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Russia’s War on Ukraine

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One year ago, on Feb. 24, 2022, the world changed. In the bitter chill of that morning, Russian artillery and air strikes began pummeling Ukrainian cities. And Russian tanks and troops—tens of thousands of troops—started pouring across the borders into Ukraine.

The plan by Vladimir Putin was to quickly conquer Ukraine the way he had taken the nation’s Crimea nine years earlier. He expected little Ukrainian resistance, a rapid surrender from President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and a fast victory for Russia. But here we are one year later: Zelenskyy is still in Kyiv, the Ukrainians are still fighting with resolve and they are fighting with more and more backing from Nato and other countries.

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Open celebration of evil spirits is growing in popular culture. It’s not just harmless fun.

Summoning demons has never been so fun!” That blurb from A Children’s Book of Demons is an apt description of the world we live in. Outright demonism is cool, trendy, even glamorous.

“After-school Satan clubs” are available at a handful of elementary schools. They even have a theme song: “Satan’s not an evil guy, he wants you to learn and question why.” Young witches post videos on how to get into paganism on TikTok. People with “multiple personalities” get likes for switching between different minds in front of the camera.

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Satan Is Real

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Most people are totally ignorant of the most powerful spiritual force in the world today.

Satan-worshipers are getting bolder. The Grammy Awards this year featured a presentation of a song titled “Unholy” by performers dressed as the devil and his demons. The number of public schools in America hosting “Satan clubs” has been increasing. The number of people openly identifying as Satanists is growing.

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