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9/11: I was there.

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You said you’d never forget. 21 years later, most have.

Cause not to celebrate the Queen

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Queen Elizabeth II has left her mark around the world but not all see her legacy as something to be lauded and praised.

From the very beginning, Queen Elizabeth II’s reign was deeply connected to Britain’s global empire and the long and bloody processes of decolonization.

Indeed, she became Queen while on a royal visit to Kenya in 1952. After she left, the colony descended into one of the worst conflicts of the British colonial period. Declaring a state of emergency in October 1952, the British would go on to kill tens of thousands of Kenyans before it was over.

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Liz Truss

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Getting a new prime minister used to be an exciting event. Feverish speculation, dissection of every poll, and fervent support for a preferred candidate would all culminate in a dramatic announcement upon which it felt like the future of the country hung.

This year, as Liz Truss was announced as the next Conservative Party leader, and therefore prime minister, I actually forgot it was happening.

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Queen Elizabeth II

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Why the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is a milestone in world history.

Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, died today. She was immediately succeeded by her son, now King Charles III.

The Queen had been a remarkable example of class, duty and service to her people. Sadly, she represented an era in British history that is virtually gone.

The new king has hinted at plans to take the royal family in a new direction, with a scaled-back public role, a smaller core of working royals, and a loosening of ties with Commonwealth nations.

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