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Military Drills

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Why the Western leaders’ efforts for peace will fail.

India has joined military drills in Australia that oppose Russian and Chinese aggression. Together with 16 countries—including the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom—India is participating in the “Pitch Black” maneuver in Darwin, northern Australia, which started on August 19 and will continue until September 8. Most participants view the exercises as a sign of solidarity against Russia and China. Yet while Indian pilots drill with members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, their fellow soldiers have joined China and Russia for military exercises scheduled for August 30 to September 5 that demonstrate unity against the West.

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Forced Farm Shutdowns

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A telling example of how the environmental movement is being used as a weapon.

You might think that it wouldn’t happen here. But by now we need to expect the unexpected. Many Dutch farmers thought it wouldn’t happen there. But it has.

As of this writing, those farmers are in the streets protesting a drastic government plan to shut down an incredible one third of all Dutch farming. Some unarmed protesters have even been fired upon by police.

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