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Reject the Gateway Sins

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Your mind connects you to the spirit world, for evil or for good.

When I worked as a manager at one of the world’s largest retail companies, I came into contact with hundreds of interesting and unique individuals. Despite their different backgrounds and personalities, most engaged in three things after work: “drugs, video games and pornography.”

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The Kremlin has plotted to overthrow the European nation’s government in order to put it fully “at the disposal of Russia.”

Russian operatives planned to violently topple Moldova’s pro-European government and replace it with a pro-Russian puppet regime, Moldovan President Maia Sandu said in a February 13 press briefing. The news came just days after Moldova’s pro-European prime minister resigned under heavy pressure linked to Russia’s war on Ukraine and has many in Moldova and beyond convinced that the nation could be Russia’s next target.

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Real State of the Union

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Joe Biden’s list of lies marked Day 748 of bitter affliction.

Joe Biden has told the nation and the world what we should think about the current condition of the United States of America. According to Biden, he and his people have done a fantastic job of governance with their two years in power. Yet his abnormally long State of the Union address was one lie following upon another and another.

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