Indoctrination Campaign

They are part of the Russian war machine.

Authorities in Russia confirmed on September 13 that significant numbers of Russian schoolteachers have been sent to occupied parts of Ukraine in recent weeks, where they were tasked with indoctrinating Ukrainian children with Russian propaganda.

One Russian government document listing 173 of such teachers was leaked by the InformNapalm website, saying the educators would arrive in Ukraine on September 1 and remain “for a considerable duration” to teach children. The publication labels these teachers Rashists—a portmanteau of “Russia” and “fascism” that is often used to describe those who further the expansionist goals of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “We publish this information openly,” the publication wrote, “so that Rashist teachers are aware of their responsibility for aiding the occupation of Ukrainian territory and brainwashing Ukrainian children.”

Read more at “Russia Sends Hundreds of Teachers to Occupied Ukraine to Wage Indoctrination Campaign”

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