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Wrecking the U.S. Economy

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We are about to witness a dramatic tipping point in world commerce.

If you live in America, inflation and high interest rates are reducing your purchasing power and your ability to get a loan. But it’s not just affecting Americans. America’s financial decisions are affecting the whole world. The less reliable the United States’ economy is, the faster other nations work to decouple themselves from it. There will be a tipping point, however, when the rest of the world will be not only independent from the U.S. but even capable of bringing the once great superpower down. That’s why consumers in the U.S. need to be more alarmed by the world’s response to America’s policies than by their own shrinking savings or rising debts.

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Regulatory Death Grip

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Is the U.S. economy being regulated into recession?

The Republican Party is set to take control of the House of Representatives in January 2023 after years of being controlled by the radical Democrats. The Republicans are promising to curtail Joe Biden’s agenda and revitalize the economy. Yet it will prove very difficult to reverse the damage that has been done.

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