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Causing Our Own Crises 

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We’re in an inflation crisis. Yet the most surprising thing is that people are surprised.

In the United States, petrol prices just passed $5 a gallon. Inflation stands at 8.5 percent. The average rent is up nearly 20 percent, reaching a record high of $1,827 per month in April. Is there any part of the economy where costs aren’t soaring?

But the most surprising thing about all these price increases is that anyone is surprised at all.

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Six-Day Workweek

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Our weekends are in danger.

Germans will have to work 42 hours a week to prevent the retirement age rising to 70 years old, Michael Hüther, head of the Institute of the German Economy told Funke Media Group. He believes this would help support Germany’s aging population by 2030. In the past few years, many have hoped for a four-day workweek, but some trends could lead the opposite direction. There are indications that a six-day workweek will again be introduced—and not only in Europe.

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A Light for Britain

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All the Western world is suffering right now. Here in Britain, the struggles are similar, and in many ways, hope is harder to find.

Price increases have plagued the United Kingdom, as is the case in many other countries. Just today, we reached a new milestone: It now costs over £100 (us$125) to fill up the average car. The cost of electricity and natural gas has risen by 50 percent since last autumn and is expected to double by next October. Food prices are up nearly 7 percent year on year. Overall inflation is at 9 percent—and is expected to be at the highest level in G-7 nations for the next two years.

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