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Angriest Nation in the World

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Lebanon is the angriest nation in the world. According to data published by Gallup in the beginning of August, almost half of respondents (49 percent) said they regularly experience anger. Residents named the 2020 Beirut Port blast, the covid-19 pandemic and an economic crisis as causes for their anger. The growing frustration in Lebanon is mostly directed at the government and may very soon lead to a dramatic transformation of the country.

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Modern Education

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We are witnessing firsthand the implosion of modern education. Elementary schools are filled with perverted teachers who want to push radical transgender propaganda. Universities teach young people to loathe the Western world. History courses are discarded in favor of teaching activism. Admission costs are so expensive, students rack up debt that they will be paying off for the rest of their lives, and more and more graduates find that expensive degrees do not guarantee good jobs. Most of all, despite modern education our societies are afflicted with rampant drug use, depression, personal debt and incompetent leadership.

Education was not always this way, but over time it has transformed. This has created many other widespread problems in society. What is the cause of this deadly change?

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Salman Rushdie Stabbing

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The attack reveals the ‘king’ of radical Islam.

Prominent author Salman Rushdie was stabbed just before giving a lecture at the Chautauqua Institution in New York on August 12. His 24-year-old attacker, Hadi Matar, is of Lebanese descent but from New Jersey. Matar stabbed Rushdie multiple times in various locations, including the liver and the eye. Rushdie is currently in a hospital recovering. He had to be placed on a ventilator and his agent said he was likely to lose an eye. Rushdie has since been taken off the ventilator and can speak again.

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All Roads Lead to Obama

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The agents who raided Donald Trump’s home were hired by a man who wants to destroy America as we know it.

No one will say it, but it is becoming more and more obvious every day. This is not Joe Biden’s first presidential term. This is Barack Obama’s third.

Obama led a destructive revolution against the United States, from the top, during his eight years in the White House. During Donald Trump’s four years there, he stopped and even reversed some of Obama’s fundamental transformations. Radical elites inside and outside the government, many of whom were and are connected to Obama, put up immense resistance; and when the 2020 presidential election came, they waged all-out war. That war is still ongoing, with the latest and perhaps most significant battle since the election itself being over an unprecedented raid on Mr. Trump’s personal home.

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Treason and Dishonor

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One year since the ‘worst foreign-policy disaster’ in American history.

It was only one year ago that the world saw Zabi Rezayee plummet to his death after clinging to the side of a United States CF-17 transport aircraft as it took off from Afghanistan. The 17-year-old and four others, including his 19-year-old brother Zaki, were trying to escape the country as the Taliban regained control. Zabi’s father found pieces of his son on the runway in Kabul and buried him; he did not find Zaki. Others fell on top of houses in Kabul, and one body was crushed in the landing gear and recovered in Qatar.

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Attention Span

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When everything seems to be coming at you from every direction at the same time, your only defense is to take command of your own mind.

Is your attention span shorter than it used to be? Science has proved that technology is rewiring our brains and making it more difficult for us to focus and think deeply. Studies show that in the United States, teenagers focus on one task for an average of only 65 seconds. Office workers focus for an average of only three minutes. Such are the effects of the rise of texting and TikTok.

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Conservative Awakening

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The left’s radical agenda is being exposed, and in some cases blocked. How many more victories will conservatives win?

After half a century of left-wing victories in the culture wars, many conservatives believe America is on the cusp of a Third Great Awakening. Christians across the United States are ecstatic about the June 24 Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. Those who believe in the sanctity of human life won what seemed like an impossible battle against the Goliath of the abortion industry, so now they are inspired to fight harder.

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High Diesel Prices

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America’s self-inflicted energy crisis may create food shortages next year.

The head of one of the world’s most influential companies is telling Americans that they should be more concerned with food prices than oil prices. But the sad truth is that rising food and energy prices are intrinsically linked. The national average price of diesel is well above $5 per gallon, more than double what it was a year ago. So, farmers across the nation are spending thousands of extra dollars to fuel their equipment—and it’s not even harvesting season yet.

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How to Ruin a Nation

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Simple steps to destroy an economy, starve a people, and bring a nation to its knees.

Over 6 million of the 20 million living in Sri Lanka don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Inflation is running at almost 60 percent, turning basic necessities into unaffordable luxuries. Nearly 80 percent of the country has cut down the number of meals they eat per day or has switched to less nutritious food.

Many are fleeing the country. They have been joined by the now ex-president Gotabaya Rajapaksa, deposed when protesters stormed his palace in the capital.

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