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World Economic Forum

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“Stakeholder capitalism” sounds futuristic and progressive, but it is a new name for an old system.

You are experiencing a polycrisis. Western capitalism has failed. You need a Great Reset. You need the free market to be replaced with “stakeholder capitalism.” And you need global elites to handle it for you.

In Davos, Switzerland, a fleet of private jets brought thousands of top politicians, business executives, and other elites to a luxury resort in the Swiss Alps from January 16 to 20 for a World Economic Forum (WEF) conference. Their purpose: “to plan the year ahead for the other 8 billion people in the world.”

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Watch Iran

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Watch Iran! Bible prophecy is alive in this aggressive nation, and what it is planning will affect the whole world! Since the early 1990s, the Trumpet has identified radical Islam, led by Iran, as “the king of the south” described in Bible prophecy. And this king of the south is prophesied to greatly push.

Whether Iran has been in the headlines or not, the Trumpet has consistently warned that it is building a major power bloc that will belligerently start a massive war.

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