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You Cannot Give Up

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Some conservatives are fainting in the day of adversity. Is your strength that small?

In July the New York Times noticed that Fox News hadn’t interviewed Donald Trump in more than 100 days. After repeatedly talking with him before and during his presidency, this summer, the network didn’t do so once. Surely this reflects a directive from the top leadership. Why has Fox abandoned Trump?

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Protecting Germany

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The irony of history takes another turn.

On September 12, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said Germany’s security would be Israel’s “total commitment.” During his visit with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin, Lapid discussed Israel’s gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean that could replace about 10 percent of Russian gas supplies to Europe. He also noted that Israel will help boost Germany’s military defense. “Israel … will play a part in building Germany’s new defense force, mainly in the field of air defense,” Lapid told reporters. “It has to do with our total commitment to the safety of Germany, to the safety of Europe, to the ability of liberal democracies to defend themselves.”

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