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Gun Control Debate

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So we have another mass shooting … another chance to point fingers. Another mass shooting is another chance to express righteous indignation:  another photo op.  Another opportunity to see who comes up with the most shocking headlines – using children as props to denounce violence against children. See for example  Newport Beach Mayor video. Another chance to score political points. Unless is the attempted murder of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  If you have not heard of the attempted murder of Justice Kavanaugh, there is a simple explanation. 

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Ireland’s Marxists

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A time of intense punishment is coming for England and its colonies.

Many people say a united Ireland is inevitable. The Catholic population of Northern Ireland is growing faster than the Protestant population, while Brexit negotiations put the Good Friday Agreement in question. Most Irish do not want a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, so the British government is trying to accommodate them by introducing checkpoints at Northern Ireland’s ports instead of along the British-Irish border. Yet these new checkpoints will only strengthen Northern Ireland’s economic ties to the Republic of Ireland.

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Don’t ignore Moscow’s silent takeover of Minsk.

Belarus will hold military mobilization exercises from June 22 to July 16, Belarussian state media reported on May 30. The exercises will be held in Belarus’s Gomel region, in the southeast of the country near Ukraine. “Events of this kind are traditionally held to increase the combat and mobilization readiness of military commissariats, and improve military knowledge and practical skills of those liable for military service,” said Andrey Krivonosov, military commissar of the Gomel region.

Belarus is one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s closest allies. With the recent tensions between Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Belarus has been bracing itself for potential war with NATO.

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