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Deport Migrants

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The migrant crisis is a harbinger of much bigger problems to come.

Just weeks after the Texas Republican Party rejected Joe Biden’s election as illegitimate in their 2022 platform, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is invoking emergency measures to save his state from illegal immigrants. With millions of people from more than 160 countries crossing America’s southern border, Governor Abbott issued an executive order on July 7 authorizing both the Texas National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety to arrest immigrants crossing the border and deport them back to Mexico.

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Spying Apps

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The dangers of a society where everything is watching you.

In Canada, Tim Hortons is everywhere. With 4,300 branches, it is roughly three times more numerous than McDonald’s. Eighty percent of Canadians stop by at least once a month. And Tim Hortons is watching.

Six million Canadians, out of an adult population of 31 million, use the Tim Hortons app to order their drinks. One of those was the Financial Post’s James McLeod, who noticed the app tracking his location and filed a freedom of information request to learn more. “From my home to my office to a Blue Jays game at Rogers Center, even all the way to Morocco, where I traveled on vacation last June, the company’s app silently logged my coordinates and relayed them back to its corporate servers,” wrote McLeod. Based on this data, Tim Hortons figured out where McLeod lived.

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