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Someone wants us to think collusion between Big Tech and the ‘deep state’ started after Obama left office.

Keep searching for the truth, and you keep finding the trails converging on one destination. With Twitter Files 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0, that destination is becoming clearer and clearer. Investigative journalist Lee Fang has released Twitter Files 8.0, which prove that Twitter assisted United States military propaganda operations, and just four days later, journalist Matt Taibbi released Twitter Files 9.0, proving that coordination between Twitter and a vast web of government agencies went far beyond the FBI. In a series of posts on December 24, Taibbi claimed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was just the “doorman to a vast program of social media surveillance and censorship, encompassing agencies across the federal government—from the State Department to the Pentagon to the CIA.”

Read more at “Even in Their Exposés, Journalists Cover for Obama”

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