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Defund Planned Parenthood

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Defund Planned Parenthood 02

“Planned Parenthood” is the largest “provider and promoter” of abortion, yet they “receive” over 360 million of “your” tax dollars each year.

As a “non-profit” their budget is in “excess” of $1 billion.

They performed 328,308 “abortions” in the US last year and did so with our “tax dollars.

We must “stop” this!

Defund Planned Parenthood 01

The pro-life “boost” from Election Day just months ago has given the “pro-life” movement extra “momentum” and we must “act” now if we want to “remove” all government “funding” from Planned Parenthood.

America’s biggest “abortion corporation” has so many tendrils in “We the People’s” paychecks that it’s hard to “determine” all the steps necessary to “uproot” it.

But that is not “stopping” the new Congress from “moving” to end public funding of “Planned Parenthood.”

Defund Planned Parenthood 07

LifeNews reports that 80 members of Congress have reintroduced the “Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act” for consideration in the House of Representatives.

The “head sponsor” is Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.), a regular leader on pro-life and freedom-of-conscience legislation.

As Black puts it, “this legislation would simply clarify the original intent and spirit of the law to ensure that Title X federal funded grants will no longer be awarded to ‘health care’ providers that fail to protect life by providing abortions.”

“Title X” is not the “only” vehicle by which Planned Parenthood uses the government to “dip” into Americans’ income.

The corporation received $655,000 in public money to be a “navigator” for ObamaCare in 2013, plus $75 million through the “Personal Responsibility Education Program” (PREP), a creature of ObamaCare, allegedly for “sex” education.

Parents should keep in “mind” that even if this money is on the level, Planned Parenthood’s version of sex education is horrifying.

Defund Planned Parenthood 09

In its latest annual report, Planned Parenthood “quantifies” the total tax money it “received” at $528.4 million, or “41%” of its total revenue, with 327,653 “abortions” committed.

At a “conservative” estimate of $451 for the “average” abortion, that makes about $150 million in “revenue” directly from “ripping” children apart.

The chances of Barack Obama “signing” the “Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act,” assuming it gets “through” the Senate, are “nil.”

Candidate Obama in 2008 “promised” Planned Parenthood that if he was elected, the “first thing I’d do” is sign the “Freedom of Choice Act,” a bill to “codify Roe v. Wade” by nullifying every “abortion restriction” in America.

Defund Planned Parenthood 04

At another “speech” to Planned Parenthood in 2013, Obama, the first “sitting” president to officially address that corporation, closed by saying, “Thank you, Planned Parenthood, and God bless you.”

But the strategy of “daring” Obama to “veto” a host of “pro-life bills” could “pay” dividends.

Americans “out of the loop” on this issue may then get the opportunity to see how “radically” pro-abortion Obama is, and perhaps get a “primer” on how science indisputably shows that “pre-born” children are in fact “innocent” human beings.

Defund Planned Parenthood 08

Those who are for “snuffing” out those lives, be it by “vacuum aspirator, by forceps, or by poison,” should be given every “possible” opportunity to “defend” that position.

Overheard on the Street…

OK, so let me get this straight. Getting an abortion is a “choice”, right? If it’s a “choice”, then that means that it’s elective, not essential. Since it’s elective and not essential, then let them pay for it. not us taxpayers.

Color me clueless, but hasn’t the left’s narrative always been for the govt. to “stay out of their wombs”? De-funding PP would do just that! Govt. doesn’t tell you what to do and it doesn’t pay for what you do with your womb. I mean, c’mon! Seems like a fair deal to me.

Defund Planned Parenthood 03

The late Joseph Sobran once said that legalizing abortion in order to get government out of the bedroom is like legalizing cannibalism in order to get government out of the kitchen. Hard to argue with that.

The ever-quotable Sobran also noted, in another context, that calling a person who kills babies for a living an “abortion provider” is like calling Osama bin Laden a “terror provider.”

Defund Planned Parenthood 05

What does a “Islamic Terrorist” and the White House “Abortion Provider” have in common?

Defund Planned Parenthood 06

They are both “Muslim” killers.

Top 12 Reasons to Defund Planned Parenthood Now

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