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Almost everyone got it wrong. Just about every so-called “expert” on the matter scoffed at the possibility of Russia invading Ukraine. No, Russia will not invade Ukraine,” Harun Yilmaz, an expert on Ukraine and the Caucasus, declared confidently on February 9. Forbes was similarly bullish and dogmatic last December: “Given all the potential drawbacks, a Russian invasion of Ukraine looks both foolish and unlikely.” And on February 16, just four days before Russia invaded, the Atlantic Council ran the headline “Why Putin Won’t Invade Ukraine.

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Same-Sex Marriage

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Redefining this pillar institution is part of rewriting foundational morality.

Marriage has been a pillar institution for all of human history. Yet governments in the United States and a few other nations are redefining marriage by enshrining in their laws the notion that homosexual relationships can be marriages.

Yesterday, the United States Senate passed the Respect for Marriage Act with 61 yeas to 36 nays. The yeas included 12 Republican senators who ignored vehement objections from their conservative constituents. The House of Representatives is expected to pass it speedily, before control passes to Republicans in January.

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