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Flights to Turkey

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After being grounded for 15 years, passenger flights between Israel and Turkey are set to resume. The aviation authorities of these two nations signed an agreement on July 7, a gesture that fits into a larger trend of normalization between Israel and Arab nations. The news is welcomed by those looking to cope with a troubled world economy. But normalization will have a long-term hidden cost for Israel.

Israel stopped flights to Turkey in 2007, citing safety concerns. A brief attempt to resume flights in 2013 failed (although cargo flights resumed in 2020). Currently, according to Al-Monitor, Turkish Airlines has over 60 flights daily from Istanbul to Israel. The Israel Airports Authority noted that Turkish Airlines is the third-largest airline operating in Israel, and Turkish discount airline Pegasus is sixth.

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Great Reset

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Inflation is ravaging our world. Since the covid-19 pandemic, the dollar has lost 14 percent of its value while the euro has lost 12 percent. And it is not only Western democracies suffering from the aftereffects of stimulus spending. The average currency around the globe has lost 12 percent of its value since governments decided to put 20 percent of gross world product into covid-19 stimulus spending.

Around 64 percent of Americans and 25 percent of Europeans live paycheck to paycheck, while the Third World goes hungry. The World Bank says rising food and fuel prices may push 263 million people into extreme poverty this year, and Kiplinger’s Economic Outlooks forecasts inflation will remain high.

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Exit the Dragon

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Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigned today after his coalition fell apart, leaving Italy, and all of Europe, with a leadership vacuum at a critical time. The former head of the European Central Bank was brought in as a relatively neutral expert to lead a coalition of both the left and the right in February 2021. It has been a rocky road, and this month the disagreements in his coalition became too great. He sent in his resignation last week (but it wasn’t accepted) after the populist Five Star Movement refused to back his government in a confidence vote. A second confidence vote yesterday showed he could not cobble together the wide-ranging coalition he wanted, and so this morning he resigned once again. This time the president, Sergio Matterella, accepted it.

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China’s War Games

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The Chinese are preparing to dismantle the U.S.-led global order—the very order that enriched and empowered China more than any other nation.

China began five days of large-scale war games in the South China Sea on July 16 in response to an American aircraft carrier and a separate United States destroyer group sailing through the region.

The Hainan Maritime Safety Administration published a navigation warning saying the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s exercises would occur in an area of around 38,600 square miles within the Paracel archipelago.

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Grooming Scandal

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Thousands of girls have suffered because society refuses to tell the truth.

Over 1,000 girls were sexually abused by grooming gangs over the last 30 years in the English town of Telford, Shropshire, an inquiry published on July 12 reported. Much of this abuse and suffering could have been avoided if the police had “done its most basic job” in confronting the gangs, the report said. But the main reason they didn’t is because they were afraid of being labeled as racists.

In August 2000, 16-year-old Lucy Lowe was killed. She died pregnant, after four years of rape and abuse. She was murdered by her abuser, Azhar Ali Mehmood, a 26-year-old Pakistani. He also murdered Lucy’s mother and sister. Their deaths were used as a threat to keep others quiet.

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