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Trafficking Immigrants

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Why does the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops want mass immigration?

A group of House Republicans is preparing to investigate three nongovernmental organizations (NGOS) that work with migrants on the southern border, but Catholic Charities USA is pushing back strongly against allegations that they help smuggle illegal immigrants into the nation. On December 14, Representatives Lance Gooden, Jake Ellzey, Tom Tiffany and Andy Biggs wrote to Catholic Charities USA, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, and Jewish Family Service of San Diego, expressing concern about “the growing role NGOS play in fueling the drastic increase in illegal aliens crossing the southern border.” Catholic Charities USA fired back that these accusations were “fallacious and factually inaccurate.” Yet whether or not Catholic Charities USA is acting legally, Catholic NGOS are among the largest recipients of immigration-related grants.

Read more at “Republicans Threaten to Prosecute Catholic NGOs Trafficking Immigrants”

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