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Euthanasia Program

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The shocking truth behind the Medical Assistance in Dying program.

In elementary school, I remember reading Lois Lowry’s novel The Giver” as a class assignment. It was a strange read that I don’t recommend. The story outlines a seemingly utopian society that was actually dystopian. I was shocked near the end of the book when it was revealed that the society euthanized its elderly and disabled. As a young kid, it was alien to think that a society could view euthanasia as a good thing; it was something only found in fiction novels. Yet in my lifetime, that is exactly what Canada has become.

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Monkeypox Profits

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More evidence that Big Government and Big Pharma are working together.

About 200 people worldwide have contracted monkey-pox, so Joe Biden is sounding the alarm. On May 27, he told reporters that everyone should be concerned about the monkey-pox virus. He also announced that his administration is working hard to determine what vaccines might be available. He did not mention that his administration had already placed a $119 million order with Bavarian Nordic. This Danish company produces the only Food and Drug Administration-approved vaccine for monkey-pox. Since this order includes a $180 million option for future purchases, the Biden administration has reserved 13 million Bavarian Nordic vaccine doses. Yet this purchase is more about enriching Big Pharma than helping Americans.

Read more at “Vaccine Makers Target Monkeypox Profits”

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