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Britain’s Government

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Britain’s government fell last week. For months Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s administration has been dogged by scandal. In the latest revelation, a senior member of Parliament was accused of some inappropriate behavior after getting drunk. It turned out that he had had similar problems before, yet Prime Minister Johnson gave him his job anyway—then lied about it to the country.

This time, a large number of government ministers drew the line and began resigning en masse. By Thursday, Mr. Johnson was forced to announce that he would step down as Britain’s prime minister.

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Nuclear Attack

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What do they know that they aren’t telling us?

What happens if New York City gets nuked?

Here’s Hollywood’s take on a Nuke. Keep in mind, you’d be vaporized in the blink of an eye by the thermal blast…..


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When a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer accuses you of “Islamophobia,” link to this

Outstanding videos showing why people really have Islamophobia because they get on with no one and want to kill you. Islam is cancer it’s never been a religion of peace in fact it’s about as far from peace as you can possibly get in this world.

The End of History 

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Russia’s vicious war on Ukraine isn’t just a clash between two militaries. It’s a war between two worldviews.

In his 1989 essay “The End of History?”, United States State Department official Francis Fukuyama suggested that mankind was seeing not just the conclusion of the Cold War, but the triumph of Western liberal democracy as “the final form of human government.”

“What we may be witnessing,” Fukuyama wrote, “is not just the end of the Cold War, or the passing of a particular period of postwar history, but the end of history as such.”

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Shinzo Abe’s Assassination

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Political instability in Japan exacerbates the “perilous times” we now live in.

Last Friday, video footage of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe’s assassination shocked the world. While delivering a campaign speech supporting a fellow Liberal Democratic Party politician, Abe was shot twice by a former Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force sailor with a homemade firearm. Abe was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead five hours later after massive blood loss from bullet wounds in his neck and heart.

The shooter, a 41-year-old man named Tetsuya Yamagami, later confessed to police that he shot Abe because he held a grudge against the Unification Church for brainwashing his mother and believed “the religious group and Abe were connected.” The Unification Church is a fringe Christian denomination that rails against communism, advocates for North and South Korean reunification, and cooperates with many key figures in Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party.

Rad more at “Shinzo Abe’s Assassination Shatters Japan’s Security”

Sri Lankan Revolution

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A chilling look at when government and society collapse.

Revolutions can violently change the course of history. They erupt with ferocious momentum, toppling everything in their path and leaving instability in their wake. Often the dramatic scenes are burned into our memories and history books: common people storming government buildings, displays of raw emotion, and the chilling, instant judgment of their former masters. Whether it was the American or French revolutions, these turning points happened after a prolonged increase of grievances, government failings, and corruption that slowly brought the pot to a roiling boil before it overflowed.

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Saudi Arabia

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The economic alliance of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, known as BRICS, is seeking expansion. Argentina has already applied for membership, and Iran declared it will soon be seeking membership. Half a dozen other countries have expressed interest or have been invited to join BRICS. This is accelerating the fracturing of the world economy as more and more nations break away from the United States-dominated economic system and gravitate toward an Asia-centric alternative.

Leadership of BRICS is transferring to China this year, and it is beginning an aggressive campaign to expand the bloc. One of the most significant developments was Saudi Arabia expressing interest in joining BRICS. Newsweek reported: “In the East, however, security and economy-focused blocs led by Beijing and Moscow are looking to take on new members of their own, including Iran and Saudi Arabia, two influential Middle Eastern rivals whose interest in shoring up cooperation on this new front could have a significant impact on global geopolitical balance.”

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James Webb Space Telescope

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“Today, we present humanity with a groundbreaking new view of the cosmos from the James Webb Space Telescope—a view the world has never seen before,” said NASA administrator Bill Nelson on July 12. He then released the first full-color images and spectroscopic data from the Webb telescope.

The results are stunning.

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Chaos By Design

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The Biden administration has sold nearly a million barrels of oil to a Chinese state-owned firm, the Washington Free Beacon reported on July 7. This discovery comes after the Department of Energy announced in April that it would be dipping into the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to offset “Putin’s price hike.”

“The Biden administration has taken significant steps to address the pain Americans are feeling at the pump as a result of Putin’s price hike and to help lower energy costs,” the announcement read. The idea is that putting more oil in the global economy would increase supply, thereby reducing demand and costs.

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How Biden Helped a Chinese Gas Giant Boost the Communist Nation’s Oil Reserves

Germany Equips China

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Germany is selling its propulsion technology to the Chinese Navy, an investigation by Axel Springer publishing house revealed on July 11. Germany ignored the United States’ requests and is enabling China’s military aggression in the South China Sea.

Welt reported that the engine technology for Chinese warships comes from German manufacturer MTU. “Internal documents now show that Berlin deliberately did not want to ban the deliveries completely—although the U.S. insisted on it,” Welt noted. This is just the latest example of Germany empowering the West’s enemies.

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