Saudi Arabia

The economic alliance of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, known as BRICS, is seeking expansion. Argentina has already applied for membership, and Iran declared it will soon be seeking membership. Half a dozen other countries have expressed interest or have been invited to join BRICS. This is accelerating the fracturing of the world economy as more and more nations break away from the United States-dominated economic system and gravitate toward an Asia-centric alternative.

Leadership of BRICS is transferring to China this year, and it is beginning an aggressive campaign to expand the bloc. One of the most significant developments was Saudi Arabia expressing interest in joining BRICS. Newsweek reported: “In the East, however, security and economy-focused blocs led by Beijing and Moscow are looking to take on new members of their own, including Iran and Saudi Arabia, two influential Middle Eastern rivals whose interest in shoring up cooperation on this new front could have a significant impact on global geopolitical balance.”

Read more at “Saudi Arabia Abandons the United States”

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