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Russian Natural Gas

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A circuitous bypass of Russian sanctions by a hypocritical Europe.

China is ramping up its purchases of Russia’s liquefied natural gas (lng) and then turning around and reselling much of it to Europe, according to recent reports, in a sign of deepening anti-American cooperation between Beijing, Moscow and the European bloc.

The South China Morning Post reported that in the first half of 2022, China bought 2.8 million tons of Russia’s lng, a 28.7 percent increase over its purchase volume the previous year. This increase solidifies China’s spot as the world’s largest buyer of lng and propels Russia past the United States and Indonesia to become China’s fourth-largest supplier.

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Who Is Guilty

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The true background behind the latest attack on Donald Trump.

On August 12, Judge Bruce Reinhart approved the motion by the Department of Justice to unseal the search warrant the Federal Bureau of Investigation used to raid Mar-a-largo, the home of United States President Donald Trump. The unsealed warrant reveals that the radical left is following the same pattern of previous attacks on Trump. Some of the details further expose the corruption of the current regime.

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