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Spy Minister

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Trudeau’s “deep state” spy apparatus has surfaced. If the prime minister’s drive for absolute power succeeds, Canadians need only look to the U.S. to see what comes next.

For many outside observers, Canada’s parliamentary democracy is on a death watch. Now the patient has taken a serious turn for the worse: Members of Parliament are being spied on by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The implications are alarming.

Does the country understand what is happening? Will its people stop and think about the curses pressing the nation? The nation is being torn apart and is in a lawless free fall.

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FBI Rigged the 2020 Election

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Further exposed: High-ranking FBI officials are shielding the Biden’s while prosecuting Trump and his supporters.

If the United States were to fundamentally transform from the freest country in the world to a tyranny, how would that happen? The people would have to degenerate, a massive transfer of power would have to take place away from citizens and their state local governments toward the central government, and those in control would use the secret police and other agents to guard their power and to override and oppress the people.

Does this sound familiar?

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