Drug Problem

Decriminalizing drugs is causing fatal problems.

When Canada legalized cannabis four years ago, there was one person I couldn’t stop thinking about. One of my better friends in high school was a gifted track and field athlete and also a gifted trades worker. His family was well to do and was stable. But he smoked marijuana. Over time, he lost his opportunities to go to university and get a good paying job; he got caught up in gang violence, became homeless, and lost his health. Once a strong and robust young man, he was skin and bones the last time I saw him. I remember standing beside my friend when a gang member hit him over the head with a tire iron as “payback” for vandalizing a car. Right at the moment in life when a young person should be preparing for a career and family, he was struggling to survive.

Read more at “Canada’s Worsening Drug Problem”

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