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Nord Stream 1

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In the past few weeks, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the reduction of gas flowing through Nord Stream 1 that supplies Germany. Since July 11, no gas has flowed through the pipeline, allegedly because of urgent maintenance work that began that day. Russia claimed a gas turbine sent to Canada for repairs was essential to get the pipeline running again and demanded the export be exempted from sanctions. While German media outlets originally ridiculed this idea and Canada refused to cooperate, it is now apparent that the German government urged Canada to give in. Germany has again helped Russia undermine Western sanctions.

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Farm Shutdowns

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Dutch farmers have taken to the streets in protest of government plans that would shut down about a third of the Dutch farming industry. In some cases, the police opened fire at the unarmed protesters.

Dutch fishermen have joined in, fearing that they would be next on the chopping block in the name of environmentalism. Between them, they have blockaded ports, closed distribution centers, and clogged roads with tractors.

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