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Presidential Records

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The true background behind the latest attack on Donald Trump.

On August 12, Judge Bruce Reinhart approved the motion by the Department of Justice to unseal the search warrant the Federal Bureau of Investigation used to raid Mar-a-largo, the home of United States President Donald Trump. The unsealed warrant reveals that the radical left is following the same pattern of previous attacks on Trump. Some of the details further expose the corruption of the current regime.

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Abortion Decision

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Radical leftists are threatened by a Supreme Court that is pushing back against their coup.

With all the turmoil going on right now, keep your eye on the Supreme Court. In a rapid sequence of rulings released in June, the court’s Republican-appointed justices upheld constitutional provisions protecting firearm ownership, allowing individual public-school employees to pray on school grounds, restricting states from withholding certain funding from religious schools, limiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s power to regulate carbon emissions without Congress, and allowing abortion to be decided by the states like most other laws.

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