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Big Bang Theory

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The James Webb Space Telescope has been sending back data for just a matter of weeks, and it is already causing major problems for the main theory to describe a creation with no need for a Creator.

This theory states that the universe began with a big bang—and evolved from then on out. It all began with an explosion of particles and energy (what caused the explosion isn’t addressed). Random variations in this cloud of particles caused some to clump together. Their gravity attracted more. Stars ignited and then drew together other stars to form galaxies.

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Besieged in All Thy Gates

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Russia’s ground invasion of Ukraine did not go as planned. Its lightning strike against the capital, Kyiv, fizzled. Its forces faced unexpectedly strong resistance in other cities and across the countryside and have paid dearly in losses of troops and equipment for any territorial gains.

Most of the media coverage has focused on the war on land and Russia’s struggles there. You’ve probably heard less about the other dimension of the conflict: the war at sea.

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Southeast Asia

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Another strategic region the United States has lost.

The covid-19 pandemic disrupted world trade, caused financial crises, and destabilized governments around the world. But it was also a moment of great opportunity. China used the chaos and instability of the pandemic to aggressively pursue its geopolitical ambitions. The region where it was particularly successful was Southeast Asia: the region south of China, east of India, and north of Australia. It is filled with strategically important islands, naval bases and trade routes. Control of and influence in this region are directly linked to world power.

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