Ukrainian Children

Russia’s biggest crime is the kidnapping of Ukrainian children.

Russian government officials admitted in a now-deleted post that they are trafficking large numbers of children from Ukraine to Russia where they are being pushed into Russian families—an act that international law acknowledges as genocide.

In the Russian region of Krasnodar Krai, more than 1,000 children who were forcibly taken from Mariupol, Ukraine, have been put up for adoption, according to an August 23 post on the Department of Family and Childhood of Krasnodar Krai’s website. “More than 300 babies” have still not been adopted, the post said, and are “looking forward to meeting their new families.” The post was deleted after international backlash, but an archived version remains viewable. It says Russians will receive a “one-time payment of maternity benefits and state aid” worth around $340 for each child they take on, as well as an annual payment worth around $330.

Read more at “Russia Announces Adoption of Ukrainian Children”

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