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Kentucky Floods

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It is irrefutable that weather disasters are getting worse. But what is the real cause?

At least 37 people are dead after heavy rains last week quickly turned into some of the worst flooding Kentucky has ever seen. Beginning on July 27, Kentucky was inundated with 14 to 16 inches of rain over just five days. Rivers were flooded. The north fork of the Kentucky river reached its highest peak in 95 years.

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Great Depression

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Despite claims to the contrary, America’s economic crisis is likely to get worse.

As the intelligentsia debates whether or not the United States is in a recession, the working class is worried about a full-blown depression. According to Commerce Department data released on July 28, the gross domestic product shrank 0.9 percent at an annualized pace last quarter, after shrinking 1.6 percent the quarter before. Two consecutive quarters of negative growth is a common definition of recession, so many Americans already believe what the experts refuse to say.

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Covid Autumn

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Foreseeing another potentially deadly wave of coronavirus cases, German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach traveled to the United States last week to coordinate a strategy for the upcoming fall and winter. If no new measures are taken, Lauterbach warned on July 22, the number of covid-19 cases will rise sharply and intensive care units will be overloaded. “It’s like a candle burning at both ends,” with potentially “catastrophic” results, he cautioned.

Spiegel reported that during his visit, Lauterbach met with Dr. Anthony Fauci, exchanged views with U.S. partners on the fight against the coronavirus, and discussed preparations for future pandemics.

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