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Chinese Colony 

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The PLA’s establishment of a naval base in Cambodia represents a key victory for China and a considerable loss for the United States.

China is covertly building a naval base on Cambodia’s coast that its military will have exclusive access to, the Washington Post reported on June 6, stressing that both the Chinese and Cambodians are “taking extraordinary measures to conceal the operation.”

The facility is located at Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base on the Gulf of Thailand. The Chinese military, according to a United States government official who spoke on the condition of anonymity, will have “exclusive use of the northern portion of the base, while their presence would remain concealed.”

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A New Germany 

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Germany is changing fast. In last month’s Trumpet, I wrote to you about Germany’s dramatic military transformation. On February 27, Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced a major turnaround in Germany’s military, massively expanding its armed forces and putting the nation on course for a new role in the world.

Germans and the world loved it. Scholz got a boost in the polls. Over half of Germans said they supported his military transformation. Another 27 percent said it didn’t go far enough. America was also enthusiastic; it rolled out the red carpet for the German economics minister, who visited Washington shortly after.

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Secret Deal With Russia

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Siding with Russia against Ukraine exposes Germany’s secret pact—and its dangerous intentions.

I have believed for many years that Germany and Russia may have secretly signed a modern-day “Hitler-Stalin” pact. Germany’s reaction to Russia’s attack on Ukraine has exposed the existence of this deal. It also shows how far the Germans are willing to go to keep this deal intact.

Why is it worth so much to the Germans to continue siding with the Russians against Ukraine and most of the West?

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