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U.S. Navy Drones

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Iran’s aggression in the Red Sea is more dangerous than you think.

Iranian Navy destroyer Jamaran seized two of the United States Navy’s sea drones on September 1. The Navy responded by sending two of its guided-missile destroyers, USS Nitze and USS Delbert D. Black, to retrieve the stolen drones. The Iranians attempted to hide the large drones under tarps but ultimately cast them overboard as the U.S. destroyers approached.

Following the failed theft, Iranian state television claimed the Jamaran found the drones abandoned and endangering shipping traffic. “After two warnings to an American destroyer to prevent possible incidents, Jamaran seized the two vessels and released the vessels in a safe area.”

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Confronting U.S. Dominance

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When nuclear-armed powers show such solidarity in wartime, what does this mean for the world? I tell you, it is woe to the world!

Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin met in Uzbekistan on September 15, marking the first time the two have convened in person since Russia dramatically escalated its war of aggression on Ukraine in late February.

The trip is Xi’s first visit outside of China in almost 1,000 days, and is intended as a signal to the world of the enduring strength of the Russia-China axis—despite the war.

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War in Ukraine

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If you want to understand the magnitude of what has happened in Ukraine over the last week, you have to look at the mountain spa town of Jermuk, Armenia, around 800 miles away from Ukraine’s advance.

Early on Tuesday morning, artillery shells began falling around Jermuk. Drones struck select targets. Soldiers are reportedly invading the area.

What does this have to do with Ukraine? On the surface, nothing. Azerbaijan and Armenia have a long-standing dispute over the region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Both sides blame the other for the latest violence.

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Consequences of Vaping

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Is vaping really healthier than smoking?

When the first e-cigarettes came out in 2007, I was in high school. Smoking was already popular among the senior classes, but vaping became the newest “cool” thing. It was specifically marketed as a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes. Yet research and statistics have since revealed that vaping poses serious health risks and, in some cases, is more addictive and dangerous than cigarettes.

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Chemical Weapons

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The danger of German ingenuity is greater than ever.

German businesses may have exported toxic chemicals to aid Russia’s chemical weapons program. The exported chemicals could be used as precursors for the production of chemical and biological warfare agents, such as mustard gas.

The public prosecutor’s office confirmed to NGR, WDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung that searches had been carried out in seven German companies. At the center of the investigation is Riol Chemie GmbH. Between November 2019 and March 2021, around 30 deliveries were allegedly organized by company officials. Despite their “very small quantities,” they can be used to produce chemical and biological warfare agents, Süddeutsche Zeitung noted. The recipient is said to be Khimmed, a Russian wholesaler of chemicals and laboratory equipment based in Moscow. According to the journalism network OCCRP, Khimmed has partnered with the Russian military and the Russian domestic intelligence agency FSB.

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Great Reset

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Does anyone benefit from surging costs for fuel, housing and food?

The coronavirus pandemic is probably the most globally destructive event to take place in our lifetimes. In America alone, it crashed the economy, caused the gross domestic product to fall by the biggest percentage since the Great Depression, pushed 22 million Americans into unemployment, and increased the national debt by nearly $10 trillion. It also caused school closures, anxiety, obesity, alcoholism, crime, drug overdoses and suicide, and it gave radical leftists a means of stealing the 2020 presidential election with fraudulent ballots.

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Perverse Coverage

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Media elites reveal more about themselves than about the Queen or her realm.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II last week inspired a phenomenal outpouring of grieving, sympathy, nostalgia and gratitude from people worldwide. Scots, Englishmen and others came out in masses, filling streets in mannerly throngs to pay respect as her flag-draped casket passed by on the way to her palace, where innumerable blooms had been laid.

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Top Floor at the Tower

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“Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven” (Genesis 11:4)

The project is impossibly enormous. It sprawls across city blocks and beyond. It contains trillions of parts and counting, accumulated into one mountainous human effort. Its mass is seismic, its height is dominating, and it keeps growing. It’s a project best measured not in feet, miles or megatons, but in lives.

This is a description of the Genesis 11 tower of Babel, perhaps somewhat accurately captured in well-known illustrations like those of Peter Bruegel the Elder and others.

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MAGA Republicans

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The American tyranny is now threatening average Americans with deadly force.

Joe Biden and those using him are on the attack. The target of the attack isn’t drug smugglers, human traffickers, gang members or anarchists—or foreign spies, combatants or regimes. And the thrust of the attack isn’t about jobs, spending or public health.

It’s about the use of deadly force. And the target is everyday Americans.

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Badge of Maturity

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A tribute to Canada’s longest-reigning sovereign.

September 8 started off as a momentous day for me. I turned 25. I always thought of age 25 as being the final milestone for a boy becoming a man, and my head was swimming with thoughts of what this new “badge of maturity” would mean for me. Then even more momentous news from a few hours north in Scotland reached me. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had died at Balmoral Castle, her estate in the Scottish Highlands.

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