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This year’s monsoon season has had a historic impact on Pakistan’s landscape.

Much of Pakistan seemed “like a sea,” Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said on September 7, after the nation suffered weeks of monsoon rains 10 times heavier than normal. The Indus River—known to have higher levels during monsoon season—drowned a third of the nation, which affected some 33 million people. More than 1,340 Pakistanis have died, including at least 466 children.

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Historic Droughts

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Europe is experiencing what may prove to be its worst drought in 500 years, according to the August report of the European Commission’s Joint Research Center (jrc). History warns of the tragic story of past famines. Though modern conveniences reduce the fear of starvation, the warnings of the past should not be ignored.

Since the beginning of the year, Europe has been experiencing severe drought that has dried up fields and exposed riverbeds. The European Commission’s Global Drought Observer noted that 47 percent of the Continent is under drought warning, which means low precipitation and dry soil; 17 percent of the Continent is under drought alert, which means vegetation is showing signs of distress. The JRC August 2022 Bulletin noted that the lack of rain coupled with days of severe heat had dramatic effects on the summer crops. Dried up rivers have harmed not only farmers but also “the energy sector and … hydro-power generation and cooling systems of other power plants, as well as river transport” (ibid).

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