harry Became Sally” was merely the kindling that builds a raging fire. Tomorrow, books opposed to “critical race theory” may be thrown on the pyre. The day after that, arguments against “abortion, assisted suicide, Darwinism, or in support of religious freedom”—indeed any social criticism the Woke in charge of our intellectual institutions brand “hateful, bigoted, or uncompassionate”—could be disallowed.

Still, we should take heart in the realization that book burners “dance before the inferno” because their own arguments are weak. All blazes eventually run out of fuel, but good ideas are phoenixes.

No matter how hard they try to stifle discourse, the censors always fail.

After Transgender Comes ‘Transable’ Healthy Limb Amputations

How To Survive Big Tech

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The largest technology companies in the United States don’t like you very much. Conservatives will have their voices silenced just like the dissenters in China.

So, what should you do to survive “The Purge”

Social Media

Start by recognizing that you can’t fix the tech platforms that are bent on eradicating your “Social Media” point-of-views. You’ll have to go elsewhere or be exiled. So consider alternative social media platforms focusing on freedom of speech like Parler, Gab, MeWee, Rumble, etc.

Search Engines

Google kicked Parler off its app store because it disagreed with posts that users published. Weak, lame, silly, petty. Yeah, but it is what it is. You can’t fix Google, so avoid it.

DuckDuckGo is a fantastic search engine, they don’t track you, don’t sell your data and do not have the algorithmic political bias that Google does. Go HERE to see how to change the search engine you use from Google to ANYTHING else.

Another great search engine is Brave, a fast, private and secure web browser for PC, Mac and mobile. Download now to enjoy a faster ad-free browsing experience that saves data and battery life by blocking tracking software.

Tech Choices

Apple and Google kicked free speech company Parler off of its app store. If you have an iPhone or a Pixel, you’re financially supporting their actions.

While Samsung still uses Google’s Android OS, picking a phone not made by Apple or Google nets the monopolistic demons much less revenue than buying their phones.

You can also “de-Google” your Android phone to completely release you from Big Tech’s grasp:

The ultimate idea is to make sure you aren’t stuck on a single platform, with a single provider, on a single device. You must decentralize your communications so that you can get the information you need.

While luxuriating in Tahiti, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made a shameful but bold decision: He removed thousands of conservative voices from his platform, including GrrrGraphics. You can follow GrrrGraphics on Gab with same ID @GRRRGRAPHICS.

Our mass violation? We were all pro-Trump. Dorsey “lied” and said we were promoting ”violence” while he allowed “hang Pence” messages to stay.

Not to be outdone, Jeff Bezos also “cleansed” the Twitter alternative, Parler, from his company’s cloud servers. Trump supporters are now being smeared as “terrorists” by the far left mega billionaires.

Throughout 2020, Facebook was busy “censoring” conservative voices on their platform. Mark Zuckerberg is good friends with China’s President Xi.

Zuckerberg speaks Chinese. He asked Xi to name his child. Zuckerberg clearly interfered with the election by refusing to allow any comments or links to Hunter’s notorious laptop. Facebook went the Hillary route of lying and said with zero proof that it was “Russian disinformation.”

Try using Google for any searches of conservative opinions and you’ll see page after page of leftist opinions stating why conservatives are wrong. Goggle does “evil” and it’s now nothing more than a “socialist propaganda arm” and not a search engine.

Many on the left claim it’s perfectly fine for these CEOs to burn conservative opinions. After all, they are private companies and can do whatever they want. Not exactly. They are publicly-held companies. Twitter’s stock got slammed the other day and rightfully so. Let’s hope the mega billionaires are all taken down a peg or two, but more importantly, we all need to point out the hypocrisy of the left for blatantly violating our First Amendment.

The lefty mega billionaires know their plans for us are unpopular. Their ideas don’t stand up in the marketplace of ideas, so they want to limit and control that marketplace.  They know this is not aligned with our Constitution, but they don’t care. They admire the “Chicoms” system more. Hence their naked display of reckless power.

They must be awfully “afraid” if they’re resorting to “silencing” millions of Americans.

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The vilification and purge is not so much about Trump as it is about you

Tooth Fairy Nancy Pelosi

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The woman leading the latest Democrat “conspiracy” theory thinks the “Tooth-Fairy” mails kids’ messages.

Yes, that’s right, “insane” Nancy Pelosi made her case for saving the post office, by saying the “Tooth-Fairy” needs a way to send messages to kids.

I don’t know about you, but I never received any mail from the Tooth-Fairy. I did get some quarters under my pillow, but I’m pretty sure that was from my mom, not the mailman.

If you weren’t already convinced that the Democrats “jumped the shark” on this whole USPS farce they’ve been pulling, maybe this will convince you.

After Obama removed 14,000 mailboxes between 2011 and 2016 during his “reign of terror”, Nancy Pelosi and the communist Democrat today “rammed” through a bill giving another $25 billion to the USPS.

She still can’t be bothered to “compromise” on a coronavirus relief bill for all Americans, but she has no problem throwing $25 billion to the USPS that has been “bleeding” money for decades. This isn’t something new.

When asked about it by the softball press, “Drunkard” Pelosi gave the reason why the post office needs another $25 billion. Because of the tooth fairy and Santa Clause. Seriously!

Pelosi must’ve hit the “alcohol” again before she gave this presser. Notice how her “jaw and mouth” don’t move correctly as she struggles to “pronounce” words. It seems all the liquor and Botox has really “scrambled” whatever Pelosi has left of a brain.

“Senile” Granny Pelosi on Postal Service: “I think it’s very useful to people to take the pride that it does — letters to Santa, messages from the tooth fairy, families communicating… More important than that is important as that is to our culture, our health.” 

It’s ridiculous that we have to sit here and entertain this nonsense. The Dems are desperate and they cook up these wild “conspiracy” theories and the country is suddenly held “hostage” by this stupidity until a new “outrage” occurs.

The truth of the matter is that the US Postal Service has been a “sinking ship” for decades. They’re a government “black hole” that gobbles up endless amounts of “tax dollars” but has hardly anything to show for it.

Right now, the USPS has $14 billion on hand and $10 billion in credit and they’re actually making more money today than last year.

The US Postal Service basically delivers mainly “garbage” mail. Every single day I make the trek to my mailbox to see if anything important might show up. Almost always, it’s just “advertisement or political junk.”

The USPS are the “spam” delivery vehicle of the 21st century and, for whatever reason, Democrats want them to keep doing it. I don’t.

I don’t like having to throw away several pounds of paper every month. I’d rather they didn’t deliver it – so why do I need them?

I get my bills “online” and pay them that way. I don’t remember the last time I “stuffed” a check in an envelope and “slapped” a stamp on it. I vote “in-person” because I actually live day-to-day in my precinct, so why wouldn’t I just stop off and vote?

Personal correspondence is no longer in letter form. We use “email, texting, social media” – nothing that requires 1st class postage. As far as I can tell, the only things going through all those letter sorting machines are “credit card” offers I never asked for and unsolicited offers from people who want to by my “house for cash.”

USPS delivered 103.7 billion 1st class parcels (envelopes, mailers, etc) at its peak in 2001, according to a USPS webpage. Since then, letter-sized mailing volume has dropped substantially. In 2019, USPS processed just 54.9 billion 1st class items – and increasingly, it’s just junk.

Why do I need the USPS? Even stuff “ordered” from Amazon is “dropped” off in nearby “lock boxes.”

UPS, DHL and FedEx deliver packages much more efficiently than the USPS and they have never, not even once, dropped off a “junk or spam” package. So again, remind me WHY DO I NEED THE USPS?

It’s time to “defund” the post office. I don’t want what they send me and other companies are better at delivering the things I DO want. It’s time to let the mailman move along. But, will they?

Here’s the crux, a ton of government workers, who you’ve probably had “negative” personal interactions with, don’t want to, or can’t, work anywhere else. They certainly can’t imagine taking on the workload of a FedEx, DHL or UPS employee.

It’s sad, but the post office is “clueless” on customer service, efficiency and accuracy. They just aren’t good at it. It’s time to let one of the worst “customer service” agencies, and a relic of a bygone era, die.

Any ideas on how to get rid of the “Department of Motor Vehicles” (DMV)? They’re next. Terrible service, hate their customers and really don’t do anything useful. Almost everything can be “renewed” via the Internet.

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Promo material for “Cracka,” a new TV show to be released by Amazon in the fall that imagines a world where whites are enslaved by blacks.

Amazon’s New Show About ‘White Slaves’
by Shireen Qudosi

The history of “black slavery” is a horrendous part of the American narrative, but does it help to “heal the wounds” by normalizing the concept of “whites being enslaved by blacks?”

That’s what director Dale Resteghini envisions with his series “Cracka.” Slated for a fall 2020 release, the series asks, “What if the roles were reversed?”

“You took our breath away, what if we took yours? You raped our daughters, what if we raped yours? You stole our freedom, now we steal yours.” — Title Card for the upcoming TV show “Cracka.”

But it’s more than just reversing the roles. While the series “boasts” of reliving all the horrors of slavery, including the “rapes, beatings and lynching’s,” it also takes a very disoriented approach toward history, as All Hip Hop describes,

The movie offers a present-day so-called white supremacist who is magically thrust back in time to an alternate past where Africans enslave whites and rule the land known as America. … the protagonist – tatted with racist Nazi symbols – begins to harass an African American motorist. It is at that point that the violence starts. After the lead character rains down blows on the motorist, the pseudo-Nazi returns to his home. He then finds himself staring at the barrel of a shotgun and enslaved.

In Cracka, it’s not “enough” that whites are the “slaves” in this alternative world, rather all whites must be depicted as Nazis, which, intentional or not, gives off a message that, unlike the blacks who were enslaved in the American South, the whites in this alternative universe are racists and deserve such punishment.

A show like “Cracka” might look like it’s aligned with pro-black, anti-racist narratives, i.e., by allowing whites to really feel what blacks went through. In actuality, it promotes a distorted vision of that reality, similar to what is being advanced by the “woke” movement of today, where perverse new strains of reverse racism are being embraced as social justice:

  1. By reversing slave roles and making whites look like beasts and savages, the show plays into exactly the same racist narratives that advocates of slavery used to justify the torture and bondage of African Americans.
  1. The show essentially functions as a free marketing campaign for the real (and violent) neo-Nazis of today — a kind of “call to action” in the war of extremes, giving them good visuals for the propaganda they use to increase their ranks.
  1. The show ensures race tensions will be emboldened by pushing into the public consciousness more crude imagery and rhetoric similar to that of snuff films. It is a scientific fact that the human subconscious (with child-like innocence) completely accepts as reality whatever it sees, even if it rationally disagrees with it or rejects it. To have this type of content normalized by a major distributor is genuinely worrisome for the mental and spiritual health of the human race.

Let’s be crystal clear on one thing: “Cracka is not just entertainment. It is extremist propaganda, whether or not it is intended to be.”

The “reverse” of racism is still racism. “Mirrored racism doesn’t beget equity; it begets more racism.”

It is very alarming that the mainstream media and creative industry is openly normalizing the extremism of “racial” supremacy and divisiveness under the guise of black voices. The timing couldn’t be worse.

As a petition to cancel the release of Cracka notes, the show “will only serve to create a more toxic environment and incite and promote more violence.”

Below is the trailer for the show. Warning: It is very difficult to watch, as it is filled with sensational and deranged images that will be streaming straight into millions of homes this fall.

Former White Nationalist Arno Michaelis on Systemic Racism and Moral Agency
COVID-19: Neo-Nazis Capitalize on Crisis
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Nationalization of Amazon

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Nationalization has never worked. Some may point to China as an example of socialist and communist principles being successful, but they have benefited from the sheer mass of their production and population—not to mention currency manipulation and intellectual property theft—to prop up their failed economic ideology. It cannot be duplicated and will not last for much longer. In fact, the coronavirus crisis may be enough to sink China’s economic future now.

Then, there’s Venezuela. This should be the poster-child for how to take a rich and vibrant nation and decimate its wealth as well as its citizens through nationalization and socialistic principles.

Venezuela Timeline:

* 1992: Became the 3rd richest country in the Hemisphere
* 1997 Became the 2nd largest purchaser of the F150
* 2001: Voted for Socialist President “Income Inequality”
* 2004: Private Healthcare is completely socialized
* 2009: Socialist ban private ownership of guns
* 2012: Bernie Sanders praises their “American Dream”
* 2014: Opposition leaders are imprisoned
* 2016: Food/healthcare shortages become widespread
* 2017: Constitution and elections are suspended
* 2019: Unarmed citizens are massacred by government

It only took one generation of socialist/leftist leadership to destroy this country.

Unfortunately, there are many who see it not as a warning but a model to be adopted in America with a few tweaks made to it that will allegedly save us from their fate. One such person who believes this is Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant to call for “nationalizing” Amazon. The video is long but worthwhile to watch what the future will bring.

It’s a standard argument for “radical” progressives. They establish a boogeyman, usually the rich, and blame them for all of the problems faced by average Americans. It’s an easy sales pitch, especially during a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic, because people are susceptible to believing rhetoric that barely touches on their sense of logic. Of course it’s the rich who are causing all of their problems and yes, a nationalized Amazon makes sense, right?

Digging beneath the surface reveals the reality of dangerous ideals like Sawant’s. Even if we dismiss the fact that nationalization has taken down empires and small countries alike for centuries, the notion doesn’t even pass the logic test. If the so-called “mega rich” and the corporations they control are targeted, they will not drive the innovation and entrepreneurship that has helped make this nation great. With no incentive to succeed, the people will soon be owners of companies that are no longer able to operate.

Her ideas are romantic in a way. They appeal to the belief that a democratic system is ideal at all levels, even in private industry. But invariably we’ve seen through history that progressive attempts to mandate the social good are far less effective at achieving their goals than the “selfish” notions of personal responsibility and individualism.

When Americans are unleashed to do what they can without interference, we excel. When government steps in and tries to do things better, they fail miserably. Amazon is Amazon because of the people who built and now operate it. Nationalizing it and allow democratic public ownership would be its death knell.

Left Wing “radicals” like Kshama Sawant are not selling functioning ideas that benefit the people. They’re promoting a pathway to the Marxist “utopia” they envision as their endgame.

Meanwhile, the leftist sheep that buy into it would be the first sacrifices if their goals are ever achieved.

How to pronounce Kshama Sawant’s name:

Note: If she meets presidential candidate Joe Biden, she might want to tell him “Please don’t finger the Shama!”

 Breaking Up Amazon Doesn’t Go Far Enough—We Must Put It Under Public Control

MacKenzie Bezos

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MacKenzie Bezos []
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Buh-Bye, Jeff … I’m Giving Away $17 Billion!!! 

Populism for Idiots

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Rep. Seth Moulton (D., Mass.) is one of the random white dudes running in the Democratic presidential primary.

He recently unveiled a proposal to encourage young Americans to enlist in national service organizations, such as the “military, AmeriCorps, or the Federal Green Corps,” which he would establish as president to combat “climate change.”

Moulton discussed his plan during a recent interview on a “Bud Light Party Deck”:

“Putting one million young Americans serving their country, putting them to service, will cost about $15 billion a year. Now $15 billion — that is a pittance of the money that we give to Amazon every year on a tax break.” — The Hill (@thehill) May 19, 2019

Amazon has become a popular “target” for Democrats these days, most notably when Moulton’s colleague, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.), helped “scuttle” the corporation’s plan to establish a second headquarters in Queens.

The celebrity socialist took a victory lap on Twitter, and proceeded to make some profoundly “ignorant” comments about the economics of “tax incentives”, suggesting that by “not providing” Amazon with $3 billion in tax subsidies, “in exchange for thousands of local jobs and about $27 billion in new revenue,” the city would magically obtain $3 billion to spend on “other” stuff.

Moulton’s comments reflect this “bizarre” sentiment that Amazon’s tax breaks, already in effect or merely proposed, can be “alchemically” converted into cash.

Democrats frequently make ”villains” out of corporations, but Amazon is a particularly bizarre “choice of target.”

For one, it puts them on the same side as Donald Trump, who regularly “tweets” about company founder Jeff Bezos, who also owns the failing Washington Post. But more importantly, attacking Amazon risks putting Democrats “at odds” with their own constituents.

For example, two-thirds of New York residents, including 56 percent of self-described “liberals”, said Amazon’s decision to cancel its “proposed” headquarters in Queens was a bad deal for New York.

A 2018 survey conducted by researchers at NYU and Georgetown University found that Amazon was the most “trusted” institution among Democrats, and the second-most “trusted” among all Americans, behind the military.

Attacking a popular company while making “nonsensical” arguments about how “money” works is an interesting attempt at “left-wing populism.”

There are presumably better, less ”idiotic” options available.

Amazon’s Sex Toy Sales

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Amazon's Sex Toy Sales 02

News Anchor sharing the “truth” about Amazon’s Sex Toy sales makes his Co-Anchor “uncomfortable” to the max.

“My friend works in the warehouse, I swear that’s how I know!”

Though now that I think about it, it is super “convenient” to buy sex toys from Amazon, as “opposed” to what people used to have to do, “walk” into a sex shop, “look” over their shoulders, “hide” behind dark glasses to “peruse” the aisles.

Sex toy sales have to be up 1000000% since the “creation” of Amazon. And really makes you wonder why Wal-Mart is up on their “high” horse about selling sex toys.

Amazon's Sex Toy Sales 03

Wal-Mart will do “anything” for a buck, but they are “above” selling dildos? Get outta here. This isn’t 1950.

Couples “sleep” in the same bed and chicks just want to be able to “buy” a double sided “anal” dildo. Losing that market share to Amazon is downright “bad” business.

Amazon's Sex Toy Sales 01

In fact, now that I think about it, why not start your own “Sex Toy Party Business?”

Let your “freak” flag fly! Let it fly high! Let everybody know you “mean” business. This girl is “committed” to letting people know that she might “need” her dildo at any moment of “every” day.

Amazon's Sex Toy Sales 04

Most people are “afraid” to leave without their cell phones. This chick is afraid to leave home “without” her pink dildo. She just feels “comfortable” in case she needs to “bang” one out real quick before her next stop.

Next Generation Sex Toy – The Glove

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